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Malaysian Air Probes Are Led By
Perpetrators Of The Lockerbie Cover-up

By Yoichi Shimatsu

“Massive explosive decompression” is how a Ukraine defense spokesman described the midair destruction of Malaysian Airlines flight 17. The three words, leaked through military liaison, are based on flight-recorder analysis being conducted at the official inquiry office at TAG London Farnborough Airport in Hampshire, south of the British capital.

Adding scandal to a double tragedy, the official investigations into both the midair destruction of MH17 and the MH-370 disappearance are being led by the same team that perpetrated the cover-up of the PanAm 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland. Cloaked in secrecy, the Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) is an agency of the UK Transport Ministry, which was created by Royal Army and reputedly connected with the MI-6 spy service, the Crown and the House of Rothschild.

The current chief investigator, Keith Conradi, is an appointee of former Transport Minister Andrew Adonis, an orphan who rose though the ranks of Labour as a protege of Evelyn de Rothschild and his political operative Peter Mandelson. Sir Evelyn has a key role in the dynastic fortune as honorary chairman at the NM Rothschild & Sons, an investment bank in the City of London. The Rothschild fingerprints on both Malaysian Air incidents are too extensive to be mere coincidence but are instead indicative of a pattern related to their geopolitical objectives of upgrading Israeli military technology and extending control over banking and energy resources, especially in target countries Russia and Iran.

The Rothschilds have a financial relationship with the KLM group, the dominant carrier at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airportl. Schiphol was the point of departure for MH17 on the fateful day of July 17. Whatever blew apart that Boeing-777, causing a “explosive” decompression massive enough to split the plane into three sections, had passed through or around bomb detectors and loaded into the cargo hold on that morning. Security at Schiphol is run by ICTS, an Israeli-owned company founded by members of the Shin Beit spy agency.

Notably, the Jewish financial group possesses no shares in MAS, operator of Malaysian Airlines, while Malaysia’s visa policy forbids entry by Israelis, eliminating any prospect of liability or moral qualms for the Rothschild elders. It is simply business as usual.

A review of forensic evidence, ballistics and relevant political-economic motives, presented below, will focus analysis on the puncture holes, which are treated in the news media as evidence of a missile shoot-down.

An Air-tight Case?

The 1988 PanAm crash offers insight into the political role of the AAIB, whose chief forensic investigators at the time were suborned from a British military explosives lab. Thomas Hayes and Allen Feraday “discovered” a tiny piece from a timing device allegedly possessed only by Libya. On the sole basis of that convenient bit of late-coming “evidence”, the entire blame was cast on Moammar Gadhafi’s regime rather than on the likelier suspects among CIA factions providing funds and weapons to terrorists in Beirut. At a subsequent inquiry panel, the absent-minded Hayes and Feraday failed to recall the key details of their own probe.

Misdirection and politicization continue in the MH370 case with AAIB promoting the arbitrary, nearly whimsical Immarsat projection of a crash into the southern Indian Ocean southeast of Perth, Western Australia. The AAIB simply ignored traceable mobile-phone evidence from Diego Garcia Island, which reported a hijacking by “unidentified military personnel.” That US airbase south of the Maldives is routinely used by both British and Israeli military forces and their spy agencies for operations in Afghanistan and Iran. On the map of the Indian Ocean, the AAIB probe points south into a dead zone of fruitless searching and not westward toward Diego Garcia, the Red Sea and Israel.

In a perversion of justice, British law disallows witnesses and expert testimony outside the Air Accident Branch’s investigation. Under the High Court decision in 2013, an AAIB report is the final verdict in an air crash, even if compelling evidence to the contrary happens to surface. This institutional bias led Belgian stunt pilot Tony DeBruyn, whose testimony on his airshow crash was dismissed, to criticize the Branch for its "errors, omissions and is in generally biased on common beliefs and 'pet' subjects, which prevail within the AAIB and do not have anything to do with this accident."

Explosive Decompression

While AAIB has yet to complete and release its MH17 forensic report, a leak was artfully arranged through the Ukraine National Security and Defense Council, whose spokesman Col. Andriy Lysenko said that MH17 flight recorders showed a “massive explosive decompression.” At that press briefing on July 27, the colonel suggested that the crash cause was shrapnel damage from a missile. Whether AAIB actually attributes the shrapnel to a Buk-class SAM-11 ground-to-air missile or the Ukrainian colonel spoke on presumption has yet to clarified by the London-based investigators.

Punctures in the fore (front) section of the Boeing-777 were photographed and published in The New York Times in its July 21 report by stringer Noah Sneider and reporter Sabrina Tavernise, both Americans. Ballistic analysis was provided in that article by IHS Jane’s expert Reed Foster, who stated the relatively even diameters of the smaller holes are indicative of high-velocity projectiles, which he attributed to anti-aircraft shrapnel.

What to make of this claim? First, precaution is advised before making a good-faith assumption that the Lysenko leak is authoritative or that the physical evidence was not fabricated by Hollywood-type prop makers or a Photoshop whiz. Even when taking these articles at face value, the investigative journalist should be aware that official leaks are often intended to steer public opinion into a rush to judgment, in this case against the rebels in the Donetsk region. Assertions should be treated as opinions, when all the evidence is yet to be reviewed. Even an honest forensic expert can come to a faulty conclusion by neglecting other possible causes.

Holes in the Story

An explosive decompression is an unplanned and sudden drop of air pressure inside a sealed environment, including aircraft cabins, at a speed so rapid that the lungs cannot properly exhale, typically in less than 0.1 to half a second. Lung trauma is high. Objects are flung by the explosive force of air escape, likened to a bomb blast.

The widely publicized scenario is that pellets from the warhead of a Buk surface-to-air missile, that struck only the fore section (forward, cockpit), caused the cabin decompression. That theory fails to explain why the Boeing-777 broke apart midair into three pieces - cockpit, passenger cabin and aft (rear, tail). Loss of internal air pressure cannot rupture the lengthwise and circular steel ribs of a jumbo jet.

The puncture holes, shown in the NY Times collection, are concentrated on the port (left) side of the fore section, the cockpit. Many of the holes are close together, at a distance of mere inches. The relatively small area of close-together puncture marks is entirely inconsistent with the ballistic pattern of a midair shrapnel blast. Something else must have made those holes.

A rising anti-aircraft missile approaches an incoming plane from below. Its warhead is triggered by a radar-guided proximity fuse at a distance of about 300 feet below and in front of the target. Steel balls, similar to ball bearings, are blasted out in a moving pattern shaped like an expanding cone. The plane flies into this circle of small projectiles, which penetrate the underside along the entire length of the plane.

While the crew and passengers of a large aircraft could theoretically survive the immediate impact if the pellets fail to penetrate past the cargo hold fill of baggage and the forward landing gear, and if emergency oxygen masks are released. The jet engines, fuel tank and steering system, however, would be disabled, causing a fatal air crash. Again, the underside was not damaged by shrapnel, the cargo remained intact, and the passenger cabin shows no punctures.

This scatter-shot event occurred quickly, in less than a second:

- MH17 is flying at about 500 mph, or 700 feet per second.

- A Buk Sam-11 rocket rises at Mach 6 or about 4,600 mph or 6,700 feet per second.

- After the warhead explodes, the balls of shrapnel rapidly accelerate to several thousand mph, in addition to missile speed.

- The combination of approaching weapon and target speeds, even at that angle of intersection, is more than 10,0000 feet per sec. plus 6,700 feet per sec., or 11K mph.

- A Boeing-777 is 242 feet (74 meters) in length, meaning MH17 would have passed through the barrage in less than a 50th of a second. The hull would be riddled with punctures and grooves from fore to aft.

In short, it is impossible at such high speed for the grape-shot to be concentrated on only a very small part of the plane’s hull, as shown in the NY Times photos. What then could have caused the punctures?

An Event on Descent

MH37 was flying at an altitude of 33,000 feet or about 10,000 meters when an explosive decompression occurred. There are two possible scenarios. First, that the starboard (right) engine was hit by a heat-seeking air-to-air missile from an Allied aircraft (Ukraine, NATO or USAF) and subsequent instability caused a bomb in the cargo hold to detonate. Second, a bomb in the cargo hold was timed to detonate over Ukraine, and a piece of flying metal struck the jet engine, starting the fire.

Whatever the case, only a powerful bomb could have “uncorked” the Boeing-777 at both ends. When the cockpit and tail section are blown away instantaneously and cabin air rushes out, the result is massive explosive decompression. Think of popping the cork off a bottle of champagne.

Next, the three sections are falling at a tilt and separating due to the differing mass of the sections and shape-determined air resistance. Far below, on the radar screen of an air-defense battery, as used by the rebel forces in eastern Ukraine, the three sections would appear to be a wing of ground-support fighters diving toward their target.

The forward section would have fallen a vertical distance of about 28,000 feet before entering the effective range (5,000 feet) of the most common anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) equipment on both sides in the Ukraine conflict: the Shilka ZSU-23-4 and 9K22 Tungusta self-propelled artillery units.

Due to their differing vectors, the gun crew would train their radar-targeting system on the closest object presumed to be a Ukraine jet fighter. Guided by the same radar-tracking signal, the Shilka unlooses a short burst of 23mm rounds and the Tungusta fires from its two 30mm cannons.

As seen in television footage of tracers in Baghdad’s night sky at the start of the first Gulf War, anti-aircraft shells move in even arcs with hardly any deviation between rounds. Fired at 1,000 rounds per minute, a short burst would strike a small target zone. Therefore, AAA gunfire is the most probably explanation for the close-together punctures of two different sizes on a relatively small part of the cockpit section of MH17.

Immediately after the air crash, rebel commander Col. Igor Girkin, whose nom de guerre is Colonel Strelkov (translated as “Shooter”) said that his fighters had downed the aircraft. In the fog of war, he could not have known that his air-defense militia had merely punched some holes into the nosediving wreckage of a plane already destroyed by a bomb. The details are impossible for the limited human sensory system to discern in a clash of machines moving at high speed and over long distance in modern warfare.

Are the rebels responsible for the downing and deaths? Given the forensic evidence, no. In terms of moral culpability, their willingness to shoot down any aircraft inside their airspace is reprehensible, of course, although mitigated by the reality of hostile air strikes. The guilt rests entirely on whoever is responsible for planting a bomb inside MH17 at Schiphol Airport, under the watchful eye of Israeli security.

Ghoulish Goulash

A incidental clue to the MH17 bombing mystery surfaced in Commander Strelkov’s puzzlement at the many bodies scattered around the crash site that were decayed, indicating they had died long before July 17. Since these corpses were at first thought by the first-respondents to be passengers, they were dressed in civilian clothing and not in medical gowns inside coffins or body bags.

Under strict IATA transport rules, bodies are registered, medically inspected for contagious diseases, and sanitized prior to be shipped in aircraft, which explains the high cost of transporting the dead from overseas. The passenger group destined for the UNAIDS conference in Melbourne would absolutely not have sent HIV-infected cadavers for a research exchange when tiny samples of biological pathogens are handled under the most stringent protocols.

As suggested earlier by this writer, the only conceivable use of the secretly loaded corpses is as a convenient package for biological warfare purposes. Since the corpse is not breathing and the skin sterilized, there is no threat of contamination on contact by a healthy individual. If the body is sliced or exploded into bits, however, the microorganisms would escape with the host tissue and be infectious. Therefore, a bomb in the cargo hold makes sense for a genocidal terrorist attack against a large city with an international airport.

One inherent limitation, however, is that the bomb would have to be detonated while the aircraft is on the ground. A midair detonation would rip out panels from the cargo section, as decompression releases the grisly cargo of corpses intact, as happened over Ukraine. Therefore, the corpse-loaded plane would have been electronically guided over the target city, where it would be forced to land, and disembark passengers and crew, before the bomb is detonated, releasing an unstoppable pandemic.

Which city was targeted? Along the MH17 route, the only city with sufficient political importance for a major attack on its population is Tehran. The strange deviation by MH17, likely due to electronic hijacking as happened with MH370, indicates that the plane was making a gradual southeasterly shift, which would put it further south over the Caspian Sea and within easy range of Tehran.

Was there a compelling motive for a biowarfare attack against the Iranian capital in July? There were at least three possible reasons:

- the MH17 disaster coincided with the Israeli ground invasion of Gaza, targeting rockets supplied to Hamas by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards;

- Israeli disgruntlement with the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the US and EU;

- The May execution on corruption charges of banker Mahafarid Amir Khosravi and four associates, proponents of privatization of Iranian state assets who are connected with the Rothschild Mideast financial services in nearby Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Doha, Qatar.

Triple Nickel

An inner circle of powers inside NATO have been on collision course with Israel and becoming increasingly wary of its false flag operations. The NSA, which keeps close tabs on Israeli strategists and intelligence chiefs, would have picked up wind of a planned biowarfare strike against an undetermined target.

When MH17 deviated from its scheduled route, veering north of Krakow, that was a signal of an electronic hijacking, similar to the fate of MH370. At Lusk Air Base, between Krakow and Warsaw, an electronic warfare unit of more than 300 American airmen has been positioned since the Russian takeover of Crimea.

Headquartered at Aviano, Italy, Fighter Squadron 555 is a highly secretive unit close to the NSA and CIA. Its F-16s were the vanguard of the air campaign against then Yugoslavia, opening the attack with radar-jamming and air-strikes against the federal air-defense system in Bosnia, Kosovo and Belgrade (little of these wartime exploits appears on the public record). Contrary to Russian propaganda at this moment, there is no chance of the USAF confusing MH17 with the presidential jet of Vladimir Putin.

Squadron 555, nicknamed Triple Nickle, has the capability of launching an over-the-horizon air-to-air missile strike from one of its F-16s. If indeed the USAF fired the rocket that hit the MH17 starboard engine in an attempt to incinerate the aircraft and its cargo, the world will never know about it, especially when an Israeli clandestine operation is being taken out.

Yet is not the US a dedicated enemy of Iran? The potential threat of a biowarfare-caused pandemic cannot be limited to Iran but would rapidly spread to Afghanistan and the Gulf region, operational theaters for the US Navy and Central Command. Potentially tens of thousands of American troops could be exposed to an unstoppable contagion in regions where heavily armed jihadist movements are blossoming.

Spies on the ground at Schiphol, assigned by an unnamed European power, probably had a role in detecting the Israeli covert operation in planning. So how did the Israelis manage to slip through the tightening net?

On June 12, a month prior to the MH17 bombing, the MIDV military police arrested six baggage handlers and one of their own police officers and detained them for alleged drug smuggling. The baggage-loading crew, needed to load the corpses and a bomb into the cargo hold of MH17, would then have the perfect alibi, of being in police custody. Israeli-run ICTS controls baggage handling at Schiphol. A perfect crime was hatched, and MH17 took off before alarms were sounded.

If USAF Intelligence, practically indistinguishable from the CIA and NSA, shot down MH17, why was it done so that the hulk crash landed in eastern Ukraine? The CIA policy is known as “plausible deniability.” The Russian rebels could be counted on to take the fall, and any ill feelings can be calmed later with bundles of dollars and a case of Grey Goose vodka. The guilt is always pinned on outlaws.

Dutch Dolls at Schiphol

Ever since their deliberate false reports on the outcome at the Belgian battlefield of Waterloo, the Rothschild clan has a special place in its financial heart for the Benelux nations. Antwerp, Belgium is, of course, the center of diamond imports from Africa. Luxembourg, a notorious tax haven, is home for the Rothschild holding company, while corporate operations of Rothschild Europe BV and Concordia BV are based in the Netherlands. The territory extends beyond Europe to Africa, source of diamonds and oil, and importer of weapons. Rebounding from the Yukos-Khodokovsky grudge match, the Rothschild Europe BV has participated in the past decade’s consolidation of the energy industry in the Russian Federation.

The investment positions of the Rothschild Group and NM Rothschild Bank are kept tightly under wraps, for example, their opaque relationship with Royal Dutch KLM Airlines, which has a major interest in the Schiphol Group that operates Amsterdam Airport. The Israeli firm ICTS founded by Shin Beit spy agency officers runs airport security, a contact indicative of the importance of Schiphol to the Rothschild interests in international transport services.

Ownership control and management secrecy are essential for the multi-billion Euro air-smuggling business through Schiphol, which includes shipments of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) to Israel, as in exposed in the 1992 El Al crash in Bijlmeer, and global drug-trafficking.

The Netherlands is a major global center for the international drug trade and its corollary, money-laundering, the latter done through private-banking services, for example, the Rothschild financial conduits. To maintain the mega-crime operation, cooperation of the Dutch Royal family is required to control the national police and Militaire Inlichtingenen Veiligheidsdienst (MIVD military intelligence). The lucrative trade involves not only natural controlled substances including cocaine, heroin and hashish but also an expanding market in synthetic drugs such as ICE, X, ketamine and “dolls”, slang for depressants

The Rothschild interests benefit not only from money-laundering but also from their vast holdings in pharmaceuticals like Sanofi and Actavis, whose Dutch labs produce reagents, precursors and prescription drugs. Amsterdam’s red-light establishments, such as the Yab Yum hangout of top-dog gangster Klass Bruinsma, is not the only purveyor of dolls.

The key Rothschild operative who linked the Royal House with organized crime and law enforcement was the late Prince Johan Friso van Orange-Nassau, the second son of Queen Beatrix and grandson of the infamous Axis double-agent Prince Bernhardt. The wife of the allegedly homosexual prince and now widow, Mabel Wisse Smit van Orange was an admitted confidante of Klaas Bruinsma, Europe’s most powerful drug lord. Like their British cousins, the Dutch Royals were involved in the 19th opium trade and so are no strangers to trafficking.

Before their marriage, Friso was appointed executive director of Goldman Sachs at its City of London office and also was hired by Wolfensohn and Company, whose head is former World Bank president Sir James Wolfensohn (whose namesake was James de Rothschild, his father’s employer). Meanwhile, Mabel Wisse Smit was employed at the London and Brussels offices of George Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI, since renamed the Soros Foundations).

Fast forward to December 2013, Friso dies after being 18 months in a coma incurred in an avalanche during a Alps ski vacation. What might have led to the princely demise? Since early 2012, The FBI on behalf US Treasury’s anti-laundering office and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) were pressuring Dutch authorities to shut the open spigot of money laundering for Latin American cartels. A series of arrests nabbed baggage handlers involved in cocaine smuggling at Schiphol Airport. By December 2013, Dutch police yielded to an FBI request for arrest and extradition of Jose Rodrigo Arechiga-Gamboa, the Mexican Sinaloa cartel boss known as “El Anthrax”, on his arrival at Schiphol from Mexico City.

As the noose tighten on Schiphol and its Israel security force, it was time for one last harrah, another false-flag operation before shutdown. Israel’s Southeast Asian nemesis, Malaysia, was again chosen for the clandestine attack on Iran. With the Netherlands enlisting onto the FBI crusade, the fact that Hollanders had reservations for the flight was an added bonus. Anyone who abandons Israel must pay the price in blood.

Although many parties had a hand in the MH17 affair - the Ukraine military, rebel forces, Russia, the United States and the EU, the prime responsibility for the deaths of nearly 300 people aboard, should be assigned to the State of Israel, the Rothschild financial empire and the Government of Netherlands for permitting Schiphol Airport to be used as a smuggling hub and false-flag launch platform. As for the official report due from the Royal Air Accidents Investigations Branch, disgusted laughter is the more appropriate response than serious rebuttal.

Yoichi Shimatsu is a Hong Kong-based science writer and investigative journalist involved in forensic analysis in the Tokyo subway gassing.




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