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Murdering The Pacific Ocean

By JIm Kirwan

When I painted this painting I was trying to illustrate what could someday happen to San Francisco, many years ago. Ironically the life in the Pacific Ocean, as shown here, is already dead just north of the United States. But the portents for what this is, is about to hit the states and this is UNPRECEDENTED. Conditions in the Pacific are worse today than they have ever been since there’s been ‘a human history’.

Many have been tracking what’s going on with Fukushima, since that pack of universal lies has been happening ­ as if what’s taking place in northern Japan is somehow disconnected from the world beyond Japan. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When this video surfaced I asked Jeff what he thought, since he’s been following this since it happened. Here’s part of his response:

WATCH - Dana Durnford's Staggering Evidence That
Fukushima Radiation Is Killing The Pacific Ocean - Video

If you watch this…about 32 min will be plenty…write about it
if you can, All those currently ‘out there’ are such frauds and thieves.

I've been forecasting exactly this from the reactor explosions over there onward… and it has happened. The whole West Coast ocean front will be dead…

As will the rest of the Pacific. The intertidal zone…about the top 30 feet of water… is the 'nursery' of the ocean. It's GONE.

This area of Vancouver and Seattle is where the North Pacific current makes landfall with some of the radioactive water going north and winding up in the Gulf of Alaska and it just concentrates, 24-7. The bulk of this heads down the West Coast. We are screwed. Wonder how many sushi restaurants are for sale and how fast ocean front real estate will DIVE.?”

Back when I was painting I did a huge amount of research on the oceans of the world for the history as well as the way the planet works. It became clear to me from the damages that we’d already done to the Mediterranean ­ a huge amount of which was done by Jacques Cousteau, from one of his research facilities in that region alone. His lab released a water-born form of something that acted like kudzu in the water: Where it formed, it then proceeded to attach itself to ships that carried this parasite worldwide ­ it is very difficult to kill and yes it did spread: Then most people stopped reporting on it as if it had disappeared. Once that thing began to grow, it became almost impossible to eradicate as it, as of that time, had no natural enemies.

By the time I came to Tiburon in Northern California I had a next-door neighbor, a pilot, who insisted I should go hunting with him for Abalone down by Greyhound Point.

So I spent a lot of time getting ensnarled in jungles of seaweed just below the surface, parts of which appear on the video above. For that exuberant and totally alive life, to have disappeared, along with so much if not absolutely all of the onshore sea life that has been part of every seaside community since the dawn of time—is beyond unthinkable…

I haven’t written about this before because I’m no an expert on the sea. What I do know is just exactly how intricately this entire planet is connected—in every part of the earth.

The other reason behind my silence ­ so far ­ was because this obscenity really is beyond UNTHINKABLE: Especially as the entire thing is and was man-made and NO ONE is taking any responsibility whatsoever for any of this ­ for that matter Fukushima might as well have been happening on Mars, for all of the “attention” that is not paid to it thus far.

For those who want to DO something about this I suggest you write to those who routinely pretend to “cover” this story. Ask each of them “Why the Hell this has been able to get this far” ­ especially if, as they say, this is not the monster-killer that it has apparently become?

With this level of die-off in the Pacific, this will continue to spread.

Of course there’s the other murder in the Gulf-of-Mexico that’s still being covered up, by the same apologists for Fukushima. How could anyone not understand that these murders of the various Oceans and now possibly parts of the Great Lakes as well: How could these total destructions not be discovered? What happened to OUTRAGE!

The entire food chain depends upon the krill, that very small food that feeds the whales. Without just that one food source, hundreds of creatures in the oceans and the skies will begin to die: In the video there are no crows, only one lonely seagull, where there were hundreds.

When they disappear, those that depended upon them for survival will also begin to vanish: This will be a chain reaction that will not stop until the entire food chain is decimated—and you have to know that people are part of that food chain…

There is no quick-fix and ‘NO’ science can’t just “fix-it”. This is globe-ending in its potentialities and unless the planet comes together now the entire crime will become bigger and bigger and bigger, until there’s no one left to report on it…

Start digging on the net. Start asking tough questions in writing and on the web: At the very least the corporations and the governments that did this must be locked up forever—along with having every dime they ever made go toward changing what they’ve done so far…

When the Oceans Die, this is what will happen to our cities…


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