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Nature’s Shaping The Rebellions


By Jim Kirwan


Chile awakened the global chain reactions that are continuing

Nature is speaking: 1min 58sec Video

Volcanoes are erupting around the globe right now, and they are continuing to deepen as this is being written; perhaps in answer to Cern and all the other human tinkering with the natural universe ~

The world is totally unprepared to deal with global problems any longer regardless of whether they are political, military or financial: The entire structure of global society has been shattered: Dominance is not Leadership and no nation today is or ever was Indispensable. The policies of United States Incorporated and Israel are counter-intuitive and hypocritical in the extreme and they have been that way for the last fifty years: yet very few people in either place seem to even give a damn.

Some recent statistics from RT indicate that in Libya 50,000 citizens were killed, 500,000 were displaced, and 40% now live in poverty.

In Syria: 220,000 were killed, 7.5 million people were displaced and 75% live in poverty. Both Libya and Syria were supposedly fought to free the people of those two countries. For ‘freedom & democracy’, yet both ended in the total collapse of nations. Syria is still alive, but only “just”, and Libya has totally been erased.

In both of the Iraq wars; apparently no real statistics even exist, as the US claims that it did not keep records but the numbers of people directly affected in the two Wars on Iraq that supposedly ended in 2011, cannot be overlooked. In that twenty years, since 1991, the numbers of dead, wounded and displaced had to have been massive.

The actual number of causalities worldwide that have been created since 2001, by US mercenaries and troops are not something the US wants to ever explain. But those numbers matter, especially since we’re about to embark on a similar war on American civilians in this country—over and above the huge number of police tortures, rape and murders in police custody across the United States today.:

Martial Law? Obama Confiscates National Guard Helicopters From All 50 States Law? Obama Confiscates National Guard Helicopters From All 50 States -

What Americans are facing now is no longer just about the coming death of a few thousand global war-criminals. This is about the literal death of civilization and the life or death of this planet. This is happening because the United States is now in the hands of privately owned corporations that have no use at all for the people that allowed them to grow so immense that they can now threaten the existence of the entire world.

Every person that does not personally resist JADE HELM 15 will be responsible for whatever comes from that criminal-government program.

The only thing still standing between the potential fact of JADE HELM and continued life for everyone who is not part of this globally-illegal takeover of the planet, are the billions of us who chose to live here.

The people of the United States did not chose to have JADE-HELM forced upon them. This traitorous act was unilaterally decided for us by the same people that have been at war with the universe for the last hundred plus years: And by the same people that have assassinated millions of total strangers for decades. These same creatures are the ones that have appointed themselves to execute ninety-five percent of the people living on the planet today.

This time it’s really up to us to “make history” in such a way that if enough of us finally decide to oppose this barbaric program: Then we will change this world back into that place that each of us was born into, as free and self-determined human beings.

Our freedom from tyranny can only start by rejecting JADE HELM and all which that pending nightmare entails.

Displaced People:



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