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Martial Law Seeks Greater ‘Permission’


By Jim Kirwan


Operation Jade Helm has expanded to include 10 states which

Makes this a Coast to Coast Martial Law ‘Exercise’.

In Florida this will supposedly end on 9-11-15

This fact tips the hand of the creators that this is a false-flag drill

That will no doubt go live.

This is an update, advising the public that

Military night drops of troops will be involved in this 8 week long “exercise”.


Of course there is always a lot of hype involved in whatever the traitors in this fake government try to do. That’s a given. However in this case there are a number of blatantly illegal circumstances, directly involved at the core of this entire charade.

The first problem is that uniformed and armed-military are not allowed to ‘participate’ in conversations about political matters, with unarmed civilians, especially not inside the United States. The fact of being a part of the U.S. Military precludes US troops from intruding into the lives or political views of US citizens. That would seem to put the supposed purpose for this “drill” completely beyond the claimed purview for the need to hold this “exercise”: It is rumored that DHS will also participate, and if that’s true those creatures definitely do not have the right to question the public, under false pretenses.

Even many of the counties and cities have already been privatized, and should not be able to use the cover of law to question the public about matters that are none of their business. The reasons are clear, when an armed individual is “asking” people about their beliefs, that’s a preparatory move designed to elicit private information from private citizens and that is not the business of occupying troops.

To interact with the population, at home, at work, on the roads or on public transportation, not to mention having armed military troops drop into our homes our workplaces or into the public commons, day or night: To question civilians about their lives, or their loyalties is flat out illegal.

This nation is not at war with this government ­ yet.

This exercise will include military disguised in civilian clothes and actors playing roles. These troops have no problem trying to hide who they really are from the public whose co-operation they say they want to acquire. The troops are going to lie while they expect the public to be truthful with them: Probably under threat of confinement or worse. Therefore these forms of interrogation are not permissible unless the public being questioned are armed with their own loaded weapons. So that these “questions” can be answered with the force that may be needed, if circumstances become ugly.

This situation already occurred at the Bundy Ranch, in Nevada, when various militia volunteers came to the aid of the rancher, to deter the blatantly aggressive military and enforcement personnel from creating this exact same situation at that time in Nevada. The feds backed off once they knew that the people they were there to intimidate were armed and ready to respond if weapons were going to be used. In part this is a callous re-run of that failed effort, greatly expanded. This is being billed as an effort to “train troops” about how to interact with the civilian population of this blatantly targeted nation which they are about to attack.

Originally there was a single “US Army Division” that was given to the UN to insure their takedown of the U.S.A. using AGENDA 21, as the basis: But all that has been upgraded now. The map above was created to outline military control over the United States at that time. The above divisions did away with the states and divided the nation along the same lines as the areas of the Federal Reserve Banks. According to this, parts of three sectors IX, VI and IV will be involved in this “exercise” so far. But with just over three months to go before it begins, we might see the addition of a lot more sectors, before this criminal imposition starts. The map above of has been superseded, by an entirely new “COMMAND” that’s been created just to deal with us.

The current military operation is being headed up by The United States Special Operations Command: http://www.socom.mil/default.aspx which has obviously intensified the level of military force, as well as the reach required, that will be used against Americans, by these seasoned troops. The only real and still unanswered question is whether or not these ‘troops’ will fire on unarmed US citizens.

As this “exercise” is still months away, some are speculating that by the time it begins there might be some real trouble with the value of the dollar: Could this be part of the reason for the dribbling out of this announcement ­ supposedly to first “ask Permission” of the current directors of the population - before the military begins to swoop down on the American public in the dead of night!

It’s one thing to do what they’re doing now. By the time Operation Jade Helm arrives this nation might be ready willing and able to defend themselves against this: Which will make all this dancing around the topic meaningless ­ if the public by that time, has decided to openly carry their own legal weapons, for self-defense.

Think about how many lies this government has already told this nation and the world, since the beginning of this nightmare. Has the government ever told the truth about anything they’ve done to any of us? There are people out there saying “Don’t worry about this” ­ yet no one tells us why we should not worry. Only a fool would not pay close attention to virtually each and every thing they do about anything that ends with


If you don’t have open-carry now, make it part of your life and begin to use it from July 15 on: Because this “operation” could easily have been called - just to disarm the nation…



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