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Nero & Caligula
Our Global-Dictators

By Jim Kirwan


America is repeating history in the most horrific ways possible, by burning laws & the Constitution at every opportunity!

Caligula was the Roman-Empire’s stereotype for George W. Bush.

Seen as a welcome breath of fresh air when he took the throne, Caligula’s (Reigned 37 ­ 41 AD) eccentricities soon became terrifying and he was murdered after just five years in power.”

Caligula’s Roman successor was Nero, who is the prototype for the creation of Obama-Inc. These two twisted creatures brought in the first Century, just as GW Bush & our-own NERO have brought in the Twenty-first Century, in this unexpectedly treasonous time…

Sensitive and handsome, Nero (reigned 54 ­ 68 AD) started out well as emperor. But his early promise gave way to wild extravagance and murder. His rule ended as violently as it had begun.

Tolerance of Nero’s depravity ebbed away and Rome faced a series of bad omens. Tacitus wrote, “Unlucky birds settled on the Capitol, houses fell in numerous earthquakes and the weak were trampled by the fleeing crowd."

Worse was yet to come. The Great Fire of Rome lasted for six days and seven nights. It destroyed or damaged 10 of Rome’s 14 districts and many homes, shops and temples.

Nero offered to house the homeless, but it was too late. A rumor had spread of Nero’s behavior during the fire: although he hadn’t fiddled while Rome burned, he had been singing.

With Nero’s mother dead and his tutor retired, the emperor was beyond anyone’s control. Rome was now victim to the arbitrary desires of a mad tyrant: there was only one solution.

In 65 AD, one plotter, a freed slave named Epicharis, found a dissatisfied officer who had access to the emperor. She secretly asked him to kill Nero.

Instead, the officer betrayed Epicharis and she was captured. Rather than give up the names of her fellow plotters, she killed herself. Not knowing who was involved, Nero redoubled his guard and unleashed terror on Rome. Huge numbers of people, including Seneca, were executed or forced to kill themselves.

But Rome had had enough. A revolt in the northern territories quickly spread and the Senate declared Nero a public enemy. This meant that anyone could kill him without punishment.”

How did we get from primitive leaders of Roman Empires to this century? That seems simple enough. Just add technology, a heavy helping of global-treachery, seasoned by traitors and you have treason in abundance: Which equals the current imposter-without-a-country. Barry Soweto is determined to end America and wipe us off the map of the world forever: And “we” made this walking-treason and talking traitor possible—because we chose to ignore his crimes.

America’s NERO for the Twenty-first Century?

How much longer will we tolerate him,

Or his lawless mercenaries all over the planet?

If it had not been for national and then-still uncorrupted television during the Watergate Trials, the public would never have known anything about the crimes of Richard Millhouse Nixon.

We only found out about what Nixon did and what was illegal, because Sam Ervine ran the hearings. Had Senator Ervin not informed the public, on television, so clearly, about what was legal and what was not ­ just like today, nothing would have happened to Nixon.

Today the media in the US is owned by just six companies and all of them favor what Nero is trying again to do to the world. It is time that the world began to hear from the American people directly, about what needs to happen this time round. Barry Soweto, aka Barack Obama needs to be declared a public enemy by the congress, so that he can be killed by any citizen without punishment. (Just as was done with Nero, after he was outed)

If congress refuses to get involved in this, then the public may have to be heard from, about exactly which oath every member of congress is loyal to? Those who swore to protect and defend Israel, over the USA, need to join Nero in being declared public enemies—because no nation-state can ever serve two different entities… Americans need to choose who to believe and who to remove from office.

Today there is no one to tell the public, on mass-media-television, about the crimes, war-crimes, treasons and traitors that have ruled this place as dictators since we entered the New Millennium.

This became true because most members of the 535 Club have sold this nation to Israel—which makes them traitors, along with the Supreme Court that participated in the government-Intervention that illegally put Bush the Traitor into office.

Congress only works some 70 odd days a year, at their official jobs. At the moment they are “on vacation” ­ again. This does not excuse them from needing to call themselves back into session to stop this additional illegal war from continuing with the blatantly illegal bombing of Syria that is no threat whatsoever to the United States.

The 126 members that have called for the congress to reconvene, might not all be against Obama’s treasons. But the other 309 members of Congress have all signed loyalty oaths to Israel, over the oath they took when they were elected to office, to support and defend the Constitution and the people of the United States of America!

Because what has been so graphically revealed, by so many nations and even by some of those who used to work for the global-state-media itself: There is a time limit on continuing to allow our Nero to continue to occupy the office he sits in.

Paul Craig Roberts

Washington preens itself on being “the world’s greatest democracy.” Washington uses the claim that it is spreading democracy as a justification for its naked aggression­a clear and unambiguous war crime­against other countries. Washington cloaks its illegality in democratic rhetoric despite the obvious fact that its wars are not a consequence of democratic decision.

Washington has used deception and lies to gain acceptance of its extra-constitutional and extra-legal wars, but Washington’s wars have all been launched outside the constitutional/democratic framework of the United States.

Obama’s war against Libya occurred without the participation of Congress. And now Obama is again revealing that the US is so far removed from democracy that he plans to attack Syria without a vote by Congress. Where is the democracy when a Caesar makes the decisions that the Constitution reserves to Congress?”

In 2002 the Congress gave the resident of the Oval Office this License to Kill. They did this to escape their congressional responsibilities over the need to vote on officially declaring all our military wars! Bush passed this on to Nero, that’s the “HOW & WHY” which confronts us all today!

Polls indicate that 80 percent of US citizens believe that a US military attack on Syria requires approval by the House and Senate. Yet, the Obama regime is purposely avoiding any such vote. The Obama regime has also ignored the letter signed by 162 members of the House of Representatives demanding to see evidence, debate it, and vote prior to any US military strike.

It is an act of treason for the US military to carry out any war orders without congressional authorization. Any military commander who violates his oath to defend the Constitution of the United States has committed high treason against the United States. If the US were truly a lawful democracy, such commanders would be subject to arrest and trial.

The fact that the executive branch and the military operate outside the Constitution and democratic process is proof that the US is not a democracy.

In yesterday’s columns I noted that Obama, his media whores, and worshiping Obamabots are overlooking considerations of critical importance. One is that military aggression is a war crime. In the past, Bush and Obama had cloaks for their war crimes, such as a “coalition of the willing,” NATO, some limited “congressional consultation” or vague resolution, or a UN resolution that is then stretched to cover the regime’s actions.

None of these things are adequate legal cover. Their worth comes from the fact that other countries and institutions besides the US executive branch are involved in the war crime. There is safety in the numbers. Charging the entire Western world with war crimes means only that the entire Western world will defend the validity of their excuse.

But this time the regime has no cover. There is no “coalition of the willing,” no UN resolution, no NATO support, and Obama has ignored both Congress and the American people. For Obama to proceed with his attack on Syria would be the action of an unaccountable dictator. He would have no cover for his war crime.

Obama’s effort to rush to war with Syria has already destroyed the credibility of the US government as a truthful, honest government. The entire world, even Washington’s most subservient puppet states, have recognized that Washington has no evidence to back its accusations. No one believes Obama or Kerry. Both have revealed themselves to the entire world as brazen liars.

This has destroyed all trust in the US government. And now Obama seems determined to prove that America has a dictator, not a democracy.” (2)

Nero and his puppet-masters had targeted today, September 1, 2013 as the day they planned to bring down the remaining props in the world of today. No one counted on the NO-votes in so many other countries that had just gone-along with the traitors, always before? But that did happen, and now the 64-Quadrillion dollar question is:

What the hell do we do about

The self-declared dictator and traitor in our midst?

1) Caligula


2) Obama Reveals His Dictatorship ­ Paul Craig Roberts


The Puppet Warriors



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