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Neocons Are Torturers, Terrorists & War Criminals


By Karl Schwarz


Of course as an adjunct to the title of this article one can add human rights abusers, liars, murderers and other words that are defined as crimes but there is only so much room in a title.

A UK Magistrate Court heard an interesting case in 2013 and made a very interesting ruling. It was never reported in the US even though the event of September 11, 2001 happened on US soil.

Horsham, UK, 2013 ­ Tony Rooke, in an act of civil disobedience, refused to pay the mandatory £130 TV license fee claiming it violates Section 15 of the Terrorism Act. Rooke’s accusation was aimed at the BBC who reported the collapse of WTC 7 over 20 minutes before it actually fell, and the judge accepted Rooke’s argument. While it was not a public inquiry into 9/11, the recognition of the BBC’s actions on September 11th are considered a small victory, one that was never reported in the US.”

Mr. Rooke’s contention on not paying the mandatory BBC license fee was that their reporting on 9-11 was evidence of foreknowledge and BBC did in fact report the collapse of WTC 7 over 20 minutes before it was brought down in a CONTROLLED DEMOLITION. Some readers have probably heard that the new WTC owner, Zionist Jew Larry Silverstein gave the order ‘PULL IT’, which is a controlled demolition term. “Pull it” is not a clairvoyant prognostication that the building was about to collapse. It would also have taken more than a day to pre-wire the building and place the explosives for a controlled demolition.

Said another way… WTC 7 was already wired and explosives set in place BEFORE SEPTEMBER 11 2001. You will understand in the near future that the WTC 1 and 2 were pre-wired for demolition and why, too. There is a new documentary coming that has evidence that has not surfaced yet on the truth about 9-11.

The only other possible explanation for BBC correspondent Jane Standley making such an obvious and glaring error in the BBC broadcast was someone fed them the ‘script’ and the BBC aired it too early. If you think that one through, Dick Cheney was playing out a script on 9-11 and not even challenging the incoming object headed at the Pentagon.

That a UK court of law could see the facts, once someone put facts before a court, caused it to rule in Mr. Rooke’s favor. Of course, the USA has yet to have a real trial in a real US District Court that is transparent or anything but a continuing effort to cover up the crime of September 11, 2001.

Torturing people until they confess or say exactly what the torturers are demanding they say so they can be tried ‘in SECRET TRIALS’ is not justice, nor is it jurisprudence and getting to the Truth.

There is another and much bigger Official Inquiry in progress in the UK regarding George W. Bush and Tony Blair’s lies leading to the made-up war and assault on Iraq in March 2003. There is a strong sentiment in the UK that Tony Blair and even his henchman Jack Straw should be referred to the ICC at The Hague to face war crimes charges. When a government fabricates a case for war by outright lying in a willful and knowing manner, making up intelligence, fabricating things out of thin air that are not true it is an Unjust War of Aggression and is defined under international law as a war crime.

In the above photo, Jack Straw on the left and Tony Blair on the right are both UK Neocons from the left Labour Party. It is too difficult and involved to explain here why the UK is totally behind the USA Neocon blood thirst to rule the world on both sides of their aisle, too. The Tory Right David Cameron is a Neocon, too and just as much behind the US lunacy because of the fate that awaits the UK. Suffice to say when the US Neocons lose, the UK is history and even lower on the world totem pole than their dysfunctional government and economy are right now. Even in the UK there are Neocons on both sides of the aisle desperate to head off the total collapse of the UK when the USA collapses.

Of course, if Mr. Tony Blair is referred to the ICC to face a war crimes trial that would spill over on George W. Bush like the entire WTC facilities collapsing on his head and Dick Cheney’s, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, et al, too. It would also indict all of the other Neocons that were behind it. Just in case that last sentence has you wondering who ‘the other Neocons’ might be it is a long list but… former mayor of New York City Rudi Giuliani is a Neocon, too.

Due to what I have written in the recent weeks and know from meetings and direct conversations I have had in Washington DC and other parts of the US and world over the past 35 years, I am convinced that one of the principal architects of the Neocons and this asinine, made up, fabricated Global War on Terror is George H W Bush. I am very aware that when John Bolton took over at the now defunct (by court order) National Policy Forum (RNC) he was one of the Neocon operatives trying to force this Neocon coup d’etat over US foreign policy. (Bolton was Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs in the George H W Bush Administration.)

Of course, Bush Sr. had to have ‘buffers’ and ‘Chinese fire walls’ to keep from being identified as one of the ringleaders. There have been just too many around him since the Ford Administration including Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Bolton and other notables that Americans recognize as the Neocons.

That possibly goes all the way back to his days as CIA Director of Intelligence in 1976 to 1977 in the Gerald Ford Administration. It is too glaring of a coincidence that both Neocon Donald Rumsfeld and Neocon Dick Cheney (Bush 43 administration) were inside the Ford White House as Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff, and Bush was at the CIA in the same time period.

Even way back then it was already known that what is called today as the CIS region of the former USSR (Caspian Basin region) was loaded with oil and natural gas.

It is not uncommon for the Chief of Staff of the White House to be in regular contact with the CIA. The Chief of Staff in the White House is pretty much the Gate Keeper on who gets access to the President of the United States, unless the President decides otherwise. In certain presidential administrations the Chief of Staff has also controlled what does and does not get out to the media to keep the public informed. That has depended on the agenda and how transparent or how deceitful the President is on the agenda he is playing out.

When it comes to September 11, 2001, most of the world knows George W. Bush, Cheney and all of the Neocons in that administration were and continue to be deceitful. Ask a direct question and one gets a typical direct Neocon blatant lie as the answer.

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Another way to say it regarding George H W Bush, I think ‘Neocons’ is a CIA operation, exactly like ‘Al Qaeda’ has been since President Jimmy Carter and former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski launched that idiotic idea shortly before President Ronald Reagan and the CIA appointed Vice President George H W Bush. Both Reagan and Bush Sr. were in office from the swearing in January 1981 to their exit January 1989.

After Bush won the 1988 elections and sworn in as of January 1989 he was finally in position to be the Neocon War President and launch the New World Order that the Neocons had been planning all along.

That has the stench of Neocon and CIA all over it.

As you read on, ISIS-ISIL-IS is a CIA and Pentagon operation, too. That puts America into the terrorist business directly even though they pretend otherwise. I will explain why below.

The US military has ‘precision air drop technology’ yet repeated air drops of food, arms and ammunition, and even very sophisticated weapons like TOW missiles that can kill a tank in one shot keep winding up in the hands of ISIS-ISIL.

Understandably, the Iraqis were getting suspicious on how so many ‘precision air drops’ keep ending up arming ISIS-ISIL. The ‘oops’ from DC were growing thin and not believable.

Iraq has now disclosed that they have intercepted a communications that proves the USA is ARMING ISIS. Again, USA directly involved in aiding and abetting terrorism as the terrorists they are in Washington DC.

Once a person starts to dissect the Neocon’s lies, media manipulation and how they push their agenda by fabricating, twisting the truth, bullying and outright lying, it is much easier to see these Neocons for what they truly are. It is also easier to see how the Neocons are a CIA fabrication to take the United States in a direction that no decent American in their right minds would support. Hence, why they lie endlessly to keep Americans confused and not informed on what they are really doing.

The CIA has bragged in the past that they control all of the major US media outlets and what you see or hear in the newspapers and on the main TV networks. Those same media mouthpieces have now morphed into being the ‘Mouth of the Neocons’ on some of the dumbest and most desperate US moves I have seen in the past 45 years. They have to be a desperation front for the real CIA agenda where ‘US failure to achieve any objectives’ is the norm; no other explanation fits.

The CIA loves to stay clandestine and covert, the Neocons are the overt and in your face side of the coin. The Neocons are the political and media tools so the real manipulators can stay behind the scenes.

The Neocons are not pro-democracy, that runs too big of a risk of shutting them down and kicking them out the door. The Neocons fear ‘regime change’ because they are proponents of totalitarianism but want the entire world to think they are the icon for the perfect model of democracy. Freedom and Liberty mean nothing to a Neocon; that is not compatible with subjugation of the entire world under Neocon totalitarianism and doctrine.

For example, the US Neocons like to hide behind the “exceptional nation” and “indispensable people” labels but that is just a ruse. The Neocons believe they are ‘the only exceptional and indispensable American people’ and could not care less what the rest of Americans think about that.

They use that approach so there is not a huge movement and uprising of Americans to oust the Neocons from power in the USA. If certain changes were made in the USA, the Neocons are finished because many, if not all, of them would be in prison or executed for treason against the United States.

The Neocons only fear the Second Amendment and Thomas Jefferson’s statement in the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

For the record, the foregoing is not an open invitation for the US government to meddle in the affairs of any other nation or conduct illegal actions to force a regime change through terrorism, violence or murder, or launch an illegal war. Both in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution the citizens of the USA do in fact have the right to get rid of Washington DC and start over when it is abundantly apparent that the leadership are the despots and not headed in the direction the American people wish to go.

One can always tell when some ‘regional power’ or ‘global power’ as defined in the 1992 Wolfowitz Doctrine has ‘stepped out of line’ and the US throws a temper tantrum when a real globally powerful nation does not go along with the Neocon agenda. The USA is terrified of having to admit that when Neocon George H W Bush was president and fabricated Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and was already planning an attack on the USSR itself in 1989 as ‘Operation Steppe Shield’ when the USSR did not disband until September 1991, they needed some event to put their business plan back on track with September 11, 2001.

That was because Bush 41 got defeated by Clinton in the 1992 elections and upended their grand vision move to totally dominate the Earth. They had to wait to get another Neocon into the Oval Office and then have their ‘Pearl Harbor’ happen so Americans would buy the Big Neocon Lie.

Such an instance of a US temper tantrum happened on the UN floor where the UN Security Council meets and Russia refused to bow down on the Neocon Global Empire America agenda. The UN representative for the USA Samantha Power made a complete ass of herself in front of everyone present when Russia vetoed the US measure to put Crimea back under the Fascist Regime the USA forced into power in Kiev in 2014 with a blatantly illegal regime change.

The US has been manipulating behind the scenes in Ukraine for years trying to get a regime change that would fit their agenda. They have desired all along to deny Russia having Crimea and the large navy port at Sevastopol. When Crimea decided they wanted to rejoin with Russia (had always been part of Russia until Stalin rearranged the Ukraine borders), the USA lost a ‘major chess piece’ in their Grand Chessboard scheme. It might have even been the Queen chess piece that the Neocons lost and did not see the chess move coming they spend so much time ‘covert’ and lying out their ass every time they open their mouths.

The Neocons wigging out and more temper tantrums regarding Syria and Venezuela is because now Russia has naval port of call in both of those nations, too, and now control Crimea. Cuba told Russia they were welcome to come into their waters and port with the Russian navy, too. Obama had to rush to patch things up with Cuba after that news surfaced, even though it was about 50 years late in ‘rushing to patch things up’.

The right of self-determination for the people of Crimea or the Donbas area in the states of Lugansk and Donetsk Ukraine do not count and are not allowed when they screw up the Neocons (CIA) agenda. That makes the Neocon’s ‘walk in the park Grand Chessboard game’ impossible for them to win.

The Neocons and Obama are bragging about how they have ‘isolated Russia’ but the world map of reality shown below does not bear out that claim. Most of the world has not sided with the USA on the sanctions and ‘DC hollow-speak’ rarely resembles reality. Now even most of the EU is realizing they made a huge mistake going along with the USA-Neocon agenda regarding Ukraine and agreeing to the Russia sanctions. Most adults in the US and elsewhere know that ‘temper tantrum’ and ‘great nation’ are not synonymous.

Rather than Russia being isolated, it is the stupid lunatic Neocons in Washington DC that are isolating the USA more with each passing day.

The ‘red’ are buying off on the USA agenda and sanctions against Russia based on US lies; the ‘blue’ areas are not kneeling to Washington DC or the Neocons regarding the sanctions the US demand based on complete lies. Russia has not invaded Ukraine; the people of Donbas do not want anything to do with the new Fascist Neocon Regime the USA force fed to the rest of Ukraine with the illegal regime change in February 2014.

Those nations in ‘red’ in the EU are backing off and fast. Note in the center of Europe the nations that used to be part of the USSR during the Cold War are not backing this US led lunacy. Imagine that, former satellites of the USSR, given their freedom back and now appear to trust Russia more than the USA. Poland is solidly and blindly behind the US agenda, but Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary are not on the Neocons’ Bandwagon on this gig.

Just this week a US armored column was passing through the Czech Republic, and the US military presence was not welcomed.

The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary have informed both NATO and the US that military presence, armor, missiles aimed at Russia are not welcome in their nations. In fact, the US push to put missiles in NATO nations is probably a direct violation of the NPT, Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

When Putin responded to this constant and unjustified attack by NATO and the US Neocons that as far as he was concerned the “Conventional Weapons in Europe Treaty” was garbage. Russia will not honor it and Russia will defend itself even if that means coming into Europe against the NATO and US agenda.

That sort of made the EU leadership realize that this Washington DC lunacy and lies has gone far enough.

Also the map above is now in error, because the new Greece government under Syriza is decidedly ‘blue’ rather than backing the US sanctions insanity. The G7 member Italy is also moving to ‘blue’ in announcements they have made in March 2015 that this US lunacy has to stop.

The ‘red’ areas that are tiny Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania on the border of Russia and sites of recent NATO exercises right on the Russia border, and what the US is up to in Ukraine are only because the USA is pushing the NATO gig right into Russia’s face and doing so intentionally. Russia is not the problem, the USA NEOCONS ARE THE PROBLEM.

In case you are a little fuzzy on this matter, sanctions invoked based on complete DC lies are a means of covering up the Neocons’ blunders and are in and of themselves an ‘act of war’ on innocent nations. Said another way, sanctions based on lies are an act of terrorism and can also be defined as a war crime and human rights abuse due to the hardships they create in targeted nations. The US sanctions are based on fabrications and outright lies.

I predict that by the end of 2015 Canada will be ‘blue’ when the citizens of that nation have had their fill of Neocon Stephen Harper. It is easier to understand why Canada thinks they have a ‘dog in the hunt’ regarding sanctions against Russia because of US lies regarding Ukraine when you see the map below.

What Australia thinks they have to gain is not computing in anyone’s head, other than idiot Neocon Prime Minister Tony Abbott still thinks Russia shot down Malaysia Air MH-17, but had nothing to do with it according to Germany intelligence and the Dutch investigators. Again, THE USA LIED about what really happened to that commercial jet and 298 dead.

Another dynamic that is going to change that map above and fast is UK, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland have already applied to China to be part of the new AIIB bank. Of course, that has the Neocons wigged out to the point they were even threatening US allies to never join that development bank because it is a ‘clear and present danger’ to US economic hegemony through the IMF and World Bank.

Too late, the DC Neocons have made so many enemies they have few friends left and nations are still lining up to be part of the new China led AIIB.

Then the US does another ‘pivot’ and decides that World Bank and IMF can cooperate with the new China bank. I guess enough ‘US allies’ have told DC they are moving on without the Neocon-led DC and the “US threats against allies” were not impressive or welcomed; yet another temper tantrum and a display of US childishness because the stupid Neocon business plan will not work anywhere except in the minds of the DC Neocons.

As a conservative I would love to lay all of the blame on Obama’s doorstep, but that would be childish and not bear out the facts and bring the light of truth on who is really behind all of this chaos and bullshit. The problem is the Damned Neocons and it matters not who is sitting in the Oval Office.

Jordan and Russia have just signed a $10 billion nuclear power plant agreement, so the Neocons will add that in as a ‘grievance’ towards Jordan. Childish and petty sum up the Neocons pretty well in the ‘minor offenses’ category of ethics and the law, or rights of a sovereign nation to conduct business as they please. Their bigger Neocon offenses include torture, terrorism, human rights abuses, illegal regime changes, illegal wars, genocide, and war crimes

When major G7 partners (UK, Italy, France and Germany) are moving towards China due to the sanity and strategic planning they demonstrate everywhere around the world, the Neocons have a major problem. The problem grows when major financial centers such as Luxembourg and Switzerland choose to leave the US dollar supremacy behind. China is not even a democracy and outshines Washington DC 24x7 since the Neocons decided to launch their GWOT using September 11, 2001 as the excuse.

Even with all of the Washington DC lies and attempts to paint the picture that Russia and Putin are the villains, Putin has proven the be the leader DC hopes to be when they grow up. That is probably why they hate Putin so much because most of the world sees the picture clearly that the Neocons suck and defile every nation they touch with their stupid ideas, including what they have done to the USA itself.

It was Putin standing beside Mikhail Gorbachev to make sure the USSR communist hardliners failed to keep the USSR intact, and the new Russia Federation emerged as a democracy and a capitalist nation. In a very real way and this will make the Neocons gag on their own lies… Vladimir Putin is very much the John Adams or Thomas Jefferson of the Russia Federation that made damned sure the USSR was nothing more than pages in history. Mikhail Gorbachev made the decision to move Russia out of communism and it was Vladimir Putin and his allies in the KGB and Russia itself that made sure Gorbachev was not blocked, ousted in a coup or assassinated. It was not as drawn out or as bloody as the American Revolution but the move to USSR to Russia Federation was in a real way the real heart of Russia putting their own version of the Declaration of Independence into motion.

Most Americans do not know that we can all thank Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev and Vladimir Putin for putting an end to the threat of nuclear annihilation.

That the Neocons now want to turn back the clock because their Neocon Business Plan sucks shows how truly insane they are.

Finland has recently in 2015 reiterated they have no desire whatsoever to join NATO and anger their next door neighbor Russia Federation. Finland is also ‘sanctions lite’ because they know the USA lies about Ukraine are not adding up. Leaders of many nations are well aware that the last place to find the truth is the MSM and politicos of the United States when they are pushing the Neocon lies.

There is a part of the current XL Pipeline debacle in Washington DC that the Republicans and Democrats are not being honest with Americans about. There is a planned ‘spur pipeline’ from the XL that is strictly in Canada, but the EU nations are not buying it. At current world energy prices the Canada oil sands projects are dead in the water, and even if alive again with a rebound in the price of oil that price of energy for the US and Canada to be the EU suppliers rather than RUSSIA would be an increase that would cripple every economy in Europe.

The Europeans are not stupid and they are beginning to realize that these Neocons in Washington DC are complete lunatics, truly insane with their myopic vision of Global Empire America and that nations will choke down huge increases in energy costs for their homes and industry just because the Neocons cannot control world energy supplies like they thought they could as part of their Global Empire America.

Said another way, this secret Canada pipeline is DC’s solution for the fact they have no pipeline across Afghanistan after 14 years of failure in that nation. They have no pipeline from Iraq across Syria to the EU after 12 years of failure because they refuse to cease and desist using terrorism as a means to force ‘regime change’ in Syria. Even after all the lies and deaths the Neocons have caused in Syria trying to get their way, they have egg all over their face and dog crap on their shoes after the Syrian people re-elected Bashir Al Assad by an 88.7% majority in June 2014.

They cannot come up with enough natural gas from Azerbaijan to come across Turkey to the EU, and have already been stomped out on that idiotic idea when Russia and Turkey changed the course of South Stream pipeline to Turkey this year.

Canada will learn soon that they bought off on the “DC Pipeline Too Far” delusion and will have to back off on the sanctions against Russia before Russia and China put Canada into meltdown mode.

Yes, that Canada spur pipeline is directly connected to and directly dependent upon the “XL Pipeline” debate going on in Washington DC. The ‘To Tanker Export’ part of it shown on the map above is bound for EU, so they think. That is another chess move Putin will win with his eyes closed. (My bet is Putin can ‘disappear’ again and still win this chess match not even being at the chessboard.)

You can attribute this as yet another lunacy of NAFTA and the proposed TTIP trade agreement to put Europe under the Neocons’ boot heel on energy supplies. It is also directly tied to the myopic delusion of the Neocons that they alone have the right to control all world energy resources.

Most of Europe has already figured out Russia is their best route for energy and security, not picking a fight with an economic, military and nuclear Superpower named Russia Federation just because the Neocons cannot play checkers or even think straight. [Of course, that Russia is a global energy colossus is in self-serving Neocon interpretation of what a violation of the idiotic 1992 Wolfowitz Doctrine is that no other regional or global power would ever be allowed to emerge to challenge US domination of the entire world and the stupidity of their “Grand Chessboard” delusion.]

You will not hear this on US MSM, but much of Europe that was formerly USSR satellite states know very well that it was Mikhail Gorbachev and Vladimir Putin’s efforts that gave them their freedom back. Regardless of what the Western MSM says, Putin is very popular in certain areas of Europe that remember his role in doing away with the USSR. Who has tried ever since to subjugate them is this lunatic Neocon delusion of the Global America Empire.

China and Russia have arisen, and the BRIC, too. In the not too distant future India, too. The longer the Neocons insist on pushing their delusion, regardless of how many lives they harm or terminate, the world will keep pulling away from Washington DC.

Even in August 2008 when Neocon George W. Bush tried to push Russia back by attacking the Russia citizens in the separatist region of South Ossetia, the 1991 vote for self-determination did not matter to the Neocons because that was getting in their way. That the people of South Ossetia had voted 17 years prior to this genocide attack was irrelevant to the Neocons and the NEOCON George W. Bush that aided and abetted it every step of the way.

That over 2,200 South Ossetia people died was just ‘another day in the office’ for the callous Neocons. Those 2,200 dead are genocide and a war crime under international law, with Neocon fingerprints on their deaths. The same applies for Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and the over 6,000 dead in Ukraine now on the separatists side. One cannot have a right of self-determination if that interferes with the Neocon Agenda against Russia.

I was more than happy to stick it up Neocon George W. Bush’s ass with articles that proved to the EU that it was USA lies, not Russia aggression in Georgia-South Ossetia in August 2008.

The same has applied in the callous disregard for lives in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. By any definition, what the Neocons have done are war crimes, abuse of human rights and genocide hidden behind their ‘exceptional nation’ status they awarded to themselves.

That Georgia fiasco was a definite Neocon George W. Bush War Crime, as well as Afghanistan and Iraq. Any war based on lies and fabrication is an Unjust War of Aggression, hence, a war crime under international law.

What the Neocons have promoted and the US government has done in Afghanistan, Iraq (twice 1991, 2003), Libya, Syria and now Ukraine are all war crimes. Even what the US and NATO did to the Balkans in 1999 was a WAR CRIME.

I guess most Americans do not know that Depleted Uranium weapons have been banned by the UN as a ‘weapon of indiscriminate harm’.

What does that mean? That means that the weapons kill the target but they also kill for generations longer due to the term ‘depleted uranium’ not being the truth. The depleted part means that with current technology not all of the highly radioactive and deadly U234 and U235 has been removed. It is still ‘hot’ when a Geiger counter is placed close to detect the radioactivity. Even the U238 that is the largest abundance of uranium is still a deadly toxic heavy metal and harmful to humans.

It is not a secret if one wants to research that from Desert Storm in 1991, then Afghanistan on the basis of the September 11, 2001 lie, and then Iraq again in 2003 that the deaths from DU exposure, birth defects and deaths due to DU induced cancer are skyrocketing in those nations. The Afghans and Iraqis will suffer for centuries due to what George H W Bush, George W Bush, Tony Blair, the NATO allies and Obama have done.

There is no American greatness or high moral ground for what they have done.

There are areas of the US where it is absolutely forbidden to take water and soil samples around US military bases to establish the simple fact that use of these weapons is polluting the Hell out of some areas of the USA, too.

The incidence of cancer is also skyrocketing in the US troops that have also been exposed due to their deployment to serve this colossal and callous Neocon Lie. Many that were sent for the lies of Desert Storm, Afghanistan and the callously named “Iraqi Freedom” are already dead.

You may have missed the current news regarding Serbia and the rapid increase of cancer that is believed to be due to the NATO and USA use of UN banned weapons in 1999:

That was a NATO and Bill Clinton war crime, in case you did not know or forgot the chronology.

Use of these banned weapons is a war crime, and is one of the reasons that the USA clings so dearly to their “exceptional nation” and “indispensable people” up to and including blocking any UN action against the use of such weapons. This charade has gone on for so long, if the USA were to be kicked off the UN Security Council Americans would be shocked into reality to see how many nations line up to have the USA put before the ICC for war crimes trials for the past 4 presidential administrations.

The Neocons and CIA have not been able to flip Dagestan to be a friendly ‘autonomous region of the Russia Federation’ so they can get a pipeline from Kazakhstan, across the Caspian Sea and Dagestan and then Georgia to the Black Sea.

They do not want Americans to know (especially those map illiterate ones) that Kazakhstan decided to join the Eurasian Union with Russia and China and screw these idiots in DC that either cannot read a map or get anything done right… or are willing to conduct terrorism or war against anyone that gets in the way of the Neocon Wolfowitz Doctrine. Kazakhstan has also joined the China AIIB as the map above indicates. It is not good news for the US Neocons that Uzbekistan has also joined the Eurasian Union and the China AIIB. That was the only friendly regime in the area but their totalitarian dictator buddy is losing power fast. He is so desperate he even put his own daughter and granddaughter in house arrest because the rats in his government were fleeing his sinking ship.

Then we have idiot Arch Neocons like John McCain running off his mouth endlessly, but pretends he did not pose with known terrorists (now known to be ISIL) on Memorial Day 2013. He has been censured by the US Senate before in the Keating Five investigation for ‘poor judgment’. (The man patting him on the shoulder is probably trying to remind McCain to muzzle himself and not appear to be a rabid dog.)

Syria, Memorial Day 2013

Syria, Memorial Day 2013

Why would the USA support direct funding, training, arming and aiding and abetting terrorism against Syria and Iraq?

The answer on Syria is simple, that nation is a democracy that Israel hates and the other brutal monarch kingdoms and ‘terrorism financiers’ in Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and especially Saudi Arabia. Those Arab monarchs know their days are numbered before their citizens decide they want democracy, freedom and liberty, too. They tolerate Israel because of the Bully USA and the ‘special relationship with Israel’, but having other real democracies in the Middle East is their nightmare come true. Their days are numbered as the brutal religious extremist monarchs they are. Note that Neocon support for such brutal monarchies is not the ‘democracy’ message they use for marketing and window dressing.

Those same Arab monarchies are why they do not support the USA marketing plan to put a democracy in Iraq. Any appearance of democratic and economic prosperity in the Middle East is the death-knell for the brutal monarch regimes the USA supports at least with the Neocon lip service.

Additionally, Syria is in the way of a ‘pipeline too far’ that the US wants so they can supply oil and natural gas to EU rather than have Russia raking in all of that cash. They cannot get that done, so now we have the “XL SPUR PIPELINE” in Canada and EU is not buying it.

These Neocons are such idiots it is almost stupefying at times how arrogant yet stuck-on-stupid they are. The reason they hated the Malaki government in Iraq was after invading in 1991 on Neocon George H W Bush lies that killed over 100,000 people, after applying sanctions from 1991 to 2003 that killed 500,000 to 600,000 Iraqis, and then invading again under the Neocon George W. Bush lies in 2003… these morons assumed all of that Iraq oil and natural gas belonged to the USA.

Malaki saw through their shallow ploy and opened up the Iraqi oil fields, 4th largest reserves in the world, to Russia, China, and other nations.

The China energy giant CNOOC is in Iraq on choice oil and natural gas reserves.

It further infuriated the Neocons when Russia’s LUKOil was allowed into a choice area that the USA Neocons thought was all theirs. That is the same LUKOil that sold its stake in the Venezuela Orinoco Basin to Rosneft that now controls 80% as the joint development partner of Venezuela and what might be up to 4 trillion barrels of oil. That set off yet another temper tantrum from Washington DC and more sanctions against the Maduro government in Caracas. Those additional sanctions were after an attempted CIA backed regime change failed.

Then Malaki decided to restructure the Iraqi dinar as being secured by their 4th largest in the world oil reserves.

Before Neocon George H W Bush lied, fabricated and caused the 1991 Desert Storm so he could look like the ‘Tough Neocon War President’ he fashioned himself to be, the value of an Iraqi dinar was over $3 USD for 1 dinar.

After Neocon George H W Bush and his idiot son Neocon George W. Bush crushed Iraq based on lies, the Coalition Provisional Authority and IMF stepped in and then devalued the Iraqi dinar to 1170 per $1 USD. Think on that tectonic swing in currency exchange rate for a moment before you read on as to how the USA intentionally destroyed the value their currency. As Neocon Bush Jr. said… ‘Mission Accomplished’.

Iraq decided to take their economic measures into their own hands and were moving to have an Iraqi dinar again that was worth over $3 USD per dinar. The USA has gone way out of their way to block that, but guess what?

Many of the Bush insiders have reportedly already converted their dinar holdings at over $3.40 per dinar but refuse to allow the IMF to put into place the same exchange rate for the general public and Iraq itself. If that matter is invetigated, that is a willful theft of US dollars by those insiders and would be a felony and insider dealing.

The assault on Iraq by ISIS-ISIL, aided and abetted and reported in the news is Israel and the USA Neocons trying to keep Iraq from re-emerging as a regional power. It is also punishment for allowing Russia, China and other nations the access to Iraq oil, since the Neocons had planned all along that oil and natural gas was all theirs. Yes, the USA and Israel are directly aiding and abetting ISIS-ISIL. There have been numerous reports on it if Americans look outside of the USA MSM to find the truth.

Also, numerous US airdrops of arms, ammunition and sophisticated weapons keep conveniently winding up in the hands of ISIS-ISIL. That just cannot be overlooked as the US punishes Iraq for daring to let others get in and take over large blocks of oil and natural gas that the Neocons think belong to them.

The Iraqis have taped a conversation of the USA directly helping ISIS-ISIL to keep Iraq beaten half to death as a nation and many in the entire region are clearly seeing the truth now. The USA citizens will be the last to hear or see the truth from DC or the Neocons.

In a recent article I disclosed that the only warlord in Afghanistan that was 100% against the USA coming into Afghanistan to force their ‘pipeline’ deal through was assassinated 2 days before September 11, 2001. That has ‘CIA hit’ written all over it. The article link below also has a link to an article I wrote about a ‘billion dollars or more payoff’ that left Kosovo for Afghanistan about the same time the entire WTC was in ruins in New York City when WTC 7 was brought down in a controlled demolition.

The very next day in the Houston based Oil & Gas Journal, James Dorian spilled the beans on why the CIA, Neocons and every President since Reagan has implemented policies, covert actions and Special Forces black ops just to control the Caspian Basin oil and natural gas.

September 10, 2001: "Those who control the oil routes out of Central Asia will impact all future direction and quantities of flow and the distribution of revenues from new production," wrote energy expert James Dorian in Oil & Gas Journal, published the day before the terrorist attacks.”

That Oil & Gas Journal information was part of my presentation at ‘9-11: Confronting the Evidence’.

If you watch this video, who I glared at when my presentation ended were two CIA goons that threatened me and some of the other presenters before the show started. They left in a huff when I got a standing ovation from the 1,286 people in the audience.

The Neocons lost in Afghanistan and they also lost much of the oil and natural gas they were after in the Caspian Basin. I think most Americans would agree that liars and murderers do not deserve to win anything. They have also lost Iraq and most people understand exactly why after the USA has slaughtered, starved to death or left them to die with no medical aid since Desert Storm 1991.

It is really utterly amazing that the Neocons wonder why the Iraqis hate them after literal genocide and illegals wars have caused the deaths of at least 2 million Iraqis.

As a true Conservative, I have never agreed with Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) on anything in her entire career in the US Senate. However, her courage in standing up to the CIA torture abuses does deserve the ‘standing applause ovation’ and admiration of every American that believes in what is right and doing the right thing. That the CIA (Neocons’ agenda) tortured people and ruined lives, even killed some of them, is a dark and despicable era in US history. There should be no American chest-thumping about greatness after those revelations came out.

That the Neocons rushed to get blanket immunity is all a person should need to know as to how guilty these beasts are on torture, terrorism, human rights abuses, murder and war crimes. That blanket immunity can be changed by the stroke of a pen by a President that has courage and integrity.

What the CIA and Neocons did was a gross violation of the Geneva Convention. By its very definition, human rights abuses, prohibited torture, and a long list of violations of every concept of the rule of law.

The entire world now knows with 100% certainty that the CIA and Neocons are torturers, in violation of the Geneva Convention and even common decency. So the first part of the title of this article is not even debatable anymore. I thought that maybe when the abuses of Abu Ghraib Prison were made public during the Neocon George W. Bush Administration maybe Americans would get their head out of their ass and show the umbrage that any decent human being would have.

The US is directly aiding, abetting, financing, arming and training terrorists in the Middle East. That is not a secret anymore, so they are terrorists if they aid and abet. Just check the Patriot Act 1 and 2, NDAA, and FISA to be sure on that. You step out of line you are a terrorist according to the Neocons, but their terrorism activities are OK, they are ‘exceptional terrorists’ and ‘indispensable terrorists’.

There is a simple solution to this endless Neocon problem in America and screwing things up. They have lost in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine. The Neocons have committed a long list of human rights abuses, terrorism, torture, war crimes, illegal regime changes and illegal wars of aggression based on their outright damned lies.

So, thank you Senator Diane Feinstein for ending your career in the Senate on a high note. Braving the heat, CIA spying and intimidation and proving what the world already knew… the USA is a torturer in violation of the Geneva Conventions and every measure of common sense and common decency.

Thank you Senator John McCain for proving you are unworthy of the US Senate and still have the “Keating Five” syndrome of “poor judgment”. You, McCain, might not even be worthy of having the right of freedom to not be in a prison cell.

What America needs is a leader with ‘True Grit’, simple things like character, ethics, integrity, honor, ability to speak the truth, etc. A President that will submit by Executive Order the United States of America to the jurisdiction of the ICC [International Criminal Court] and let the summons, arrests and trials begin for the Neocon torturers, terrorists and war criminals.

That would be a great start, just like the old joke: What is 10,000 attorneys at the bottom of the Atlantic? A very good start!

Same applies to the Neocons.


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