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No Mincing Words...

By Jim Kirwan


The United States of Ignorance, USI, has reached an all-time low. This can be seen across this land, but nowhere have our failures been more clearly defined than in what we have chosen to allow to happen thru what Bush Jr. called “Homeland Security” or DHS!

Fast-Forward to February 22, 2014

Homeland Security’ was the Bush answer to what happened on 911. Twenty-Two separate government agencies were merged into an Orwellian nightmare, supposedly devoted to protecting all Americans from every danger known to mankind. Aside from the absolute-fact that no nation can ever protect every person from every danger in the world—Homeland Security was in realty created to import the Zionist-terror-state into the American government on American soil.

Homeland Security is the American division of the Israeli Defense Forces. It has been since Michael Chertoff took over as its head.

He is a direct descendent of the founding family of the Mossad. Michael Chertoff deifies Zionist State Brutality, inside the United States.

This was followed by the training of American Police Forces in Israeli military-tactics, in Israel, that are still being used against the Palestinians after 66 criminal-years of occupation. Now we’ve created a quasi-Amerikan-force that has begun this Israeli-War upon the people of the United States: Acting as they have, through DHS, to subjugate the entire population of the old USA.

Ironically the primary force being arrayed against the population here has not been military in nature. The window-dressing has been military and riven with death-threats, but the real damage has been civilian based, operating from an eight decades old attack, called

The Unholy Commandments’

Of Political Correctness

If we cannot think, speak, or act according to our own choices in life, then we cannot resist the takeover by Israel, thru DHS.

Throughout the length of time, between the creation of DHS and our involvement in overseeing all the false-flag operations throughout the Middle East: The world has been subjected to war-after-war waged by USI, Israel, the UN and NATO. Not to make the world safer in any way, but to destabilize as many nations as possible. To mask what’s really happening to Americans; while Israel continues to destroy the last vestiges of this nation, from inside America!

The world watched while Egypt destroyed herself, as nation after nation was swept up in the bloodshed that ended any pretence about any possible “Arab Spring” back in 2011. Building on the chaos we left behind in Afghanistan and Iraq: Together with our new uninvited-partners, the UN and NATO, along with France and other outlaw-states—the world watched while Libya was reduced to embers that are still burning today. Syria has replaced Libya and is scheduled to be one of the next targets to be liquidated. Today marks the addition of Ukraine to the list of nations to be surgically attacked and massively opened to outright and total destruction.

These global-efforts are being directed by Jewish-owned Banks, and the psychopathic megalomaniacs in Israel; in collusion with the Vatican and D.C. which all share one thing in common. Their surgical-military procedures are pursued until the victim-state is decimated, but the dying-state is always left on the global-operating-table with its guts hanging out while it bleeds to death.

That seems only natural, as the current global-war-machine needs to move on to the next target, before the world has time to digest what has actually taken place.

In global-politics worldly prognosticators are fond of referring to “the Chess Board” to describe global-affairs. This might be a clean-way to think about global-strategies but the reality is blood and gore and murder on the floor of the planet. Precision is needed to perform successful surgeries. What’s common to both political wars and medical operations involves the instantaneous use of specific tools: Swat teams, mercenaries, political place-holders and security-forces work for the destabilizing operations of politicians. In both chess and surgery, emotions supposedly have no part at all to play. But in reality passions and human emotions are the key to any real success. This has never been a part of any dictatorial machine.

At this moment the international target-list is long and time is short: Syria, Ukraine, Lebanon, Venezuela, Yemen, Pakistan, and a half dozen other ‘states’ need to “suffer” their own military pre-emptive-military strikes”, while the real and deadly-serious Israeli-attack upon America gets under way; in front of an ignorant world.

What we have now is one of the most surreal of all possible political conditions that American’s have ever experienced. This became possible because Amerikans have refused to face any of the crimes committed against us by Israel, or the still surviving Bolshevik Communists led by, among others, Barack Obama.

This criminal-philosophy was responsible for the deaths of over 60 million prisoners during and after WWII, in Stalinist Russia. That state was our real enemy during that war, but because of the Nazi’s, we chose to fight them and ignore the bigger problem of the communists that were technically fighting with the allies against Germany. That international slight of hand is why most Americans still can’t understand what the hell is really going on in the world today.

Americans still refuse to deal with any of our war criminals, or with their crimes committed against humanity.

However the global Zionists have always gone after everyone who has ever opposed them, especially the Nazi’s that we chose to partner with, at the end of WWII, which included allowing the escape from Berlin by Adolf Hitler and quite a few of his military leadership.

The reasons for this difference should be obvious: The Zionists know that their real enemies will not stop fighting them, so long as they remain alive. That lesson is apparently something that the rest of the planet absolutely refuses to undertake. If we continue to do this, to ourselves, this lapse will end the world as we know it.

The current level of American denial is a psychosis, which if not corrected, will mark the end of this place and of most of those who live here now. There is just no way that any “free-people” could ever live in this police-state for the last thirteen years, without even noticing that we have become slaves to the Zionist-Global-Empire.

Listening to the “normal-people” daily I am both astounded and disgusted to the core about the level of malevolent-denial most exhibit today. People here take for granted the plans they’re obviously making for next month, next year or on into the next ten years, that simply will not happen, unless we act to change this now!

The three percent who own this place might be able to get away with ignoring the Invasion of Israel into the United States—but no one else will. This will not be an invasion where the victims will be able to go to work and then join protests at some barricade, as they go about their everyday lives as though they are still normal.

The price of food, the absence of water, the lack of fuel, will all very soon begin to make an impact that no one will be able to ignore.

BTW there will not be another Super-Bowl, because before football begins this year, those stadiums will become FEMA controlled locations for the round-up of Amerikans that have refused to believe that this is happening now—here inside the United States. It no longer matters whether the football heroes of today are gay, strait or purple because once the Israeli-Invasion of America becomes a fact: Everything that most Amerikans do now will no longer be possible—including living their ridiculously empty lives.

Much has been said about “what will we leave to our children!” The answer is that we have already left them nothing to inherit: Even the children know this—why haven’t parents figured that out yet?

The state will take our children, if we fail to fight the Zionists and their blood-drenched-bankers. This is the real bottom-line beneath what we lost by failing to choose to fight the creatures that have come to kill us all…



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