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Memo To Brain NEVER Vote
Hillary Clinton For President


By Karl Schwarz


A previous article addressed what these Neocons really are, and began to lay the groundwork for this article and the parallel ‘Memo to Brain NEVER Vote Jeb Bush for President’.

You can see that previous detailed article at this link:

From Under What Rock Did The Neocons Emerge?’

America cannot be fixed and head in the right direction until the people wake up and clearly see who and what the Neocons are, and why they are all about totalitarianism, not democracy, freedom or liberty.

Character, honor, ethics and integrity really do matter when it comes to high office and having powers.

I am from Little Rock, Arkansas, former architect and design-building company CEO. I was also involved in the economic development of my home state due to connections I had on Wall Street back when there were honest people still working there. That economic development effort to bring Arkansas up from 49th of the 50 US states necessitated that I work often and closely with what was then the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission, and at times with the Governor’s office on very large or high profile industrial recruitment efforts.

I was in Governor Bill Clinton’s office many times, including once when he was given information of a major crime and he used that to extort political backing from a diehard enemy that had tried for many years to kill Clinton’s political aspirations in Arkansas.

I was also on a private flight I had arranged and watched at dinner while Clinton lost a $600 million OCTG steel tube mill for Arkansas and 1,800 jobs. His actions lost a major investment and new jobs for Arkansas because even during a very important dinner meeting Slick Willie could not refrain from hustling the waitress that was handling our private dinner meeting. The corporate executives did not think it was cute when Clinton gave her his Governor’s business card with his personal telephone number written on the back for her to call.

I was also involved in a major port project as the developer, and head of the design-build company. Clinton went all the way to Pittsburgh and managed to offend the German chairman and CEO of what was then Mobay Chemical. Seems Slick Willie just could not keep his hands off the beautiful German model wife that was about half the age of the Chairman CEO German who was not amused. That petrochemical plant was to be located near and dependent upon the industrial park and slack-water harbor I controlled and so was the OCTG (oil country tubular goods) steel tube mill to have been inside of industrial park and harbor project I controlled.

Another 4,000 jobs down the drain due to ‘Clinton lack of ethics or integrity’, and uncontrollable groping hands. Mobay was created when a Monsanto Bayer alliance was deemed to be a violation of US antitrust laws, and the Germans took over as a major supplier to Detroit automotive companies. Things have changed now since the USA seems to have no problem anymore or even cognizant of what antitrust or monopolization means. Maybe those terms have too many letters and syllables for the Congress Critters to grasp.

It did not take me long to figure out that the Clintons did not major in law in their post-graduate studies due to any high regard they had for ethics, integrity, the US Constitution or the Rule of Law. On the contrary, I became convinced (with hard information to back that up) that the Clinton’s fascination with the law is more on how to be slick criminals and not serve time in prison for their endless misconduct.

The ‘Hillary for President’ campaign is already facing major challenges and might even melt down or have her indicated for her career long efforts to enrich herself at the expense of everyone else. No law is too big of an obstacle to either of the Clintons as to their willingness to be sleazy and break the law. No conflict of interest is too big, or too brazen, or too unethical for them to cross the line every time.

I have met people in my life that would take a legal transaction, intentionally do it illegally just to prove to everyone how smart they are. That sums up the Clintons in one sentence.

This article does not address Hillary’s problems (investigations in progress) regarding Benghazi, or what a pathetic sleazy and arrogant First Lady she was (even stealing items from the White House), or her private emails and server while Secretary of State, where she probably broke the law over and over again. Or the parallel investigation on the Hillary Clinton version of ‘Pay for Play’, and her travel logs while Secretary of State. It also does not address her obvious role in the illegal regime changes in Libya and Ukraine, and the attempted one in Syria.

None of those recent revelations have surprised me in the least.

What I am sharing in this article will establish conclusively that both Slick Willie and Hillary Clinton have engaged in a lifelong ‘pattern of deceit and unethical misconduct’ that can be summed up as a total disregard for the law. Things like character, honor, ethics, integrity, speaking the truth, or abiding by the law just do not compute in the Clinton’s heads. If there is money to pilfer they both chase after it as assuredly as Slick Willie hustles women.

I wish the Wall Street Journal had posted my comments the morning after Slick Willie Clinton defeated the re-election bid of George H. W. Bush in November 1992. I knew Bob Bartley, WSJ editor, and their editorial voice John Fund. It was John Fund that called me for a comment since I was at “Ground Zero” for the Clinton sleaze for much of my professional career.

I asked Fund what the general consensus was the next morning before I would make a statement. I was informed that both moderate and conservative Democrats and the Republicans were shocked and surprised that a blatantly liberal Democrat could so easily hoodwink American voters into thinking Clinton is a Moderate Democrat. After considering what was being said to me, I told John Fund this statement:

If Americans are ‘shocked or surprised’ at Clinton getting into the Oval Office pretending to be what he is not, they are in for a much bigger shock when they figure out Bill Clinton is a liberal socialist that thinks every American should be dependent on Uncle Sam, and Hillary is a Marxist Bolshevist communist that believes America is so wealthy we can make totalitarian communism work here where the USSR failed. They will literally croak when they figure out that White Trash just got elected into the Oval Office.

The only ideological similarities the Clintons have is they both believe in Big Brother and total subjugation of the US population under totalitarianism or serfdom to the Federal Government. Their only difference is in how to package it and cram it down the throats of all Americans, and now thanks to the Neocons grand vision of Global Empire America, the entire world, too.

That is right up Hillary’s alley since the USSR could not pull it off, Hillary is convinced she can as a Faux Neocon.

That is why I said in the previous article linked above that Hillary ‘has to choke, gag and bend herself into a pretzel shape’ when she pretends to be a Neocon. There is absolutely nothing Neoconservative about Hillary Clinton.

The previous article explains why those that share no ideological beliefs with the Neocons other than totalitarianism and serfdom to Big Brother now appear to be Neocons wall-to-wall and both sides of the aisle in Washington DC. There is absolutely nothing Neoconservative, moderate or even caring about other humans when it comes to Hillary Clinton.

Marxist Bolshevism does not ‘sell’ in America, but the mindless drivel debate the Neocons stirred up as to which party can ‘better defend America’ is an easy sell until Americans grow a set of balls, wake up and realize how much they are being lied to.

When Slick Willie and Hillary were attending law school at Yale, another Arkansan was there, too. Cliff Jackson is now a lawyer in Arkansas and has been quoted as saying “When Hillary was at Yale, she was so far to the left… the Left would not talk to her.”

Her entire career as a lawyer at the Rose Law Firm and her actions after that have been very indicative that Hillary Clinton is not a Republican, not a Democrat, not a conservative, and not a moderate. She is a Marxist Bolshevist that thinks she knows everything better than anyone else. She has spent a lifetime bending into pretzel shapes to market herself as something she is not.

Now she tries to package herself as a Neocon warmonger just to get votes. It is window-dressing to conceal what really lurks behind that endlessly arrogant and ‘above the law’ attitude she displays in her actions and her arrogance.

But turn back the clock to get a better feel for what this cretin named Hillary Clinton has done. Read on because you are in for some ‘shocks and surprises’.

In return for the Clintons’ help in carrying Arkansas in the 1976 elections, President Jimmy Carter appointed Hillary Clinton as Chairman of the Legal Services Corporation, or LSC for short. The Legal Services Corporation is a federally funded non-government entity that is supposed to assure that the poor have legal representation in important cases.

The charter of LSC and federal law specifically forbids the use of the funds for ‘political activism’, since the vacancies and key slots are appointed by the President. When Reagan got into office and ordered a full audit of the LSC, it was found that there was around $364 to $365 million missing and in following that trail it was further found that the funds had been used by Hillary Clinton and outside parties for political activism. That was in criminal violation of federal law, and here we have a Yale Bolshevik Marxist Hillary Rodham Clinton willfully violating the law to push her agenda.

Now, brace yourself because you are about to learn is how in Hell did what had every appearance of being complete morons get high level appointments in the Clinton Administration.

Up in Maine, Robert Reich was helping the Penobscot and Passamaquoddy Native American Indian tribes seek the return of much of the land area of Maine to them and the LSC was funding the lawsuit. Of course, Robert Reich served in the Ford and Carter administrations in minor roles and was later appointed as Secretary of Labor in the Clinton Administration. It did not matter that the case was a farce and could not win. Slick Willie and Hillary wanted all of the Native Americans to know that their ‘Democratic Messiah’ had arrived so “Vote for Slick Willie” if he ever gets a shot at the Oval Office.

Jimmy Carter signed a settlement and this is a brief article on that matter:

Up in Wisconsin, Donna Shalala was pushing a long laundry list of Gay and Lesbian Rights lawsuits, also funded by LSC. She of course deserved the slot in the Clinton Cabinet as Secretary of DHHS, the Department of Health & Human Services. Her appointment had a dual use purpose in how the Clintons were intent on getting Big Pharma behind them. More on that follows because it started in Arkansas when Clinton was Governor and our “First Lady of Arkansas” was busily laying the groundwork that wound up ruining the lives of many children… but did turn them into virtual dependents on the politics and policies the Clintons believe in.

First after she was kicked out of LSC, Hillary teams up with Lani Guanier on what became known as the “Crazy Checks Scam”. The gist of the concept was to advise children to act up in the classroom so they can be ‘diagnosed as ADD or ADHD’, put on SSRI drugs or Ritalin, declared “not normal, thus need drugs to control their behavior” and then Mom and/or Dad can get more money from the SSDI, the Social Security Disability Insurance fund.

Some gig, huh? Create an excuse to put millions of children on unnecessary SSRI and Ritalin, line Big Pharma pockets, who in response provided Slick Willie with big money to run for President and turn it into a National Program.

If you are not aware of the Ritalin problem, many children have died and many have impaired brain functions for the rest of their life. What were normal children are now impaired adults that will need SSDI for the rest of their lives because Hillary Clinton could not care less who she runs over or crushes along her path in life.

Of course, in exchange for her help in getting Big Pharma to back the Clintons due to the huge surge in SSRI and Ritalin sales, Clinton tried to appoint the co-conspirator Lani Guanier to be head of the DOJ Civils Rights Division. That was shot down in flames, and out came the Clintons claiming a ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ against them.

One of Guanier’s books is referring to that ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ Hillary and Slick Willie push, but is really just moderates and conservatives that have no desire for the USA to be a socialist or Bolshevik communist state. Or every child force fed unneeded drugs just because the Clintons want that so Big Pharma will back them.

Bear in mind, one of the reasons I was asked to come to DC and help the RNC cope with the agenda of these two cretins and their legions of socialist and communists is I had years of experience in dealing with them in Arkansas.

If you know or do not know, this mostly unnecessary usage of SSRI drugs and Ritalin has caused severe impairment to many children and their brain functions. Many to the point they are now Clinton victims and dependents on SSDI even in adulthood. Even if these impaired people are moderate or conservative, they will vote “D” for Democrat to keep those checks in the mail coming.

I hope you are paying attention because when Hillary Clinton professes about her love and concern for children… she is lying out her ass. It is a strategy to get people hooked on those SSDI checks and then vote Democrat since they are the ones that came up with the scam and the damage done to millions of America’s children.

When Hillary came out with her “It Takes a Village” book, astute and wide awake Arkansans knew that ‘it takes a village to keep Slick Willie off every whore in the world’.

Then down in Florida another effort was launched when Hillary was chairperson of the LSC. Janet Reno was pushing to establish in state and federal courts the legal precedent that ‘gays, alcoholics and drug abusers’ are also ‘disabled persons’, therefore they should be on SSDI, too. Of course, LSC was illegally footing the bill.

It is difficult to reconcile how LSC’s charter as legal services for the poor was turned into political activism that had nothing to do with the poor, until you understand the criminal minds of the Clintons and their strategies to siphon big money regardless of who got hurt along the way.

If you ever wondered how Clinton came up with his Cabinet appointees being ‘the midget Reich, the short, chunky party girl throwing lavish and ridiculously expensive parties Shalala, and a woman named Reno that reminds me of Mr. Magoo as Attorney General, it all started with Hillary as Chairperson of the LSC and trying to plunder the SSDI fund to create as many ‘Democrat Victim Voters’ as they could.

If you do not know this, George W. Bush was not responsible for putting together the Patriot Act. That was started by the Clinton White House and Janet Reno while she was Attorney General of the United States. Slick Willie is the type of politician that former US Senator Dale Bumpers (Dem, Arkansas) described so well. Such politicians watch the parade and then cut across country to get into the front of it to pretend they were leading it all along.

Slick Willie tried to co-opt the Neocons Wolfowitz and PNAC plan but he was sort of tied up with the Kenneth Starr Whitewater investigation, the Monica Lewinsky fiasco, and the Paula Corbin Jones v. William Jefferson Clinton sexual harassment lawsuit. Clinton was forced to settle with Paula Jones, impeached and reprimanded by the US House and then disbarred as an attorney for life for lying under oath in that federal lawsuit. Seems the Arkansas Bar Association and the US District Court judge Susan Webber Wright took exception to an attorney that became President willfully lying under oath.

I was directly involved in assisting the Kenneth Starr investigation and WSJ investigative reporter Micah Morrison, who later wrote the volumes of books ‘Whitewater’ to detail how sleazy and underhanded the Clintons are. My now ex-wife and me we also key witnesses in the Paula Jones lawsuit, along with her ex-boss at the Arkansas State Crime Lab on what Clinton had done to her. It was not just my ex-wife’s word against Clinton; her recollection as a ‘Jane Doe’ in that case was firsthand and backed up by the state employee boss that saw what Clinton did. None should be surprised that the 3 persons in the Arkansas newspaper media and the two Clinton appointees got amnesia about what they saw Clinton do to my wife.

The Crazy Checks Scam does not count as LSC theft of funds (except irreparable damage done to millions of children) because that was after Ronald Reagan had her kicked out at LSC and was going to bring criminal charges against Hillary for malfeasance, misfeasance, misappropriation and theft of funds, not to mention screwing over the poor that were being denied legal services due to ‘no funds left thanks to Hillary’. Hillary and Lani Guanier launched the Crazy Checks scam in Arkansas, then went nationwide with it as the Clintons were planning their move to get into the White House.

Reagan was a true conservative and firmly believed in the rule of law. The problem that bit him in the ass over and over again was having Neocon George H W Bush as Vice President, the CIA’s choice for VP. He had the DOJ preparing a criminal case against ‘Tsaress Hillary the 1st’ but had to change his mind and drop all action to prosecute her and put her in prison where she belongs.


Reagan did not know about Iran-Contra until later when it popped up in the media in 1985 and was a huge scandal in his administration. That was a Neocon Vice President George H W Bush and CIA gig.

Reagan was squared off with Iran and trying to effect change there. He was also focused on getting the US economy turned around and dealing with 21% interest rates. I was right in the middle of that in coming up with ways to do long-term financing as put-able and we were beating the 21% by 600 to 700 basis points, or 6% to 7% lower to 14% to 15%. Since that involved US Treasury bonds that were yielding in the range of 11% to 14%, we had our hands full and I was in Washington DC and New York often on major project finance.

Reagan was also focused on making friends and building trust with the USSR leader Mikhail Gorbachev. It was time to end the threat of nuclear war and MAD (mutually assured destruction).

Bill Clinton knew all about Iran-Contra for multiple reasons. First, the drugs into the USA and the guns going out to Nicaragua were being run through the Mena Arkansas airport with CIA flights. Secondly, the ADFA books had a huge block of US Treasury bonds for which the Arkansas Development & Finance Authority had never purchased. They were just ‘parked’ there and generating a lot of interest income for which no one wanted to disclose why or where such a large amount of money was going. I know it was the financing side of Iran Contra to keep it quiet. I was nominated to be President of ADFA by the director of the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission and declined when I smelled something very fishy going on.

I had seen the inside books at ADFA, and it was Hillary’s Rose Law Firm that was doing most of the legal work for that state development agency.

Third, there were several Arkansas firms covertly involved in Iran Contra, including one owned by the father-in-law of Webb Hubbell. Remember him? The Clintons sold out a life-long friend and let him fall on the sword during the Clinton Administration. Webb Hubble was a Deputy Attorney General under Janet Reno.

I saw Webb Hubbell often because while defending himself his office was less than 1 block from my office in DC. It was apparent by the look on his face he had been knifed in the back by the Clintons. I had seen that look many times in my home state.

Why did Reagan have to back off on bringing criminal charges against Tsaress Hillary?

Simple, the news about Iran Contra was still not in the main stream media until August 1985. The scandal had not become a major issue because it was a CIA and Neocon George H W Bush secret. Clinton literally extorted a sitting US President about making it all public if he brought charges against Hillary. Clinton had the Arkansas State Police and even some in the Arkansas National Guard tracking every movement of Iran Contra through Arkansas, incoming and outgoing.

I sat in Bill Clinton’s office in the spring of 1983 and made sure I took a witness as the former AIDC director. The AIDC director is a cabinet level position in Arkansas government.

I showed detailed information as to how Stephens, Inc. had stolen in the area of $52.4 million from the Arkansas State Teachers Retirement System and the Arkansas Public Employee’s Pension Fund. After Clinton made a phone call to Jackson T. Stephens and informed him the business was being removed from Stephens having anything to do with it, he hung up, lit a cigar and looked at me and the AIDC director and made this comment:

Thanks a lot for making me an accomplice.”

We did not know for sure what Clinton meant by that comment when we left his office, but it did not take me long to figure it out in Washington DC. I had many contacts in Washington DC including a few inside the White House and on Capitol Hill, and inside the RNC where the pressure was brought to bear to ‘save poor Hillary’ from being a convicted felon.

Clinton got kicked out of office after his first term as Governor of Arkansas for a wide variety of reasons, including his Bolshevik Marxist militant ‘political activist’ wife Hillary Rodham that was being very offensive to the conservative Democrats and Republicans in the state. Back then she was refusing to use the Clinton name and went only by Hillary Rodham.

Even her constantly hippy and unkempt appearance was an embarrassment to Arkansans, and back then usually wearing some button about some cause or ‘ist’ or ‘ism’ she was backing or promoting that Southern people found offensive:

Her LSC gig was prior to and during Clinton’s first term as governor but then he was out of office for 2 years due mainly to his conduct and Arkansas having no use for Hillary and her political activism.

One of the political powerhouses in Arkansas is Stephens, Inc., and while still alive the two brothers Witt and Jack Stephens were a force to be contended with when running for political office. They could not stand the Clintons. I had lunch with Witt Stephens once in their private dining room and his remark was accurate that the Clintons were ‘trailer trash trying to become important people’.

Stephens backed Republican Frank White for governor and he won and forced Clinton out for 2 years. White only served one term from 1981-1983. When we were in Clinton’s office was early 1983 after he had gotten back into office. It was when Clinton was out of office and a New York pension fund management company and I found out about the missing funds in the pension funds. (After Frank White was defeated he was given a cushy marketing job at Stephens, Inc.)

On the night that Frank White lost and Clinton got back into the Governor’s Office, a close friend and hunting buddy (also Public Service Commissioner of Arkansas that regulated the utilities), the head of the Arkansas Republican Party and two from the RNC in Washington DC asked me to consider running and eliminating Clinton. That was a ‘blank check’ offer from RNC. I thought about it and declined for personal and professional reasons, and as I told them ‘I prefer to take only one shower a day’. I knew any political match against Clinton would be dirty just to beat him with the truth and integrity.

The RNC wanted me to run because my name recognition and approval rating just as a businessman and what I was doing to make things better in Arkansas eclipsed Clinton.

This was also during the period of time that Ronald Reagan had Attorney General Ed Meese preparing criminal charges against Hillary Rodham Clinton. Reagan had already had the FBI and DOJ clean out the LSC records and start tracing where all of that misappropriated money went. They were also preparing a criminal indictment of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

When Ronald Reagan came along I converted from Conservative Southern Democrat to Republican, and much to my surprise and most Arkansans so did Jack Stephens. He was recruited by Ronald Reagan and RNC Finance to join Team 100. That is not a group of 100; it is a designation that $100,000 is the minimum political donation but many were giving millions each year or each election cycle.

What I had unwittingly done was give Clinton the information to extort a political adversary into being an obedient political donor to the Clintons and their aspirations for the Governor’s Mansion and the White House. I have always considered that effort to help the State Teachers and Public Employee’s pension funds as one of those ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ moments in my life.

Pressures were put on RNC through Jack Stephens and Reagan to drop any and all actions to indict, prosecute and incarcerate Hillary Clinton to put an end to her total disregard for the rule of law and theft of any funds she can get her sticky fingers latched on to. The pressure being that Bill Clinton was going to blow the lid off regarding Iran Contra long before it even became publicly known.

When Clinton did make it to the White House, one of the names that was floated as possible Secretary of the Treasury was Jackson Stephens. However, there was so much dirt on him they had to withdraw his name from consideration. The RNC already knew about the theft of the pension fund money that Clinton used to extort and blackmail Stephens into being an easy donor rather than be someone out to ruin Bill Clinton.

If you look back in history, when the Clinton campaign ran out of money and needed to focus hard on the New York primaries, it was Jack Stephens and the Worthen Bank he controlled that loaned Clinton $2.4 million and move ahead. His former political adversary was converted into an obedient political donor, and I had given Clinton the information to accomplish that.

The AIDC director and I expected the highest office holder in the state to prosecute and get the funds back, but Clinton chose to extort and blackmail. That is what he meant by his offhand comment in the Governor’s Office about making him ‘an accomplice’.

Clinton claimed he had never done cocaine. That is yet another Clinton lie. His cocaine-trafficking friend Dan Lassiter (convicted and sent to prison) had many parties that I was invited to and left early. I have seen Clinton snorting cocaine and chasing the young girls that had been lined up for the party as ‘sex playthings’, but of course Hillary was not invited to those parties.

If you are old enough to remember when the debates were held between Clinton and George H W Bush in 1992, do you remember how Clinton was attacking and attacking? Even being taunting, rude and arrogant to a sitting US President?

The Republicans were pulling their hair out as to why Bush was just sitting there on national TV and taking the abuse.

Why did Bush have little or no choice?

Clinton also knew that Iran Contra was a Neocon Bush and CIA gig, and was daring him to fight back. Had Bush done so Clinton was going to air it out in the televised presidential debates of how it was Bush behind the Iran Contra scandal; not President Ronald Reagan.

First Clinton bullied Reagan through the RNC to not press criminal charges against Hillary and then bullied the next US president with his own dirty laundry about Iran Contra.

One of the most notorious names in the Iran Contra scandal was not Colonel Oliver North, or the CIA pilot Barry Shields, or former CIA pilot Terry Reed that wrote the book on how Arkansas was involved.

One of the most notorious names involved in Iran Contra was who was running the CIA Death Squads in Nicaragua. If you go back to the first link and grasp what the Neocons are, and then read “Memo to Brain NEVER Vote Jeb Bush for President’ you will find that notorious name as one of Jeb Bush’s advisors.

John Negroponte, former US Ambassador to Honduras where the CIA was waging a bloody war against the Sandinista rebels in Nicaragua next door until the US Congress and Reagan got involved and shut them down. It was from Honduras that the US Iran Contra team and the CIA were waging a covert war against Nicaragua, and my home state was directly involved in the outgoing weapons and the incoming drugs.

Sadly, back then we still had Senators and House representatives that were not Neocons (or gutless wonders) and they would stand up for what is right. Now America has not one leader that will grow a set of balls and kick the Neocons out.

I am not aware of even one time any member of the Neocon Bush Family has ever done that or ever done the right thing.

Neither have either of the Clintons ever done the right thing. I know the Clintons by sight, deed and due to business dealings at high levels. I have yet to see either one of them ever do the right thing.

When a person shows nothing but a lifelong attitude of scofflaw, arrogance, no regard for the rule of law and at times just outright criminal conduct… that is not “Presidential Timber” to lead a nation. That is a disaster waiting to happen for America if such people are allowed into the seat of power.

The math is not difficult. Anyone who constantly displays a lack of character, disregard for ethics, integrity or truthfulness, and a total disdain for the rule of law and obeying the law is not a candidate; such a person is a criminal.

America needs real leadership, not a candidate for a prison cell and has deserved one more than once in her career. Hillary Clinton is not worthy of being President of the United States.


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