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Mah Fallow Amarrikans!


Jim Kirwan


Dominance: Over the Welfare State, Domestic Monarchy

& National Heritage that was LBJ,

With Ladybird Johnson who kept a few slaves despite her husbands’

Leadership role in the tarnished house

And because the public never challenged these two

Or any of their policies the USA was marked for destruction by the close of 1964.

This mini-rant is just part of my way of celebrating 9-11-01

Leadership Lady, is by Example…”

All of this has led to the currently magisterial role of America’s Nero, the Second, otherwise known as ‘Obamanation’…

Obama Regime: Court Rulings Mean Nothing Unless They Agree With Our Agenda

The pattern of Despotism and tyranny by the Obama regime continues to be displayed with greater and greater hubris.

The pattern is that when the courts make unconstitutional rules drafted in secret and passed without any representative being permitted to read them, or when creating rights for deviant behavior out of thin air ­ we plebes are told by Obama’s Fundamental Transformation Revolutionary Council, that those rulings are the equivalent of Holy Writ ­ immovable and eternal.  ‘Here to stay’ and permanent without any possible recourse to repeal, overturn or do away with.



However, when any court rules against the implementation of an agenda item he champions, Obama chooses to ignore the ruling and proceed with his diktat anyway, declaring such rulings to be void and of no effect.  Only his pen and his phone matter, and have power in this age of the Fascist dictatorship blatantly being thrown in our faces each day.


Case-in-point: Today is Obama’s decision to implement the nationalization of all water in the CONUS under the guise of ‘Clean Water’...” (k - A direct part of the UN’s Agenda 21)


See, His Heinous makes it active policy for Federal agencies to ignore court orders and enforcing those laws he disagrees with, and empowers them to only act upon those decrees he makes with his purple lips and pen, including forcing enactment of his policies, “agreements” and decrees ­ by fiat, even when blatantly in violation of the Constitution and the Rule of Law.”


It would be obscene to fail to notice that the internet now seems so concerned with the plight of the current crop of traitors running for an election that’s still over a year away: Yet if you look at the stories that too often are being featured, they’re mostly about one family that boasts five generations of traitors to America, and they’re opposed by some relative newcomers from the Clinton Clan, that have only just begun their bloodbaths, dipped in massive doses of worldwide-criminality. The rest of the worthless and completely forgettable pretenders are a national disgrace: (Jeb Bush the fifth generation Robber-Baron), was the person that conned the Supreme Court into allowing his brother (the 4th generation Skull & Bones freak) to steal the election on 12-12-2000. Few bother to point that out.


And as these failed creatures are being constantly ‘interviewed’ by politicians masquerading as journalists, the public has an uninterrupted diet of want-to-be traitors and outlaws that seek nothing less than global recognition while they steal and murder their pathetic pathways into the soon to be non-existent history books. But this waste of time covers up tons of barely mentioned garbage that has always gone unnoticed. Here‘s a small potpourri of some of them.


On RT this morning much was made about what happens to the mentally-ill in US prisons, not to mention what also happens to them on the public streets. The answer is blindingly simple: Reagan happened to us all. Ronald Reagan was responsible for PRIVATIZING the entire United States. While he was doing that, it was decided that the mentally ill would all be better-off in the care of their own relatives ­ so he closed the institutions and threw those without relatives, or any money, into the streets.

Before that Ronnie did everything that GWH Bush told him to do, which is how we became involved with swapping arms for hostages in Iran in the very late 1970’s.


When Reagan arrived America was the leading creditor nation on the planet. After Ronnie ­“got the government off our backs” he finished his failed two-term stint after having tripled the size of the US government and after making America the world’s leading debtor nation. In between Ronnie kept trying to keep various members of the Khazarian Supremacy happy while creating America’s first formally accepted Death Squads, which Ronnie called ‘Freedom Fighters’. It was about then that Reagan got us into Drugs and Arms in a very Big Way, which thoughtfully was taken over by Bill & Hillary who expanded the reputation of Air America, via Oliver North & his off-the-books troop of traitors that thought they were ‘exceptional’!

Is any of this beginning to sound faintly familiar?


If Reagan hadn’t slithered out the door with a fake case of Alzheimer’s he might well have been lynched: He was one of the worst things to happen to California and to the Tarnished House in many, many years: Having gotten his start in politics from the Screen Actors Guild when Ronnie, Tricky Dick and Bobby Kennedy were all on-board the Joe McCarthy bandwagon. Yet the world still adores Ronnie ‘that good old actor’ who was never more than a ‘B-grade’ actor ­ but all he needed was to memorize those lines ­ and leave the debris and the corpses for history to sort out…

Reagan’s just one of them, and there are literally hundreds of these traitors crawling all over this country ­ yet the public has made it clear ­ they don’t give a damn, so that’s the way it is on the Fourteenth Anniversary of a global crime that has slipped away into the dustbins of time because anything that requires anything more complex than 2 +2 = 4 is just too damned much for those that still believe that ‘nothing really bad could ever happen here.’


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