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Minimizing Destructive Effects
From The Terminal Fragmentation

J S Chiappalone
Doctor of Metaphysical Science
My Motto: Take it or Leave it

If you are not familiar with my work, I suggest you read my website and my books for a fuller explanation of What’s Going On!

In a nutshell: This Physical Dimension ­ our Universe and all its sub-dimensions - are undergoing systematic, permanent obliteration in order to procure the release of those consciousnesses trapped within them who have been deemed “spiritually viable’ to continue elsewhere. You will need to read my books to know why some living beings are no longer viable in spiritual terms.

The Physical is an aberration, a temporary evil Illusion within a Virtual Reality that arose from what has been termed a “Celestial Error” which resulted in a War in the Heavens (realms outside of this one).

Some of us are children of God Consciousness trapped in the Error, some of us are children of the Error (which is Evil) and some, like me, have descended into this Error to:

    ·       Trigger the awakening of trapped Viables in all levels of consciousness via direct and indirect communications on all levels ­ the Physical, Etheric, Astral and Spiritual;
    ·       Nurture Viables, till the rescue occurs, with an Energy ­ the New Green Energy - that the non-Viables cannot use or contaminate;
    ·       Facilitate the destruction of the Falsehood by bringing down certain energies from outside this Horror which will explode the Illusion and all its physical structures, and liquidate Matter;
    ·       Arrange the Rescue of those who are to continue elsewhere.

I give abundant details in my lectures, radio shows, website and particularly my books.

Inspite of all the pejorative labels that have been bestowed upon me by the evil failures and evil fools, I know what I am doing. On this level, I am limited by the physical body, of course, and like everyone else, I have had to struggle against Evil’s Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination every single day of my body’s life. But, I have been in the physical before and know the ropes. And, I have the experience of doing this work often, which has resulted in the elimination of over 95% of the Physical Universe already. Thus, please yourself whether you want to believe any of this or not. You know my motto well. Look at it again; it’s at the top of the page in BOLD!

Failed Fools possibly see me as a deluded “nutcase”, Satan at worst.

Awakened ones know, deep within their hearts, who I am.


This world is undergoing horrendous changes.

Fragmentation is being allowed to occur by the Superior Governing Force of Creation: the Light.

The Mechanisms of Fragmentation include:

    ·       Programmed evil in humans and even lower Classes of Consciousness (the Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Kingdoms) which, for various reasons, will manifest evermore destructive behaviour;
    ·       Evil manifested by superior evil Classes of Consciousnesses I have termed Demons, Archons, etc.; Most Alien visitors fall into this category;
    ·       Natural Evil that results from the imperfections of this horrendous monstrosity called the Physical Dimension which was doomed from its inception. This explains fault lines, mad meteors, exploding Suns, etc.;

Even blind and naïve fools can see this fragmentation proceeding inexorably now, surely? Here are simple glimpses of the status quo with all its falsehood, hypocrisy, cruelty, murder, exploitation and murder:

How long will the Merry Cans stay jovial? Spot the Terminal Madness in those of authority and the persistent fragmentation and its cruelty in the most menial of incidences.


Realize that the intended outcome of the fragmentation is total annihilation of not only this earth, but the entire Galaxy as I have explained in detail elsewhere. I will write soon how this is going to occur to our Galaxy as it has occurred to so many other Galaxies in this most foul and doomed Universe

If you remember at all times that the ultimate aim of the world changes is the rescue of Viable Consciousnesses from this Hell, and placement into something better (a non-physical dimension that is a lot, lot better as it is Evi-free) you will better tolerate the unavoidable suffering of the Evil-created body, in which we have all been imprisoned on this level, and its lower Monkey Mind, while the transition is occurring. If these concepts are foreign to you, I again suggest you read some of my books and the contents of my website.

We are at the point of the resolution of a War of Essences (Good vs Evil) in this Sector of Creation, specifically this Galaxy of the Physical Universe. Fragmentation and total annihilation into nothingness is the only possible outcome of this War in its end stages.

Of course, the Fragmentation is also a planned Process by which the Light is to be rid of Evil in all its forms. Hence, non-viable consciousnesses will be eliminated, as will be all manifestations of the physical dimensions, including all physical bodies and their minds.

You know well the mechanisms of the Terminal Fragmentation:

    ·       Polluted air, including Chemtrails that give sinus and pulmonary problems as well as heavy metal toxicity and dementia;
    ·       Ozone depletion;
    ·       Virulent epidemics including AIDS, Malaria, Ebola, other laboratory-created pathogens and modified viruses, etc.;
    Ebola in America? Never? Well watch the planes coming in:
    ·       Polluted Foodstuffs ­ due to poor soil, noxious additives, GMO products, sprays, preservatives, etc.;
    ·       The evil-sponsored Eugenics Program which includes sterilizing vaccination of populations, murderous GMO foodstuffs, and other mechanisms to kill people physically. However, this is another story to do with Evil: the elimination of the useless eaters on the planet in order to allow its takeover by superior aliens and the hybrid species they have created. Now do you understand why so many humans were abducted and had their ova and sperm stolen?
    This Eugenics Program, started by Zionists in Germany early last century, is doomed to fail as it will be overtaken by the total obliteration of the Galaxy in which we reside;
    ·       Fish laden with mercury, animals with diseases, e.g. chickens with Salmonella, cattle with synthetic Growth Hormone which is carcinogenic for humans, Mad Cow Disease, GMO fruits and vegetables which ‘accidentally’ contaminate the organically grown ones, etc.;
    ·       Polluted water ­ containing hormones, heavy metals, chemicals, antibiotics, etc., leading to sterilization of species as well as Humanity, diseases, dementia as per Fluoride, and so on;  
    ·       Dying Seas. Scientific predictions are that all seas on Earth will be sterile within our lifetime of another 20-30 years. (The Light has planned that this Earth, this Solar System, this Galaxy will not last that long). I have previously published the date of the outermost date for liquidation of this earth into Cosmic Dust. It is 2035.
    ·       The Dying Sun ­ irregular radiation; lacks of certain spectral light waves leading to Vit. D deficiency, erratic germination of plants, pseudo-psychotic episodes in susceptible minds, etc.;
    ·       Radiation from Fukushima, cell phones, Wi-Fi, etc.;
    ·       HAARP and its man-made disasters;
    ·       Inimical non-Viables undergoing Terminal Madness and destroying everything they can get their hands on, including themselves, with the most vile use of pornography, emotional exploitation, drug induced demonic possession, etc., etc.;
    ·       Irrational spouses, relatives, parents, and children who cannot comprehend awakened ones who have higher spiritual knowledge, and don’t want them to know what they, the awakened ones, know!
    ·       Energy Vampires and polluting Demons whose numbers are forever increasing on this Earthly plane. The process of Body-Snatching by demons is real. The demons are forced to abandon their lairs because they are fragmenting too. This body-snatching process and demonic possession is assisted by use of neurotoxic agents such as Ice, Ecstasy, other opiate and amphetamine derivatives, Marijuana, Ayahuasca, sex with demons, etc., etc.;
    ·       Spiritual pollution from many sources, including marauding evil aliens, leading to personal damage, and/or Demonic possession of Centres of Consciousness.
    ·       Demonic activities which we cannot control such as the coming massive Nuclear War, and all the sporadic but deadly wars around the globe, incessant pornography which is masquerading s artistic liberalism even in primary schools;
    ·       Heavy-handed programming mechanisms to further destroy minds and bodies so people will comply with the dictates of the ruling evil archons. Hello Hollywood!;
    ·       Murderous mindless Drones and robotic killing machines which are a reality in all cities near you.
    ·       Exploitation by greedy governments, utilities, doctors, hospitals, lawyers, industries, builders, banks, etc., etc.;

As you well know, this list can be greatly expanded.        

What can you do?

What are you to do now in the midst of the coming terminal disasters?

Use common sense (a rare commodity it seems) to minimize the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual damage to you and your pets while you await extraction from this sector of Hell.

It is the duty of every Viable to attempt to remain as fit as possible in those categories ( physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) during this Endtime scenario.

You are to be fit to help yourself, others, your pets, etc. Does not “God” help those who help themselves?

I think the most important thing to do is to avoid any form of trouble and poisons of which you are aware and can therefore realistically avoid with a little effort.

The better state your body and lower mind are in, the less the suffering you will undergo. If your mind is strong and your Will is resolute, you will be able to shrug off the unavoidable pain, suffering, exploitation and sorrow imposed upon us by an Evil, dying system as we march forward towards the Rescue Point!

A close look at your diet is essential.

Eliminate all animal products including dairy products. It is a fact that even medically speaking humans were never meant to eat flesh!

Many of you have noted you are now intolerant of fish, meat, dairy products, prepared foodstuffs, packaged food, restaurant food ­ which often contains contaminating evil energies from the cooks and handlers ­ canned foods, frozen foods with preservatives, etc., etc..

What is your body telling you by being so intolerant to these foodstuffs? The more New Green Energy (NGE) you have and hold in your Spiritual Centres of Consciousness, the less tolerant you are to pollution and to the negative energies around you. Your body is telling you to avoid these products. I have written much about the NGE. Find those essays on my website, and in my books. The pollution and negative energies don’t just come from foodstuffs, drugs and drinks. Remember they also come from polluted people, robots and demons

Back to foodstuffs: Some are even upset by eggs. If you are, don’t eat them.

Listen to your body. You will note that, in this Final Phase, you are able to sustain your strength and body weight (in the normal range) with less and less food. I can vouch that is so.

If you are overweight, eliminating these foodstuffs will allow you to reach your normal weight range. Thus you will be fitter to help yourself and others.

Avoid alcohol, even if you have been told you need a little wine medicinally. The spiritual disadvantage of consuming alcohol outweighs any benefit you may gain medically. And besides, a recent medical paper concluded no amount of alcohol is safe to consume!

Tobacco and ALL illicit or neurotoxic and/or hallucinogenic drugs, including Marijuana, and the others I mentioned above are a no-no. Stop kidding yourself if you use these. They will spiritually destroy you in the long term!

Avoid people who annoy you. You know what I mean. It is your Higher Mind telling you to be rid of them in your life, in the little time that is left for they are hindering your spiritual progress whether you understand that or not. You may feel uneasy in their presence. You may feel drained by them. They may be argumentative. They make you feel like you have to apologize for just being you, for what you know and believe. Minimize your contact with them. If they are family or relatives, keep communication to a minimum. Give them no chance to attack you. Avoid unnecessary contact.

If the spouse is troublesome, get rid of him/her if you are in a position to do so. Do not tolerate verbal, physical, or emotional abuse from anybody for one moment longer, including parents. The Fifth Commandment “Honour thy Father and thy Mother, etc.,” is an evil trap, especially when one or both are demons to help spiritually destroy you. See a lawyer; see the police; see anyone who can liberate you from such nasty traps.

The Bible has a lot of plagiarized nonsense.

From my book “Death of an Evil God”:

The story of the TEN COMMANDMENTS which were supposedly given to Moses on the Mount was copied from

i  The story of the Canaanite god Baal-Berith, the "God of the Covenant".

ii  The Commandments of the Buddhist Decalogue.

iii   The life of Zoroaster who had also received the Law from Ahura Mazda from the mountain top, and

iv  King Hammurabi who received the Laws from the Babylonian God from a mountain top also.


Warning: We live in an evil trap rule by and for demons. However, don’t judge who is who unless your spiritual vision has been fully restored. If you feel uneasy around someone, move away. But, as I just said, unless your psychic abilities are well developed, and you can unerringly see soulless robots and doomed demons by using your spiritual expertise, don’t assume those who irritate you are necessarily non-viable. They may be double agents.

Protect your body at all times, especially when you go to sleep. Watch who you let into your body. This is no joke. Evil ones will abuse you even as you sleep. Incubi and Succubi are not mythological. They are reality in this most foul dungeon. Look at how evil and foul some humans (demons in human bodies) are:

Celibacy never killed anyone. If you think your spouse is a demon, refuse to have sex with him/ her. That should end the partnership and their abuse! Demons lust over money, power and sex. If they can’t abstain for a while, there is usually something critically wrong with them

Do not mingle with people who manifest loose moral or ones that take illicit drugs, drink alcohol, etc., especially if you cannot discern demonic behaviour too clearly just yet. Marijuana is now being legalized in many places. That does not mean it is OK. It is still a spiritually dangerous toxin. Much of the marijuana being sold by governments will turn out to be GMO modified rubbish. Do you know what else they implanted in that product? Of course you don’t. Do you think it could be part of the Eugenics Program to eliminate your mind and/or body? Very likely, don’t you think? At the very least it may well turn you into a much more easily controlled, useless zombie, and that’s what governments are aiming for and want. Your elimination will then be a lot easier.

Avoid political entrapment. Minimize your exposure to commentaries on Radio and TV that nauseate you. The energy content in these messages is to program people with evil intent. If you are not evil, the effect will be to make you ill. The more spiritually awakened you are, the more easily you will see through the rhetoric and the more disturbed and nauseated you will be by the tripe they disgorge through all forms of the Media.

The Media is there to program idiots to do the bidding of the Archons. Want proof? Watch:

Hollywood, and the entertainment Industry in general, are demonically run by demons for demons, which, as I have revealed before, now make up some 35% of the population, and also to exploit Viables and robots alike. Again I ask, what are we to make of videos such as this one below:

To fill your vacant hours, listen to uplifting classical music instead.

Avoid heavy metal music for it is indeed demonic in order to incite the lower Centres of Consciousness whether you want to believe it or not!

Avoid all situations that incite emotions, be they personal, religious, nationalistic, etc. These are all evil traps to exploit energy.

Avoid exposure in general.

If you are of child-rearing age, seriously consider your desire to have children, I have warned you in the past that since November, 1999, no True Being or Robotic Viable has incarnated. Since that time, only non-Viables, including Star Children, have been born. I don’t mean to offend anyone. If you wish to reject this last statement, remember my motto: Take it or Leave it.

Just like the deleterious solar effects, none of us can avoid RADIATION from the many other sources that are targeting us. Be courageous in your stance. If you get serious conditions such as cancer, melanoma, lymphoma or leukaemia from such radiation, instead of fretting, see the terminal condition as your means of going Home. Of course, you will guard your health and you will take the necessary steps to obtain a cure, for you may be needed for longer on this level. Be sensible at all times. But do NOT be emotionally drained by the process of physical illness or any other process.

As your true spiritual vision develops, and you see or sense the demonic and robotic nature of those around you, do not react emotionally or in a way that may disadvantage you.

DO hide your Light ‘under a bushel’ so you won’t be easily spotted and targeted by hungry demons who feast on the energies they can exploit from others in this darkening hell!! They are parasites who drain Theomorphs (trapped Children of Light) to death. That is why they must be eliminated. They cannot live without such energies.

You may, in due course, when your spiritual insight is at its best, see parents, children or other relatives, neighbours, etc., as non-Viables. This reacquired ability had been forecast by Gnostic texts from the very beginning of the Celestial Error and its entrapment. We all have it due to our spiritual nature. Evil dumbed us down so we would not awake to its deceit.

Do not stress out if you identify anyone is evil. Keep the information to yourself. Fulfil any social obligations you may have pertaining to them; treat them with respect; always express True Love (not possessive, destructive, emotional love that is shadowed by Fear) and KEEP THE PEACE.

Do not feel sorry for them or any failed ones. Pity will drain you. Compassion is an evil trap to drain you also of your precious energy. Remind yourself that they have had infinite chances to become Viable. It was their choice if they chose the Darkness. It had/has nothing to do with what you did or did not do.

Non-Viables will sense you are different however, if your body contains a viable spark of Light, and they will usually attack you in a myriad of ways for reasons they themselves do not understand. It is the New Green Energy within you that stirs them. Inwardly, they fear what they perceive, but outwardly they manifest HATE and anger. This is so even on a general level with commuters on your bus or train, members of associations to which you belong, in the workplace, etc., etc. A classical example of this is the hate and odium for Russia’s leader Putin by other (mostly demonic) world leaders.

On this topic of Putin, these videos are a must:

I take this opportunity to publicly announce that Edgar Cayce was a Being of Light as are V. Putin of Russia, and Jeff Rense who has been of inestimable value over many, many years by helping me to spread my Message to awaken people.


In order to minimize further stress in these Last Days, move away from large cities if you are in a position to do so.

If you can move out of a destructive relationship, do so.

If you can afford to stop working, do so.

Don’t sell yourself short, however. Make sure you have enough money to fulfil social obligations. Make sure you can provide for those for whom you are to provide. Make sure you have enough money to pay all your bills.

Cut down unnecessary expenditure.  Drive a smaller car. If you are paying off a massive mortgage, realize the bulk of your payment is interest and you will never see the benefit of that as time is at an end. You may be better off getting a smaller dwelling or renting. These are personal decisions.

As the end approaches, you will most likely want to be with like-minded beings.

If there is time and opportunity, I have envisioned an isolated campus/community in Australia for the many that could come here to be with me and many other like-minded individuals.

On this topic, I wrote in my very first book back in 1984 that Australia would be the safest place until the end.

Many of you are having visions and dreams of the rescuing crafts at the End and of the destructive end itself. Those visions and dreams are indeed pertinent. The Joy that accompanies such visions and dreams could not be made up and is a most welcomed companion as we march on to the finishing line.

In the meantime, the whole idea is to reduce stress as you will have enough stress from those things that will occur over which you can have no control, like Civil War, Nuclear War, Economic Collapse, degenerative diseases, epidemics, fault line collapses, volcanic eruptions, meteor strikes, disintegration of Earth’s magnetic polarity, fall of earth on its axis, etc., etc.

None of us will be able to escape hardships in the next few years.

It is best that we mentally prepare ourselves. See these disasters as necessary steps towards Spiritual Liberation. One cannot go to a Spiritual Realm unless the Physical Realm is left behind.

If pets are caught in the maelstrom and die, be happy for them. See the process as one of Liberation and remind yourself you will be together again soon.

As Civil and Nuclear wars decimate countries (including the one that was once called the land of the Brave and the Free) and hunger becomes profound, as death looms large on all horizons, maddened, desperate ones will raid farms and houses to steal, to kill animals, and even kill and eat humans. Cannibalism is on the way. Demonic behaviour will have no bounds.

This goes for the destruction of wild fauna and flora too. This will be in a flash when nuclear weapons explode far and wide, as they shall. Fauna and flora are made of consciousnesses, some of which are viable. Rejoice in their liberation from the Evil Trap and their journey to a better place. Ask for blessings for the consciousness of the animals that are killed on our roads. Australia is a mess in the outback with dead dogs, cats and especially kangaroos every few hundred feet along highways and byways. The fools don’t stop for them as they don’t give a damn.

Many of these creatures contain human consciousness and must suffer the indignation of being slaughtered on the roads by selfish, hate-filled, uncaring spiritual failures. Often they are wounded and stagger off to die in severe pain. This is indeed the Planet of Death. The whole Physical Dimension was designed that way by the Father of Evil, Jehovah, for the energy liberated by such suffering feeds the black-hearted ghouls who are his progeny and who do his bidding!

Matthew 13: 8; Matthew 13:38 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

38 and the field is the world; and as for the good seed, these are the sons of the kingdom; and the tares are the sons of the evilone;

John 8:44: John 8:44 New International Version (NIV)

44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Do not trust alien transmissions which claim they have conquered Evil on their planets, etc. It is all bunkum to fool unaware ones. This Universe runs on pain, suffering, misery and relentless exploitation.

TV commercials often show distressing scenes of starving, dying children, animals, birds, dolphin, whales, etc., etc. The demons do this to extract emotional energy, and money which they keep for themselves, from the audience. You, instead, should see this as an expression of demonic evilness, but should nonetheless rejoice at the liberation, from this Hellish physical plane, of Viables that you see in the pictures.

The Gaza murders are a clear example of this, and of Terminal Madness of the Endtime.

Remember what I said previously about the destruction of the Physical Dimension: Nothing of True Spiritual Value will be lost. The physical is useless and valueless. It must disappear completely from the face of Creation for it is a product of Evil, and Evil can be likened to a spiritual cancer that must be totally excised and annihilated forever.

Not convince about the value of this physical life?

Think of the most valuable PHYSICAL things in your life. Are they your spouse’s body, your children’s’ bodies, your house, your car, your bank balance, your good looks, your sex drive? Where will these be in 100 years, if the planet were to last that long? Are they not of perishable uselessness?


How certain am I of these things about which I write?

There is no way I can guarantee you any certainty in regards to prophecy. The mechanisms of destruction I mentioned above are pretty obvious one has to admit. My past performance has been reasonable to say the least. Read my books and study my form guide! Ultimately, you have to make up your own mind about all this. In the meantime, remember my Motto at all times.

I have tried to demonstrate by all the videos I have posted in this essay and on my website that something very real and dramatically evil is happening. My essay on Terminal Madness of the Endtime, written in the early 1990s, has been conclusive proof of the veracity of my earlier forecasts. If you have not read that essay, you will find it somewhere on my website.

Cynically, some tend to try and blind us with “Science”, another handmaiden of the Virtual Reality, as are Religion and History. They are all temporary pillars created to uphold the fast dissolving Illusion that had us anaesthetized in this dungeon.


    Do you really believe the fools who claim this is the best of all possible worlds, as first stated by Gottfried Leibniz in 1710, or that we are heading that way as this ding-dong does in the video?

    We know for a fact that:

    ·       The World is going mad,
    ·       Evil rulers and governments are planning really big, murderous wars,
    ·       We, and all living things on the planet, are suffering from many unsavoury conditions,
    ·       People are becoming irrational in a myriad of ways,
    ·       Economically we are all being destabilized,
    ·       There is no respect or politeness in societies any more,
    ·       Heartless killers are doing as they please everywhere around the globe,
    ·       There is diminishing Goodwill all over the globe,
    ·       Amorality is the norm,
    ·       Children are no longer safe from sexual predators, pornography, alien abductions, food poisoning, etc.,
    ·       Our Sun is deteriorating as are other planets in our Solar System,
    ·       Evil Aliens exist, for they abduct people, slaughter and mutilate both humans and animals; arm governments for wars, and so on.

Thus, this picture I am painting for you is not a flight of evil fantasy. It is the reality we live in. And its ending is a welcomed conclusion to the prayers of those who know more and want better things.

But wait; ‘Isn’t Prayer the last refuge of scoundrels’ you may well ask?

It is now, for all Light has left the dimension in preparation for the total dissolution of this sector. Thus, if you pray now, the only ones who might hear you are:

    1   Earth-bound discarnates who are as useful in answering your prayers as a dead horse would be here on Earth, and
    2   Light beings in the Astral Plane who are still bound by Evil’s rules and are thus rather ineffective. They will be liberated when the Astral Dimensions around each planet individually disintegrate.

Read Dr. George Ritchie’s book “Return from Tomorrow” in which he describes his NDE and explains who really listens to prayers. He is a Professor of Psychiatry.


The points I made above are the reason why you will have little success in having favours bestowed on you at this time. Your prayers are not going to be answered. If you have been labelled as Viable, your prayers have already been answered. What more could you want?

Classification into Viable and non-Viable has occurred for all Classes of Consciousness, and the process has been completed, as I revealed some 2 years ago, so no favours need to be bestowed. You are, at this stage, either saved or lost forevermore.

And, you may well ask: “What about Meditation at this stage?” You would be foolish to think you are going to connect to Superior Beings who have left the Dimension unless you are from an external dimension and have been holographically projected into this one. Oops, I’m complicating the picture. Forget I wrote that until a future time when I will expand on that notion.

Perhaps when it is very close to the End and the Superior Light Beings re-enter the dimension to pick up Viables in their luminous plasma crafts that some Viables are already seeing in visions, as I said above, you may get effective and proper connection.

But for now, with communication lines cut, and the spiritual aspect devoid of Light, all you will get visiting you, in all probability, when you meditate, will be discarnates and demons. So, if you have noted deterioration in the quality of your meditation and in the information you are getting, you now know why.

At this time it is best to close down your Centres of Consciousness as much as possible and protect, protect, protect.

Don’t take any message you receive seriously; more likely than not messages will be from marauding demons or mischievous discarnates.

Don’t ask for stupid things or selfish favours at this time.

Don’t test whoever comes to communicate. Just assume they are of the Dark Side for now.

Don’t follow any directives. Don’t take information from “guides” that may disadvantage you or anyone else. It is bound to be evil!

When the rescuing Light Workers return, you will note a big difference. Until that happens, tread cautiously.

This goes for Life Readings by psychics and those who claim they can contact dead relatives. Be suspicious, be very suspicious. They are, in all probability, contacting demons who pretend to be your relatives, reading information about you from the Akashic records (which are manipulated and not accurate) and they will give you false information, even if it appears to appease you.

Everything you need to get to the proper finishing line, and to the point of Rescue, will be provided by the NGE (New Green energy) with which you have been supplied.

The NGE is now being intermittently sent out in wave forms around this planet to be absorbed by viable consciousnesses in all the Classes of Consciousness 2-3 times a week, for certain vibrational rates affecting all of us have changed and a Finalizing Energy is being distributed more and more. This energy has a different colour and therefore differing properties and a differing vibrational rate. It is not an energy for ordinary Viables to accommodate or use. It is to produce decisive destructive effects on Evil’s physical matter which will eventually be reduced to Cosmic dust and then inert energy which will be returned to the Primordial Pool after its essence has been transmuted.

As it is the Final Phase, in order to accommodate certain changes, I also have reverted to my birth name which is Giuseppe Stephano Chiappalone (pronounced Key-app-alone). Numerologists may appreciate the value in such a reversion. I have done this for it truly is the Final Phase.

Dr J.S. Chiappalone

Copyright July 30, 2014


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