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REAL Models Showing Ocean
Radiation To Hit West Coast



The following video is a China-South Korean scientific model which shows exactly what we are facing. However, the video seems to show the radiation flowing into the ocean but ending not long after the 3-11-11 calamity. This is grim news because this model projection, as bad as it is, literally does not take into account the 400 tons a day of deadly radioactive water that has been flowing into the Pacific for the 2 and 1/2 YEARS SINCE this model was created. Think of how much higher the concentrations are TODAY. Keep in mind there is NO WAY to stop the radiation flow into the ocean which could continue for decades.

The '400 tons' a day is also another TEPCO guess...the real amount could be double or triple that amount. Furthermore, the concentration of radionuclides in the ocean will continue to intensify and the bioaccumulation in all sea life will be endless...and could result in a massive extinction of the food chain and most all sea life in the North Pacific in just a few years. Some feel that very extinction process is well underway already. Please keep the above in mind as you watch this video...

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And Finally, Another Projection To Consider....


Models Of Radioactive Pacific Ocean Water From Fukushima About To Hit The West Coast

Impact strength of Cs-137 in year 4 (Han G J, et al. 2013)



Model produced by governments of Korea and China


Top: 200 meters; Bottom: 50 meters, variable depth (Z. Lai et al.)


Model produced by governments of Korea and China


Subsurface concentration of Cs-137 (Bq/m3) at 150–250m (Rossi et al 2013)


Below Is The AIRBORNE Radiation Model Showing
How The US And Canada Were Completely Covered With Radioactivity At
Varying Concentrations Within Days Of The Fukushima Disaster

This is NOT a radiation spreading is a model of the TSUNAMI wave heights.
Many have pushed it as showing radiation in the Pacific. It does not.



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