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Muslims On Prayer Rugs Block Gas Station


From Patricia Doyle

Hello, Jeff - I almost forgot to mention that my friends at the gas station also told me they saw a very unnerving scene.  When they passed a neighborhood closer to where we live they saw several Muslims out front of the gas station on rugs.  Each person was laying flat on a prayer rug and loudly praying or speaking in Arabic.

While they were all prone on the rugs no one could get in or out of the gas station. My friend was so scared she thought they were going to commit terrorism when they were done with the prayers.  Cars were lined up in the highway waiting to get in to pump gas.

Of course, the gas station was purchased by Muslims so pulling out the rugs and blocking the gas tanks is OK.

I wonder what the Muslim owners would say if a group of nuns or congregants sat down blocking the gas pumps and praying the Rosary.  I am sure the police would be called.

A definite double standard.  WE have lost our country. We have lost our rights, free speech, guns or second amendment rights, first amendment rights and separation of church and state.  

This is not the America my father fought for and not the America I grew up in.

Paldiez und Alabunacht.  Latvian.  




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