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Japan Typhoon Neoguri's Deadly
Consequences For The US

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense News

After wreaking havoc in Japan, Typhoon Neoguri moved into the North Pacific, pushing the jet stream far northeast over British Columbia and then causing a reverse dip of polar high pressure southward deep into the US Midwest.

What it means is that Fukushima atmospheric radiation and tritium are being driven into Western Canada and then funneled southeast across the Dakotas into the Midwest and South.

The wild card here is the significant increase of tritium over the US in higher concentrations than in the past three years, especially in the Great Lakes region and Mississippi Basin. A rise in cesium and strontium poses a long-term health threat to most of the American population

(Another potential threat comes from tritium, or beta-particle emitting heavy water, which could trigger a 2015 drought due to lack of snow and ice this coming winter, and possible loss of the now-ripening 2014 corn and soy crop due to cell-wall and capillary deterioration in plants, and perhaps a kill-off of livestock.)

The Neoguri effect is probably the largest aerial concentration of radiation over the US since immediately after 311.
As for Fukushima:

Failure of the ice wall barrier around the destroyed nuclear plant means that rainfall from Neoguri has led to unprecedented ground water pressure, causing further damage to turbine rooms and underground tunnels.

A sudden rise in water volume will result in reduced worker access to reactor structures, along with much larger releases into the Pacific during the summer rainy season.

The subsequent 6.8 earthquake will have caused increased liquefaction of the soggy soil in Fukushima and ruptures in the seawall. More damage, more water and airborne releases, more delays, intensified hit to North America are the sort of stuff not being reported to the press.



The impact of Neoguri on the jet stream over the Pacific Northwest/Western Canada was visible in "cloud stretch" along the California coast since Friday afternoon, July 11, as parallel bands of narrow clouds are pulled toward the northeast by the tug of the jet stream.
Further to the east, as the jet stream dips southward, the likely outcome will be greater radioactive contamination of food crops in America's breadbasket and water bodies like the Great Lakes.

The effect of tritium or radioactive heavy water emitting beta particles is the collapse of vascular inside vegetation during the crucial months of July and August before the harvest is brought in between September and late October. Corn and soybeans will be wizened and wrinkled, with extensive cell damage, meaning a failed crop for 2014.

The other potentially massive problem is the effect of tritium in the clouds, preventing precipitation over the coming year, which will result in a Midwestern drought affecting also the Southern states. This will lead to a second year of crop failure, and whatever crops are harvested will be contaminated with radioactivity. Livestock losses and related items like egg and milk production will be extensive.

The effect on the human population is likely to be more birth defects, and a resultant higher rate of abortions and fewer childbirths once the Midwestern and Southern population come to realize the risks of bearing children. The rate of heart failures will be certain to rise, especially among people over 50 years of age, followed by more cases of thyroid cancer and then other types of cancer among youngsters.

The economic impact, besides rising food prices, will be a widening trade deficit for the United States due to contraction of the commodities market, causing a further drop in the dollar and then inflation for consumer goods, all tallying up to a deep recession and possible long-term depression like the one in Japan, when the artificial stimulus of Abenomics is subtracted from the media hype.

Nuclear power is unleashing a disaster on America less than four years after the Fukushima meltdowns, with more incoming waves of radiation on the way for centuries to come.

Why is Typhoon Neoguri making such a difference? Because chemtrails, now being sprayed over California as a precaution, cannot stop radioactive fallout over an area the size of the American Midwest. The Fukushima disaster is reaching the American Heartland, and regional coronary failure in its breadbasket will be fatal to the entire United States.

How did Neoguri arise to become a super-typhoon more than 700 kilometers in diameter and up to 200 kph in wind speed? Much like Haiyan that hit the southern Philippines last year, great storms are a geophysical effect of nuclear particles flowing out of Fukushima.

On March 15, 2011, pieces and particles of plutonium were blasted out of Reactor No.3 into the Pacific Ocean, with much of that solid matter rolling down the steep seabed into the nearby Japan Trench. In the months and years since then, smaller particles and flows of tritium, a type of radioactive heavy water, have been pushed by currents inside the deep trench into the Nankai Trough toward Okinawa and Taiwan, and into the Philippine Trench that veers toward the southeast.

Typhoons Haiyan and Neoguri originated over the Philippine Trench, which is being overheated by nuclear particles from Fukushima. Winds from the Southern Sea off Antarctica blow over the trench, in the area southeast of the Philippines, causing an undersea uplift. That rising water, several degrees warmer than under natural conditions, rapidly forms an anti-cyclonic spiral with tornado force and then powers ahead on a path of destruction.

The atmospheric uplift over the Fukushima No.1 plant acts as a strange attractor.for storms. Most of the low-pressure fronts from the Asian mainland, Southeast Asia and the mid-Pacific have since 311 been veering directly toward and over Fukushima.

Super-typhoon Neoguri was thus a nuclear-powered monster from the deep, a Godzilla bent on destroying Japan and spreading death even farther into the heart of America.

The global nuclear industry and the high priesthood of physics will not "fess up" to any of the mega-weather effects created by their uncontrollable plutonic force, even now, as Neoguri runs amok across the planet. The Doctor Frankensteins of nuclear science care more for their monstrous brainchild than for the innocent humans and the natural life that it exterminates without conscience, including the grains that comprise our subsistence.

When a vast hunger soon overtakes the world, then perhaps the lowly obedient peasants will take  up torches and pitchforks to hunt down the Gollum and its creators. This horror tale is far from over, with the dying in droves just beginning as the foreboding storm clouds race over our heads.

Yoichi Shimatsu, former editor of The Japan Times Weekly, is a science writer based in Hong Kong who conducts radiation studies inside Fukushima exclusion zone.


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