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NATO Killers Readying To
Cleanse Russians In Ukraine?
Translation by Piotr Bein

Washington knows that time is on Russia's side. So in 2-3 days a false flag is planned that would radically change the Ukrainian crisis and force Russia to invade.

Poroshenko was instructed to increase pro-peace rhetoric, while Russian-speaking mercenaries of the private form Academi deployed to Hungary (cities Debrechen and Mishkolc) are combat ready. Since June 20, the highest acrtivity is observed in Mishkolc: arms and equipemt are loaded onto military and civilian trucks. At any moment there are 60 to 80 trucks being loaded. A railway train is also being loaded. All this to transfer some 10 thousand well-equipped soldiers, not counting their command and support troops, to S.E. Ukraine. They were issued Ukrainian uniforms (possibly Russian, too).

My sources received the text of instructions for Academi personnel: start a large-scale etnic cleansing of Russian-speakers in Ukraine. Details below. I don't lightly use terms like fascist, genocide and ethnic cleansing.
In order to sow doubts and cause disorientation, the campaign will start with brainwashing Europeans that mass murders are being committed by separatists with Russia's support.

The operation is planned so that Western media, not being well-versed in Ukrainian events from the beginning, would not understand who kills whom. In turn, Russian reporters would be impressed that Ukrainian forces do the killing. Vigorous military draft in W. Ukraine serves to camouflage the planned false flag.

I repeat: the goal is to cause a wave of outrage in Russia at "Ukrainian crimes", forcing Moscow to invade. Then, it would be announced that Russia has provoked the events to justify invasion.

Intensity and duration of the carnage should assure such an outrage among Russians that any apeal for int'l orgs to send investigators to S.E. Ukraine would be taken as Kreml's weakness if not treason. Majority of Academi mercenaries speak Russian in varying degree of fluency. Practically there is no time left. Actions:

1. On the routes of trucks and trains carrying mercenaries from Debrechen and Mishkolc to Donetsk and Lugansk, people must take and disseminate pictures and videos, starting right away.

2. If collection of evidence does not suffice to stop the US genocidal operation against Russian-speakers in Ukraine, then Donetsk and Lugansk republics' self-defence must be persuaded to leave their posts and re-deploy to protect civilians.

All institutions for children, elderly and sick as well as women unable to bear arms, but particularly hospitals and clinics -- must be evacuated despite the complications involved. The mercenary instructions emphasize seizure of hospitals and killing of all patients.

Should assembly of evidence for an int'l tribunal fail, it would be very difficult to prevent a tragedy. Donetsk nor Lugansk republics don't have sufficient manpower to stop the onslaught of 10 thousand well-trained and -armed thugs with combat experience. The thugs would not target road-blocks and other insurgent posts, but civilians at large, and the most defenseless ones, too.

I will keep contact with my sources and will pass on any new info as it comes.

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