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Military Insanity

By Jim Kirwan

When the Military, in this country, became aware of the existence of the Van Allen Belt, which surrounds the earth: Their reaction to this phenomena was to fire a nuclear missile into it ­ “to see what happens”.

WASHINGTON (UPI) -- In 1964, a U.S atomic bomb blast in the Van Allen belts surrounding the earth almost permanently ended the U.S. space program, according to retired Gen. Ken Hannegan of the Defense Nuclear Agency. Hannegan spoke recently with United Press International.”

k) What this did do, was to affect the global- weather conditions in the radiation belt for the next 25 years, negatively. This was only one atomic bomb, in 1964: What is at issue now is the potential for a third World War with nuclear weapons worldwide?

“Hannegan acknowledged that during a 1964 test for a new U.S. anti-satellite weapon system, the United States fired an atomic bomb of about 50 KT (or two and a half times the strength of the Nagasaki bomb) in the Van Allen belts -- areas of radiation and charged particles which surround the earth's upper atmosphere and which are held in place by the earth's magnetic field.

According to former Lockheed scientist Maxwell Hunter, who worked on the program, "It was a military idea -- that you might be able to create a weapon by artificially pumping up radiation in the belts by detonating explosions in them and trapping the radiation."”
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This was not the first time that ‘military-science’ was dragged by the nose into endangering the global-security of the entire planet. The first time this occurred, that most are aware of, was in the final days of WWII, in Japan.

During WWII the US war against Japan ended in the following way. By the time that 63 Japanese cites had been firebombed, the war for all intents and purposes was over: Yet the US had decided that we “needed” to do Hiroshima and Nagasaki in order “to find out what would happen” (This is why the world cannot leave our global-future up to military). When we actually dropped those two new types of bombs on Japan, no one knew what would happen. At the time many were concerned that such explosions might ‘set the atmosphere itself on fire’.

When the U.S. strategic-military dropped the bombs, they did it to show the world that we had reached the next level which was nuclear weapons. Once we demolished Hiroshima and Nagasaki the world realized that we alone possessed the most deadly weapons on the planet. The problem then was that no one in government was really certain that this could be done, without setting the global-atmosphere on fire.

March 9th 1945, Operation Meeting House, Tokyo Japan. The US Firebombing of Tokyo. 100,000 civilians burned to death 1,000,000 injured, one million more homeless. 16 square miles destroyed. Five months later, August 6, 1945 Hiroshima. Three days later Nagasaki. Dead Civilians: Hiroshima 135,000. Nagasaki 50,000.

The Firebombing and destruction of towns and villages in Tokyo was so successful it became a core strategy of the U.S. Air Force in every war that followed. In Japan General Le May kept up these incendiary bombing attacks. By the end of WWII, flames had totally or partially consumed 63 Japanese cities, killing half a million people and leaving 8 million homeless.

General Curtis Le May: “I suppose if I had lost the war I would have been tried as a war criminal.”(3)

Today, in the Middle-East the same methodology that fire-bombed Japan and Dresden during WWII is still SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for the nuclear weapons that will potentially be used: If and when either Syria, Iran or any other nation in that region, slips over into a global-exchange of nuclear weaponry. This seems too many to be a nearly suicidal affair, especially if Israel uses their control over U.S. nuclear weapons—to set off the Third World War.

Since the global-controls over the use of these weapons have been in the hands of the world’s most insane megalomaniacs, (Zionist-Israel and USI) since before 911 - the prospects for the survival of billions of people on this planet are now threatened in ways that have never before existed.

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