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Mechanisms Of Conquest

By Jim Kirwan

Continuing the 13 pages from Part One.

Except in the District of Columbia where no restriction on exclusive power of Legislation appears, the Constitution twice bars unapportioned “direct taxes”15 On July 13, and August 6, 1861, Congress enacted the “First Confiscation Act” as a wartime measure directed toward persons and property in the rebel states, and toward traders doing business with them. On June 7, 1862, as a wartime measure Congress enacted direct taxes to apply in insurrectionary districts throughout the United States. 16 These Confiscation Acts have not been repealed. In 1871, Congress created a “New Government” for the District of Columbia. A Government that during the New Deal, would assume the role of a separate nation on the world stage prior to

World War II, and in that guise make wartime enemies 17 of all Americans in the several states.

In 1913, “Foreign Credit Organizations”18 now the Federal Reserve Banking System, were given the Treasury of the United States, its personnel and facilities. All of which ceased to exist by 1921. The foreign bankers together with others, devised a plan intended to capture the entire wealth of all Americans. This was to be accomplished by taxation, confiscation, or whatever means necessary to pay the “debts” of the United States, meaning those accumulated by Congress.

The Sixteenth amendment was intended to accomplish that revision to fundamental law. It failed.19 Determined not to be defeated again by judicial rebuke of their intentions, the foreign bankers and their political allies stepped outside the Constitution and into International Law, using the income tax enacted as a wartime measure as part of the “Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917”20

k) Is this why so much of what has NOT gone before the Supreme Court today ­ especially from Bush Jr. forward, has still not been reviewed or ruled-on by the U.S. Supreme Court?

~ United States Compiled Statutes Annotated, Supplement 1917, or the Compiled Statutes of 1913, which underpin the entire scheme, were never widely available [and] do not appear among the currently published United States Statutes at large and are not available from the private archivist HeinOnline®. Actions of the President in his role as Commander in Chief of the military, or by the Congress in legislating for wartime emergencies are beyond the reach of the judicial branch by Constitutional Command…

The Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 dealt exclusively with prize captures and court jurisdictions of alien enemy property or its business income in the United States, and with prosecution of wars abroad.”

k) Is this why both USA Patriot Acts were written and enforced because both primarily deal with monies received in the context of “enemies of the United States”?

“…Enemies of the United States include all the people in any district that was in insurrection against the United States in the Southern rebellion, except insofar as by the actions of the Government itself, that relation may have changed.” 22 No known reason exists to suppose the same is not also true today, and early case law prohibits any such exemption.

Forfeitures incurred under the first confiscation act of 1861 ~ making commercial intercourse between citizens in the states in insurrection—(a crime)—may be enforced after cessation of hostilities! ~ Actual hostility is not a prerequisite to confiscation; merely a state of war.”

k) Remember how many times both Bush & Obama have ‘mentioned’ that “afterall We are at War” or “a state of war exists” Is this a clue as to how this government is still trying to spin the way the laws were written, from the time of the Civil War, in order to favor their continuing takeover of the nation now?

After failure of the Sixteenth amendment to lay an unappropriated direct tax on Americans, on February 10, 1939, the Congress of the United States repealed all permanent and temporary laws extant in the United States and relevant to any domestic income tax saving only the prosecution and punishments which might have been pursued had the repeal not been enacted. The present Internal Revenue Code, Vol. 68A. U.S. Statutes at Large, 1954 was derived almost entirely from the repealed 1939 code and was reproduced in the code but does not contain an enacting clause. 23 The Trading with the Enemy Act does.

On March 9, 1933, ~ Congress amended Subdivision (b) of the Act of October 6, 1917 ~ to give the president “in time of war or any other national emergency” extrodinary power…

In 1976, Congress repealed all emergency legislation saving only that one little piece ­ Section (b) of the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917. 25 In other words, the 1976 reexamination of Emergency Presidential power resulted in no changes to that status. The District of Columbia is still today, in 2013, prosecuting a war against all Americans.

In 1935, Congress enacted an enemy registration act, disguised under the name of The Social Security Act of 1935, which on its face provides: To provide for the general welfare by establishing a system of Federal old-age [Public, No 271] benefits, and by enabling the several States to make more adequate provisions for aged persons, blind persons, dependent and crippled children, maternal and child welfare, public health, and the administration of their unemployment compensation laws; to establish a Social Security Board; to raise revenue; and for other purposes. The general welfare clause is exclusively a wartime power…

No doubt should remain concerning the “other purposes” concealed by the language used in the Social Security Act. It was clearly intended to provide unique individual identity for each member of a captured enemy population, as a means of providing unlimited Federal access to and control over every aspect of their lives and property. Today hospitals are required to number the enemy infants before leaving the birth facility, or at the latest before entering a public school. If all this fails, they will be denied an opportunity to work in the land of their birth, as a war measure.

k) Many might remember that it was America’s “IBM” in the 1930’s that provided the Nazi war machine the ability to count their captives. That gave rise to the now infamous holocaust-tattoos that the Nazi’s created for every prisoner they took into captivity, of every race color or creed. This is the same function which the Social-Security Card number furnishes all US citizens with today ­ the only difference is that it’s not yet being tattooed upon our arms.

Thanks to the rearrangement of the original laws of this country, all Americans are clearly now the enemies of the “states” which inhabit Washington D.C., The City of London, Jerusalem and the Vatican. This is not conspiracy-theory, it’s conspiracy FACT.


We begin by reading case law: “The sovereign power of the District of Columbia is lodged in the government of the United States, and not in the corporation of the District.”~ Let that thought sink in for a moment. The sovereignty vested in a national government by the American people at the nation’s founding has nothing whatever to do with what goes on in the District, and they expressly have no constitutionally derived influence over it. The Government of the United States is sovereign there, not the People of the United States!

Comprehending the heretofore considered consequences of this established legal fact is part of our task. In the post-war period of 1871, congress created a “New Government for the District of Columbia.” ­ one which would later, after the 16th amendments failure to authorize direct taxes, assume power as a conquering Government under International Law. International Law is above the Constitution. 27 End of Page 5


President Abraham Lincoln, acting as Commander in Chief, prosecuted the war against the insurrectionary states while acting in the name of the United States, and using powers given the government of the United States in the District of Columbia by the Constitution. Few indeed today, recognize the sources and extent of those powers.

End of Part Two quoted from the 13 page letter



The effects of real world disasters have a way of forcing themselves into the everyday world that we’re all trying to live in today. What the public has totally forgotten is that the criminal-past of this nation, as it relates to the outlaws that govern over what used to be the USA, is no different from what has happened to many people since Fukushima forced its way into the headlines three years ago.

When the public figures out what was stolen from the People in the United States over these last hundred years ­ that backlash will bury the outlaws and their co-conspirators: If and when ordinary people come to grips with exactly how this massive crime was created to permanently capture the people of the United States as “ENEMIES” of the same United States they thought they were living in since they were born…

This story is just being released. (1)

But how long will it be before “The current PLAGUE MEGA PLUME, which is only 140 miles off CA and the west coast, with extremely high DEATH TOLL on the sea floor. I expect all higher levels of animals to perish and scavenger species as well. But we have seen even WORSE as invertebrates are DISINTEGRATING in TIDE POOLS already!”

This is part of the one-two punch left over from Fukushima ­ and when that’s added to what’s happened to the Constitution & the literal control over this nation ­ a “collapse” will be the least of our problems…

1) USS Ronald Reagan sailors suffering radiation illness - Sub Pinksapphiret2



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