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The Global Conductor of Genocide

By Jim Kirwan


The world has been used by Netanyahu as his private chess game, to slaughter the Palestinians, as part of his personal indulgence in the global wars which Israel is incapable of physically becoming part of.

Israel is not militarily involved because they cannot successfully win against any nation that is actually armed and determined to resist his reprocessed Fourth Reich forces which have not won anything since the war of 1948.

Compare the numbers below with the mysterious deaths of three Israeli students which Israel probably kidnapped themselves, in order to continue their bogus vilification of everyone which they still see as a threat to the armies of Israel, which is just a military base and not yet even a finished “state”.

Israeli armed forces have arrested (kidnapped) nearly 2,500 Palestinians over the past six months, including children and women, according to a Palestinian official.

Approximately 2,478 Palestinians have been kidnapped by the Israeli army within the time bracket of January 1 to June 30 this year, said Abdul-Nasser Ferwana, head of the Census Department of the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees.

This is while 600 people have so far been detained following the disappearance of three Israeli settlers 20 days ago.

Among the nearly 2,500 arrested Palestinians, more than 400 were children and 39 were women, official data indicate.

Figures also show a 27-percent increase in arrests by Israeli forces compared to the same period last year, said the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees.

On Tuesday, Amnesty International (AI) lashed out at Israel for its aggression against Palestinians over the case of three Israeli settlers.

The rights group said Tel Aviv’s ongoing operations against Palestinians in the West Bank are in blatant violation of international humanitarian law.

Israeli forces have killed several Palestinians and arrested hundreds of others, including Hamas members and lawmakers, as part of the military operations purportedly in search of three settlers, who Israel claimed had gone missing in al-Khalil (Hebron) on June 12.”

Netanyahu is the cheerleader-in-chief for global-war everywhere on the planet today. In Ukraine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordon, and Iraq Netanyahu is always the disease behind all the global-curtains. Even throughout the current unrest which USI is pathetically trying to orchestrate, inside the EU, as well as in what’s left of the old Middle East: The one most prominent, but quietly shielded common denominator, is always Israel—which the world almost always fails to name!

When Porky hit a snag in declaring his own total and outright war against the people of the state of Ukraine; Netanyahu was there with his three “kidnapped” Israeli’s to fill the gap. This was no ordinary kidnapping. This was staged-military-intrigue at its most strategic level.

Now that Porky has committed himself to the Netanyahu sanction which is to live and die by the Sampson Principle: This freed up Porky to commit national genocide, in keeping with Netanyahu’s insanity down to the last victim standing. Only Russia stands in the way of the total destruction of Kiev…

The typical action-reaction of the world to Israel’s outright barbarity when it comes to what Israel tries to do to other nations is here: This article is 8 years old and everything has only gotten worse since then…

Who Will Stop the Countdown”

As always when Netanyahu’s cowards venture too far from his protected penitentiary: Israel had their asses handed to them, in public, on the world stage. Why does the world refuse to remember these outrageous Israeli crimes against the international sovereignty of so many other nations?

When the “leaders” of the world publicly declare that Israel is the primary cause behind many of the major wars on this planet: And always has been since they became formally “a state” in the community of nations.

Back before the entire planet had to deal with this global-parasite, the issue for many nations dating all the way back to ancient Carthage, rapidly became “How to evict the Jews”. Nation after nation found that they could NOT live with them. As a result Israel became a nation without a state: Officially stateless creatures that had to depend upon the charity of strangers for their very survival.

At the end of that time the Jews found that only the Palestinians would grant them full and equal sanctuary, in good faith, inside Palestine. But as soon as the Jews managed to approach comprising 10% of the Palestinian population; the Zionista Jews took their case to the UN for full statehood that disenfranchised the same Palestinians which had given them shelter when no one else on this earth would help them.

Now the entire world faces the same dilemma that nation after nation faced back in the time of Shakespeare when he wrote: “The Merchant of Venice”. This time Israel has captured the US, as recently as a hundred years ago, to deflect their detractors, globally—but this too has run afoul of global crimes so massive and obscene that they cannot be avoided any longer: Israel as a nation must be condemned by the world and dissolved by the World Court in The Hague. Its leaders and its forces must be charged for their crimes against the world; and its remaining population scattered to the four winds.

Without the cesspool of Israel to keep the entire planet totally focused on a permanent war footing—perhaps the people of the planet might have the opportunity to finally focus on something (anything) besides global war?


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