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NATO In Context
By Jim Kirwan

Since its founding NATO has always been

An Attack Dog for War

The unrecognized beneficiary

Of this continuing crime has always been Israel.

The global plan under which NATO was created 65 years ago, in 1949, was meant to give the West an aggressive force to keep Russia contained during the Cold War. When the Berlin Wall went down the Warsaw Pact, which was the Eastern Force that was created to counter NATO was dissolved.

NATO however went in search of new clients to fund them as a quasi-mercenary force that could follow up on the financial crimes of the IMF and the global-banks, in order to protect the criminal seizure of any nation which proved hostile to the current push; to crush all opposition to the old-world-order, masquerading as the new-world-order.

The missing players that made use of NATO were contained in PNAC, the Project for the New American Century. That tacit group, the creatures that gave voice to needing “a New Pearl Harbor” prior to 911 had lived in the sewers beneath the Tarnished House from Gerald Ford’s days: Until Bush Jr. brought them out of the primordial ooze, to run this war upon the world that began with Israel’s attack on the United States on 911.

Kissinger and Brzezinski along with others had used PNAC and NATO to cover what these traitors sought to force upon an unsuspecting world, at least as far back as the Amerikan overthrow of Chile in 1973.

That template is the same one that has been in use since 9-11-1973, when the US stole Chile for same powers that control the FED and the United States for Israel today.

Since the Cold War ended NATO’s only job has been to find ways to stay alive to keep creating global-confrontations, whenever the traitors that serve Israel, need to break any nation that refuses to unconditionally surrender to Western Global Conquest.

The “conference” that was just held inside the Ring of Steel in Cardiff, was not just symbolic: That conference was clearly held to create another global-confrontation to perpetuate and expand the global war in Europe. NATO’s job, in context, is to permanently destabilize the entire planet. Their secondary job is to take the heat off the traitors throughout the US that created everything to do with Ukraine and Russia since November of last year when Ukraine’s government was overthrown by USI and the Nazis. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, Rice and all the suddenly silent Zionists like Feinstein, Pelosi, Boxer, Biden and his opportunistic son, along with that walking corpse that calls himself Kerry but whose name is actually ‘Cohen’ ­ were on the record for creating the end of Ukraine.

The stand-in for all these traitors is none other than that failed “leader” of NATO ­ Fogh Rasmussen: This apparently worked, at least when it came down to hiding the true failures throughout the State Department, the War Department and of course everyone in the Tarnished House.

There are some new requirements for participation in the wars upon the world that have routinely been overlooked. For any country or warzone to be considered as something which must be showered with billions upon billions of dollars in Amerikan-Aid ­ that place must first kill at least 3,000 innocent people. That “requirement” was met in Chile, in Palestine (67 years) in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine. But this was also the case in other places like Sudan, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan, but being lesser countries, they didn’t qualify for international attention.

However, even in the nations that did get “noticed” there was still no action taken by the UN or any of the other fake-organizations charged with preventing those innocent deaths. The ‘world’ never actually does anything to interfere with Israel or USI, but at least they sometimes hold sessions while they mumble about the need “to do something” ­ of course nothing ever comes of that. That’s because the “watchdogs” are part of the outlaw-mercenaries that commit these global crimes.

Yet all of these cloaked requirements have been true since at least 9-11-1973 in Chile because 9-11-01 was actually the second attack on 911 by GHW Bush.

The Trillions in taxpayer money along with Black-Ops funds that are used to keep the massive destruction of the planet on track and growing, since 1973, still lives despite the fact that the world is sick of the wars that NATO is now charged with maintaining.

If NATO is not stopped there won’t be any nations’ left to resist the onslaught of this global-genocide, designed by Israel, at least as far back as 1913, with the FED, and 1917 with the creation of Zionist Bolshevism that ran the Gulags and the old USSR. (1)

The 1980’s and the 1990’s saw some real progress toward de-escalation of the world’s problems with nuclear war. The recent conference held by NATO was convened specifically to destroy that progress and recreate a totally hostile world, with only one choice available. That choice is either slavery or death, without any third option given the destruction of all those years in which the world actually sought ways to stop playing at war, to look for peace. (2)

NATO Declares WAR on the World!

NATO has reached consensus. They have declared that NATO and only NATO will have dominance over all the nations in the world. Which is why NATO will create new and very expensive forces to deal with violence anywhere on the planet today. They’re calling it

Rasmussen’s “lightening spearhead force”! (3)

NATO has become a global-cancer that must expand or die!

Bear in mind that the EU was created to kill the individuality of European countries and neutralize their voices in global events. NATO has appointed itself to insure that the EU remains neutered so that USRAEL can continue to destroy the rest of the planet without any resistance from Europe, Latin America or Africa. All of this is being done to feed global-neo-colonialism, wherever it can be re-created.

Reinventing NATO

To understand this clearly go back just one year to what was being planned for Ukraine in November of 2013. What was envisioned from the inception of the overthrow of Ukraine’s government was to create a USRAEL war-making machine on the border of Russia. As of today that plan has been thoroughly destroyed ­ for the moment…

Throughout all of this a number of other aspects have gone unmentioned. NATO has never actually defended anything, despite the fact that they were never meant to be a defensive organization: They’re the global-attack-dog for the Oligarch’s and the ubber-rich worldwide. They are that junk-yard-dog of total and barbaric war which is cannibalizing whole nations and leaves absolutely nothing but chaos and rubble in its wake…

But today there’s actually some good news for a change!

If the ceasefire holds it will be because of the total military defeat of Kiev's army throughout Ukraine. Watch from 7min 40sec to 8min 50sec. here: Where Kiev's 'catastrophic defeat' is clearly explained...

And "In Reality Ukraine has lost Donbas"

1) Deconstructing NATO

2) Living in Infamy

3) Stalemate?


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