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Why Manufactured FEAR Is Required


By Ted Twietmeyer

No matter where you look in the world today, terrible things are happening like never before. Some of the school-killings are drug-induced. A lengthy list of drug-induced killings around the world exists from 1988 to 2011 can be seen at SSRI school killings/suicides. Media never talks about numerous killers known to be on prescribed psychotropic medicines under a doctor's care. In countries like Japan students have used swords to kill other students.

Imagine what happens to a mechanic who intentionally leaves wheel nuts loose on a vehicle after installing new tires, knowing this can kill the occupants. When they are killed and perhaps others in nearby vehicles, investigators quickly figure this out and he can be charged with manslaughter.

Doctors however, are shielded from the law whenever they prescribe psychotropic drugs. Nothing happens to them if they create a killer. Drug companies factor in the cost of lawsuits down the road before a drug even goes to market, even with a drug which should never have been on the market in the first place. They only care about profits, not human life. Conclusion: Ordinary citizens have no right to intentionally take human life, but big corporations and government do.

Fear is like a communicable disease. Once fear takes root it spreads quickly like a cold virus, when gullible people buy into the promoted main-stream stories. Cities everywhere are experiencing sharp increases in crime. For the first time in US history, a TV reporter and her cameraman were gunned down by another TV reporter. He had a history of begin fired from broadcasting jobs and frequently accused co-workers of racism. We have city riots which start over the slightest hint of racism. But when black people outwardly hate white people, that's considered acceptable. Social media has made it simple to gather hundreds to thousands of people in one place on short notice to start a rave, protest or riot.

Social media is another big lie. The popular story how Facebook was started by two college dropouts, has a strong similarity to Apple's story of starting out in a California garage. Apple was able to start this way, but not Facebook. It requires millions of dollars of servers up front to create a server farm to start a huge service like Facebook. Not to mention a paying whopping monthly electric bill. Dropouts cannot even begin to afford this.

But government has deep pockets. A few years ago it came out government funded Facebook. Why not? What better way to collect intelligence on everyone than to make them to give it freely? One has to admit the concept was brilliant. This is a double-edged sword, allowing the government to quietly manipulate people as well.

Defense industry sales were dropping until 2001; the US government had practically everything they needed to support the armed forces. Creating a reason for war results in a massive procurement for everything from aircraft to tanks. It takes several years to plan and procure for any war. Defense contractors know war is coming years in advance but are not allowed to talk about it.

We tend to think of ammo, missiles and bombs as disposable items. But in reality even a $30 million dollar tank or a $2 billion aircraft are disposable if trashed for a good reason. War creates billions of dollars in new revenue for defense industries. Somewhere a CEO of a large defense corporation is out on his two million dollar yacht sipping a mixed drink, while laughing at taxpayers during a party for 30 of his closest friends.

Several years ago, the pentagon announced they were increasing the special forces by more than 20,000 personnel. Of course, nothing was said about WHY all these new personnel were needed. That's a secret of course.

Remember the color-coded threat level charts? These were discontinued several years ago. No in the media dared to asked why, considering the new endless terror groups in the world that keep popping up. It is obvious there can only be one reason why the chart was discontinued - it did not achieve the fear-factor required.

We see endless media coverage every week of fearless "new" enemies to America with covered their faces. Why? They claim to be fearless and just can't wait to die. So why don't they just blow themselves up and do the world a favor? Perhaps some of these new enemies have embedded facilitators who are American. TV media has shown some of these masked men are "terrorists" who just happen to have British accents.

There is now more fear being created world-wide than ever before. Fear is the key to opening the door to justify  increased control and loss of freedom. Without creating more fear and new enemies, there is no justification for increasing defense purchases, stealing freedoms, creating stricter laws or increasing surveillance.

Manufactured fear is the key to almost everything happening around us.

Ted Twietmeyer


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