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Muslims Demanding Their Own
Sharia Patrols in Michigan

By Frosty Wooldridge

This quote provides the most ominous statement for America and other Western countries in the 21st century as they continue mass immigration from cultures and religions all over the Third World.

Immigrants devoted to their own cultures and religions are not influenced by the secular politically correct façade that dominates academia, news-media, entertainment, education, religious and political thinking today,” said James Walsh, former Associate General Counsel of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service. “They claim the right not to assimilate, and the day is coming when the question will be how can the United States regulate the defiantly unassimilated cultures, religions and mores of foreign lands?  Such immigrants say their traditions trump the U.S. legal system.  Balkanization of the United States has begun.” 

Walsh made that statement 20 years ago. He saw it coming. No one responded. Only 100,000 Muslims inhabited America in 1990. Today, over 7,000,000 (million) Muslims in America continue their onslaught to change our country into their country. 

Last year, a 22 year old American college student walking in the Muslim “no go” zone of London suffered a beating by a “Sharia compliant goon squad” so horrible that he required reconstruction of his face. His crime: carrying a bottle of beer.

Two Muslims jumped a British Army trooper in London a year ago on a main street and beheaded him with machetes in front of stunned shoppers. This kind of behavior remains normal in Islamic countries. In the past six months in Iraq, 60 to 70 people get slaughtered monthly from suicide bombers and goon squads.

Sharia compliant squads grow in America:

Detroit, Michigan houses over 400,000 Muslims in 2014. During the public comment time at the Dearborn, Michigan city council meeting this month, a Muslim stood to demand that the city institute Sharia patrols to keep young people out of parks and to prevent the sale of “offensive” magazines in stores.

Mr. Hassan took his place in line during the public comments and chanted Islamic prayers. He demanded that the city begin patrols of the parks because people used them for “sexual activities.” (Example: kissing)

As reported, “Hassan also stated that there were magazines and newspapers at the public libraries and civic center that can cause colossal damage to a child’s health, asking the city to review and monitor literature before they are distributed.”

Mr. Hassan demanded Sharia compliant patrols to prevent people from using parks and he wants the city to perpetrate Sharia compliant censorship at libraries.

He wants Americans to suspend their First Amendment rights in order to engage his “Sharia Law” from his native Saudi Arabia, one of the most brutal dictatorships of the Middle East. What he escaped in his own country, he wants instituted in our country.

Please examine this three-minute clip on the leaders of Islam now in America and their promise to change America into an Islamic state: "Jihad in America."

Muslims use our Constitution to allow them the freedom to express their First Amendment rights that they ultimately would suspend once they gain majority power in whatever area the dominate by population: such as Detroit, Michigan.

If you look at what’s happening to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California, you see the Mexicans making enormous inroads into our schools and governmental structures. Spanish now dominates most of the educational systems where Mexican kids go to school.

If you think it will remain in Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia, you would make a terribly incorrect assumption. I received a letter from a Norwegian, which will sober you as to what’s happening over there in only 20 years of importing over 500,000 Middle Eastern immigrants. Because Norway features only four million people, its society faces massive sociological change and religious change much quicker. It could very well lose its culture, language and way of life by mid century via birthrates of immigrants much greater than Norway’s.

Letter from a Norwegian where free speech is no longer tolerated because of Muslim immigrants:

I have lived here in Norway seeing unimaginable things happening to a western democracy "free" society.   And for me, freaking out.  All happening in the past 20 years!  We are no longer a free society.  And if you open your mouth in protest on this Muslim thing over here, you can get a knock on the door and down to the local police station and questioned.   Plus your name and picture on a folder and you are watched and tracked and probably the phone is tapped.

In short, something is going on.   If you question it hard enough, this free society pushes back.  One of my buddies spoke up on the Muslims.  Trust me, after his little visit to the office.   He got shut down hard.   He talks about kayaking and camping trips with his kids now.  

With the interesting comparison, real threatening Muslim stuff, in the news, on the streets, with behavior.   Up to and including, shooting up the Jewish churches with an automatic weapon.   Spitting hate and threats to Norwegians all over the media.  Blocking off streets of Oslo with cabs making a protest on blasphemy and so on.   Unbelievable stuff going on with women and cutting the sex out of little girl kids.   Not a word said by anyone except, Norway has to find cultural sensitivity.  Stories I hear about Denmark and Sweden and England are the same.   Muslim boys kick your butt and if you even complain, you go to jail.  Minor things and you get a visit from the police, shut up or face the consequences.   Even at top political level and one party here in Norway putting it out there, the media crucifies them.

And so it goes.  Europe has their version of this.  And US has its version.

Has to be something going on.   Even after those two Muslims in England did their jihad thing and cut the head off that solider on the streets of London.   And the media let it go as such.   No matter what is going on in Europe, the only place you see most of the facts is on social media.  US gets a hit from Muslims on 9/11 and 10 years later there are millions and millions more of them in the country.  Which you have to ask yourself, what is going on?  And who is doing this to our country?

Europe will definitely be Muslim dominated with sights in the end of taking over US.  Somehow the powers that be that drive this thing, way too hidden, way too big, way too determined, all of it.  They win and western life is going down.  

Actually, I see no way to fight my country’s self-destruction.  Whatever is driving this human thing, you cannot even figure it out.   And the destruction of this planet won’t get stopped, either. I can’t figure out how humans can do this to their countries and their planet. But in the end, it won’t be very nice for anyone in Norway or elsewhere for that matter.”



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