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The Mammoth In The Dark

By Jim Kirwan


Rwanda Genocide -

The Mammoth differs from the proverbial-Elephant

In the Living Room

Because this nightmare is here,

Just waiting to rampage through the darkness,

to put a forever-end to tawdry civilizations!

For the last five years I’ve been wrestling with ways to deal with what happened in Rwanda, designed by the West in 1994. Can we be prevented from having an American re-run inside the Gangster States of Amerika of what happened in either Cambodia or Rwanda?

Anyone who has studied the aftermath of any genocide has to have noticed that human-skulls are just the color of human bones. Nothing else stands out by way of any supposed-difference, once you’re dead. The same will be true here, if these atrocities actually begin in this nation or any other…

Obama did his best to try and start a race-war here, over the Tryvon Martin - George Zimmerman case. From the bizarre all female tiny jury to his self-serving press conferences coupled with psy-ops press releases running on the media. All of which was blatantly done to inflame racial hatreds. Obama was less than successful. But the entire issue is still simmering and in need of sanity. The same kind of slaughter is being advocated against Jews in this country for what the Zionists have done to Amerika and the world. But whatever the case, once any blood-bath is begun: That kind of rage can only destroy whatever is left of society, wherever this happens.


The Burning Flag of All Nations

The single star is for every color of humanity on earth

We are being targeted to burn separately as individuals

But in reality the Zionists want us all dead!

I get hate-mail routinely from some of the most gutless cowards on the planet. They are consumed with frustration & hate; coupled with their own fears which seem to haunt their every waking moment.

Most of them seem to think that all anyone should do is to grab an M-80 and become RAMBO. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the first place that’s exactly what the government’s hoping that frustrated Americans will do—which is why I tend to believe that those nut-jobs who write to me are in actuality government or Mossad operatives, at the very least.

Moreover: These bottom-feeding scum will not be content until the streets of this Gangster-State runs red with blood and the skylines of every city here are all on fire. To them this is some kind of macho demonstration of man-hood ­ that could some-how vindicate their childish fantasies. One of them decided that I’m “a coward.” To him, it needs to be said that I didn’t get to be this old because I was afraid. I’m not bullet-proof nor do I posses any super-human strength. I think that all of us can use what we know to avoid laying waste to the entire planet. That would seem to be a pre-condition for anything that the people of this country decide to try and do.

Becoming a fantasy RAMBO, will not only not accomplish anything ­ the life-expectancy of those who attempt it will be very short. Creating the methods to accomplish what needs to be done is what is required; given how much we already know about the past.

Yesterday I wrote about Henry Kissinger and his memoirs which are under lock & key in Congress: Until five years after his death. But that special information trove is not confined to Henry Kissinger. GWH Bush also has memoirs, along with GW Bush, probably Bill Clinton and numerous other criminals that have pretended to serve this country. That information was created while these traitors in theory worked for us, we paid them! The papers thus generated belong to the public! The people who did the deeds under the guise of government figures must pay for their crimes with their lives if necessary: Because they cannot be protected while committing TREASON during a time of war, or from OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE by refusing to release the documents which belong to the public. (1)

Henry Kissinger owns Kissinger Associates. After his affiliation with the assassination of the legally elected leader of Chile on September 11, 1973, Kissinger began to look for private-protections to continue to peddle his criminal operations. That corruption is something that other criminals can buy into, to enrich their own bottom lines by paying for the benefit of Kissinger’s hugely-long and grimly-successful criminal-practices. Why should these outlaws who have supposedly worked for this government be allowed to become trillionaires through CRIME, while the rest of us have no protection from them, or from the criminal U.S. Government?

The Congress holds the secret-papers of many of our most notorious criminals. Our laws along with the U.S. Constitution have been by-passed. So why should Congress be allowed to honor their pledge to keep the criminal-secrets of our most vehement OUTLAWS from the public they so delighted in savaging since the 1950’s?

The reason for Congressional protection of these documents, initially, was supposedly to protect the government from having to deal with the crimes they will reveal. The sub-text behind this came down to:

The documents might unfavorably or directly affect the nation—the National Security or the sovereignty of American Foreign Policy.’

Unmentioned in the excuse might also be because the public might burn the corpses of those who did what they wanted kept secret. However in these cases we are talking about major-criminals that are alive today. So when that information is made public then the public might well demand the death-penalty for any that are still alive—because of the severity of the crimes they have committed in many cases—for most of their “natural” lives! Of course, congress might want the records kept secret because of what they will reveal about members of the Congress for their part in these crimes against the nation and the world!

In any case the nation has the documents and has had them since they were sealed by congress. We need not bother with the Criminal-Supreme-Court at all. Why not demand that the congress just OPEN THE SEALED PAPERS?

The criminality that’s about to unfold on or about September 1, 2013 regarding the financial nightmare: Will be smashed if the entire credibility of the US Government is nothing but one giant ongoing treason against the people of this nation and the world. To implement an end to this financial cluster-fuk, all that’s needed is a RICO action against the main players all the way through this totally illegal theft. (2)

Indeed everything could come to a halt including our current plans to reinsert ourselves into yet another country in the Middle-East.

The same people that have the secret-papers are the ones who sold themselves and the nation to Israel—wholesale and frequently. Once the public knows the truth written by those who did these crimes ­ then the nightmare is on the way to reaching a real solution, without a national or a global bloodbath?


Regardless of your guilt now—you must


or have that refusal added to your own crimes.

1) The Gangster State

2) The Confidential Memo at the Heart of the Financial Crisis



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