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Maintaining Balance After A Paradigm Shift

By Ted Twietmeyer


Today's web is the equivalent of a child given a thousand dollars and turned loose in a candy store. It's all out there, both good and the bad. One big difference is this: Adults already know that everything in a candy store isn't good for anyone.

Whenever you want to know real truth about life and the world's future, be careful what you ask for. A virtual price is always paid for such knowledge. The price tag for knowing truth about our world and future is far higher than you may realize. It isn't just about how deep the rabbit hole goes - it is about what you will find as you dive ever deeper. Life is not like the matrix movies in any way. Our actual reality is far too boring to make a good motion picture. It's all about a paradigm shift.

A paradigm shift is like information stored in a room for many years, waiting for someone to unlock the door and be discovered. A virtual key is required to unlock the door. It requires a public event, statement in the news or a certain phrase to unlock that door for most people. Once that door is opened and the eyes see what is within, nothing will ever be the same again. Nothing.

Governments operate sensitive and classified projects on a "need-to-know" basis. Sensitive information can impact military advantages, countries, people and economies. Need-to-know can act like a firewall by protecting the minds of ordinary civilian workers from overload. Imagine if the thousands of Manhattan project workers knew that their efforts would produce a nuclear bomb which would be used to kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians. Would most of these people have continued their work if they knew?

Many government projects have a very dark agenda, harboring knowledge not everyone can handle. Why do these projects exist? Simply because there is plenty of money to do it, and no one is around to stop them from building these projects.

A paradigm shift goes deeper than most people realize. If you were a child when president Kennedy was killed in Dallas, most likely you still remember what room in your school you were in on that day. Same for 9/11 - yet another unpleasant milestone in American history. Where you were that day is indelibly etched into your mind.

You will also retain a memory of where you were when the day your paradigm shift really hit you hard.

How was your original paradigm was formed? Most of us were raised from about 5 years old to adulthood in public schools. Paradigm formation began with your first day in kindergarten. How many times and how many ways can world history be taught over and over? Apparently about 12 different ways over 12 years. History of the world is not what children are learning. Children are programmedto believe their home country is the center of world power, and as innocent and pure as new fallen snow.

A History channel documentary covered world history in a short mini-series. Colorful, live re-enactments exceeded the impact of textbook pictures. That series only took a matter of hours to tell the world history story. Public school is simply a brainwashing exercise into believing certain important events took place in a certain way, and no other way. It is also about training children become compliant for government to control them. Common core is designed to make our children to *fail* in key skills like math. Along with this aspect of the paradigm shift comes the knowledge of endless jobs sent to overseas countries.

After experiencing a life-changing paradigm shift, some people soon realize that paradigm-related knowledge may be on their mind (or in the back of their mind) almost around the clock. It can bubble up to the surface whenever people watch evening television news, percolating in their minds against old paradigm knowledge. It can trigger dreams one would rather not have.

After the paradigm shift you probably acquired new truths about politics, world government, federal reserve, currency and social engineering plans for America. In addition, you are now aware of the new brainwashing of our children in schools along with the constant degradation of freedom.

You will always carry around grade school knowledge and college learning. Your new knowledge from the paradigm shift finally explained so many things in life you sought answers to.

While your mind is wrestling with old and new paradigms you still have to survive, take care of your family and earn a living. It may feel like carrying a 80lb. field pack attached to your back 24/7.

That isn't all. Now add onto all this baggage in your back pack suppressed truth about alien life and what it means. Some people call them "bugs." It is a fact these beings exist. Many of these species are insect-based lifeforms. Even gray aliens are insect-based lifeforms, which are already resident here on Earth. Several species can control and incapacitate human beings - capabilities humans do not possess. Once you fully grasp the overall picture of just one alien race agenda, your backpack weight increases considerably.

Why is this? People who can understand even half of the alien life paradigm, and verify this is real using non-internet sources such as first-hand experiences, now have other issues to deal with ordinary people never do. One of the first logical questions people soon ask after their paradigm shift - how does God fit into this?

Even though bugs exist it does not mean God does not exist. Suffice to say here, that God did not stop all the genocidal leaders in world history from killing and torturing millions of innocent people. Then why should we think he will stop the bugs from abducting people?

People who proudly call themselves "experiencers" are simply lying to themselves, and do not yet know the truth. Implanted screen memories (i.e., brainwashing) make people think these beings are friendly. Sooner or later these abductees will learn and stop lying to themselves. When they finally understand it, they will no longer be smiling like the experiencer they once claimed to be. Instead they will use the more correct term "abductee" when explaining their night life as unwilling astronauts.

Was life better when you are just plain ignorant of everything certain knowledge? I think not. Again, this is where having balance is critical - balancing new paradigm and knowledge against your previous paradigm. Balance affects just about every aspect of your life. But no one should let their paradigm shift run or ruin your life. A large part of paradigm shift knowledge pertains to facts which cannot be changed. It's wise to simply ignore it and not waste energy thinking about it.

If you focus on all the things that need to be made right again to obtain a ideal lifestyle as it used to be, it will consume you day and night. I have friends who never practice balance. One retired veteran I know (with far too much time on his hands)  has recorded every particular late night radio show on the paranormal - since the nineties every night it airs. He has boxes and boxes of cassette tapes. A few years ago I asked him, "What will you do with all these tapes? Do you know where each tape is and what each one is about?" No direct answer was given.

This is what happens when people live without exercising balance. He is still recording the same show several hours each weeknight, starting at midnight. Even though blank cassette tapes are obsolete and becoming scarce, he still finds sources to buy more. Sooner or later he will be forced to realize cassette tapes have gone the way of the 100 watt incandescent light bulb.

When Ron Paul ran for president, some of those who participated in his grass roots movement never used balance. Supporters quit their jobs and slept on the floors of (equally obsessed) strangers in distant cities. When I wrote a article stating he could not possibly win and that he would ultimately abandon the race, I received vicious emails and a few death threats by readers. But Ron Paul did exactly as predicted. Not just once, but twice. He walked away from each race with several million dollars but his supporters ended up with nothing. Personal disasters, devastation and severed disappointment hit innocent supporters when they were abandoned, simply because they did not employ balance principles.

Our minds DO have storage limits, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. One popular broadcaster on the Genesis radio network goes into screaming rants and occasionally cries on the air. This has demonstrated how a lack of balance can affect anyone. Like being invisibly  infected with a common cold, obsession can creep into your life until it has taken total control. Perhaps one day you will find out how many years you lost.

Balance allows you to use new knowledge to gain a edge on some issues. For example, government proclamations (threats) about the entire power grid failing came out a few months ago. This was largely ignored or played down by regular media. But this announcement did not escape the attention of those who have had their paradigm shift. If the power failure is intentional, it won't fail when it's a balmy 72F outside. It will be engineered to fail when the temperature is 100F or -10F to inflict the maximum amount of human suffering.

What can you do with such knowledge? You can just ignore it, or if you live in your own home you can purchase a back-up generator to keep power on. Generators have greatly reduced in price. One model is rated at 6KW, peak 9KW that will easily powers almost everything in any home. Brand new, this model sells for about $650 and comes with a wireless remote start. This is just one example of using paradigm shift knowledge to add some security to your life.

Balance is a great way to keep one's sanity. For many people the more they learn, the more they want to learn. You can keep packing your brain with more new knowledge every day, but only to a certain point. Brain scientists will tell you that as you get older you start to lose plasticity. Plasticity refers to how fast your mind can adapt and change. As we age the brain physically starts to shrink, too. Brain degradation begins imperceptibly around age 18 and never stops. It's wise to exercise our minds each day, but don't overload it with useless information. There absolutely no end to the supply of useless information you can pack your head with these days.

When you put a mouse in a maze, each time through it it improves as it learns. When children and adults play video games over and over, they get better and better at doing it. But their brains are consuming storage space - as they too, are training themselves like a mouse in a maze. Balanced people are aware of this and usually do not participate in repetitive activities like this.

Some people argue that the tremendous storage capacity of the brain can't be overloaded. Nothing can be further from the truth. Does anyone really understand the amount of brain storage space photographs and images on the web consume, not to mention motion pictures? A computer you are reading this on silently and endlessly performs garbage collection. Computers of all sizes, makes and types all the way back to the Commodore PET in the seventies do garbage collection. This function is necessary to free up memory space.

As time progresses older memories and knowledge fades and will be replaced with newer knowledge. It's important to know that older knowledge will be distorted over time. You will swear things happened in your life which never did. Or remember some event, person, place or thing differently than it was. It is well known that the dream state for human beings is also the time when garbage collection takes place. People who suffer endless sleep deprivation can start to lose their sanity or develop mental illnesses.

Doctors often misdiagnose sleep problems and prescribe a mind-altering psychotropic drug to fix it. Often drugs make someone's condition worse when a prescription is the wrong solution. It is like a nurse putting a band-aid put over a gunshot wound then sending the patient home. Compound a sleep disorder with a lack of balance and a potential mental disaster can happen.

Doctors understand nothing about a paradigm shift or what it really does to people; rarely do they try to understand. With assembly line medicine today, time spent with each patient is measured in seconds or single digit minutes. Medical schools make certain the paradigm shift subject is never taught or discussed, except perhaps in terms of giving a patient a psychiatric referral. In other words, passing the problem on to another doctor.

Computer viruses can damage software, hard disks or even the motherboard requiring replacement. In a similar way, a sudden paradigm shift can put shocking new knowledge into someone's mind who simply is not able to deal with it. It depends on many factors such as their outlook on life, personal situation and beliefs, status of the world each day and upbringing.

Balance is the firewall which protects the mind from overload.

No one should be arrogant enough to believe they can absorb endless amounts of paradigm-shifting knowledge without paying a price for it. Nothing in life is free. But the price paid is proportionate to the level of balance exercised each day.

Ted Twietmeyer


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