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Love America But Hold In Contempt
The Neocon US Government


By Karl W. B. Schwarz


I could write a book (that I have no spare time to write) about the utter American absurdities I have witnessed in Europe, Ukraine and elsewhere. I have seen Americans rushing to Western Union for emergency funds because they came, they partied, but apparently had no clue how weak the US dollar is against the Euro for most of the past 9 years. Time to pay out at the hotel… and damn… the credit card is maxed out. The math is not hard if one has a grasp of Economics 101 and simple currency exchange that a $5,000 credit limit is not going to cover a 5,000 Euros splurge.

I have seen the USD so weak that exchange windows in Netherlands and Hungary would not even accept them. The first time I ever came to Switzerland it was $1 to 4.3 CHF. Now the USD is weaker than the CHF, but for some brain damaged reason Americans think the USD is strong. No, it has lost almost 90% of its value against the Swiss franc just in my adult lifetime.

For the record, I live in Switzerland because I saw this train wreck coming.

I have seen US government people rushing around acting as if every nation in Europe is a vassal state of the USA. One would have to see it up close and personal as I have to truly appreciate how interwoven “US government arrogance” and “Ugly American” truly are. I have had to wonder at times where the US government finds the morons and assholes they post in overseas embassies. At times it seems either Drug Rehab or fresh out of some US prison and on parole, only damned job they could find in another nation where ‘convicted felon’ is not easily translated.

You would be utterly amazed at how many Americans are in Europe and elsewhere as translators or teaching English because they could not find a job in the Good Ole Broken Down USofA.

I have seen the US and UK troops coming to Europe for R&R, cheap beer and cheap brothel whores. Americans need to wake the hell up and quit acting as if they are the ones that set the Morality Curve in this world. [Hint: Did you ‘American Taliban’ Tea Party folks GET THAT?]

Some of you may recall recently when the US Army military convoy went on parade from Romania through Czech Republic, into Germany and then to return as underhanded US arming of Ukraine.

I saw that convoy and also how the USA embassies had made sure there were plenty of waving American flags along the route, even in nations where the troops and armor presence was not welcome at all. (Yes, it was a staged event, paid for with your tax dollars or the fiat toilet paper the Fed is spreading out all over the world due to copious amounts of US Dirty Diapers!! There are many nations that resent having a foreign flag waved in their nation and in their face as if it is part of the USA.)

I am often asked why I moved to Europe. First was business and technology reasons. The second reason is I got tired of the petty infighting in Washington DC that amounts to mismanagement of a nation and a people that deserve better. There is no such thing as ‘the American Dream’ to me and I have a much better life being a Citizen of Earth more so than of the USA.

I will explain in the near future why a US passport is now a liability rather than an asset.

Most people around the world know the problem is not the US people, except in how they vote. Just because an American can read ‘R’ or ‘D’ in a voting booth is not a sign of brilliance or even literacy. It is not a sign of being conservative or progressive when the voting habits of Americans kill any real chance to fix what is wrong in Washington DC. [Hint: DC does not want it fixed or you to ever figure it out.]

Clinton should have never been elected or re-elected. George Bush should have never been elected or re-elected. That goes 10 fold for this current moron we have in the Oval Office Barky Obama, Mr. Talk, Talk, Talk and Do Nothing except crap on America with his every lame idea.

Most people around the world know that no nation can claim greatness with so many homeless Americans, so many in poverty and so many in need of government assistance (46 million and counting) as signs of how things really are in the United States of America. Rather than buy off on the DC and Wall Street chest thumping, I see the US economy as “robustly being destroyed” by the greed of an elite few at the expense of everyone else.

Get your mind around this America. When the USSR pulled out of Central and Eastern Europe, no one lost their home. What was ‘state housing’ was given to who lived there. They did lose their job for the most part but having to set up Tent Cities did not happen. Unlike Americans expecting their check from Uncle Sam since they voted ‘R’ or ‘D’, most that were suddenly free from the USSR got off their ass and got to work rebuilding.

I have said this many times in the past and now: “The USA cannot have a Consumer Based Economy and implement policies that have killed the consumers.” Consuming is not work product.

Policies that have grown poverty, killed job creation, weakened the US dollar are not going to save America or turn around the absurdity it has become as a nation that pretends to be a Superpower.

The problem is within the fabric of the government itself and a USA Business Plan that has been broken for most of my life. I am 64, so I have seen a lot of this USA Broken Business Plan keep making the same screw ups over and over again.

My step-relative and one of two mentors I had about Washington DC knew what the problem was. He was Wilbur D. Mills, AR 2nd District, Southern Conservative Democrat, Chairman, US House Ways & Means quote, circa 1968: “Any American that thinks they have well-intentioned and well-meaning elected representatives and appointed officials in Washington DC that care about how they spend or waste the US taxpayer dollars is a consummate fool.”

I have now seen almost 50 years of what ‘consummate fool’ looks like.

The late comedian George Carlin had it right that the primary business of America is the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of bullshit. The George W Bush and Barrack Obama administrations have brought that picture into crystal clear focus for the entire world to see. Unfortunately it will be Americans that will be the last to see that picture in clear focus as to what the picture really is. [Hint: it looks like that big pile of dog shit you just stepped in.]

It is not the ‘We are #1’ mantra; it is America is collapsing from within and what was once a great nation is now not even a mediocre nation. That is the problem with marketing and distributing bullshit, one never gets what they thought they bought and DC is wall-to-wall bullshit artists.

I have never slapped a woman in my life, but I have to confess every time I see the bullshit spewing out of the mouths of Hillary Clinton, and the two Chatty Cathy dolls at US State Department Jen Psaki and Marie Harf I want to deck their lying bitch mouths.

Who is most to blame for that? These gutless spineless worms the American people keep electing and re-electing again for no reason other than they can grasp only “R” or “D”. [Hint: Just like buying dog shit, Americans are getting what they pay for and what they elect.]

Many have asked over the past 10 years why I hate America. I absolutely do not have any ill will towards the American people. However, I learned in being an insider to have nothing but contempt for Washington DC, the Neocons and the Big Money that owns that government and every decision they make and every law they pass and every lie they utter. It is way past broken and nothing but gutless people in Washington DC that do not lift a finger to fix it.

Will Rogers said it best: “every time they pass a law it is a joke, and every time they hear a joke they turn into a law.

America is ‘great’ only in making money for an elite few and the rest are stuck like hamsters on a wheel. Running fast but going nowhere. America is also great in lies and that is what I had my fill of and decided to live elsewhere.

My bigger issue with DC has to do with the lunacy that the military-industrial complex is a business plan. It is not and every nation that dreamed of empire throughout history has collapsed for the exact same reasons and the exact same mistakes the United States has been making since the USSR folded in September 1991.

Consider that empires first and foremost deny freedoms and liberties; they conquer and crush. Sooner or later public opinion or actions are why all empires fail. Like the classic character in ‘V for Vendetta’, ideas are bullet proof and the most bullet proof of all is FREEDOM.

For a land that pretends it is the definition of democracy and freedom, how can such a thing be true? It is because the American voters fall for the lies every damned time. Ever since Reagan left office, 4 pathetic presidents in a row and more lies uttered than can be counted.

That the USSR decided to be the Russian Federation was not a mandate for America to expand over the world and bankrupt itself pushing a militarist agenda. It was a choice made by the Elite of DC and has proved both tragic for this world and eventually will be fatal to the USA itself. Outside of intentional USA chaos, the world wants to move on and USA still thinks this is a unipolar world under the boot heels of Washington DC.

Any nation that denies others freedom for its own gain is living on borrowed time. That is the history message that is lost on Washington DC and the Neocons.

Then the Neocons, MSM and other DC Bullshit artists turn on the propaganda machine and too many Americans blink, yawn and fall for yet another DC Bullshit Fable:

Even Alice in Wonderland would be appalled at the gall of Washington DC.

I am not the only American that thinks Washington DC is unfit to lead America, much less this absurd pretense that they alone are who has been anointed to lead, bully and stomp on the entire world.

I have watched very closely over the past 25 years and after the USSR broke up every nation on this planet has tried to head the right way except the United States of America. There was no mandate or even a need to put military bases and armed forces all over the world… except to defend what is a dying Empire America.

The USSR pulled back, consolidated as the Russian Federation, and it has been USA and their NATO proxy pushing and violating the agreement ever since 1991. It would not have done any good had Russia insisted on a written treaty because the USA does not honor any treaty that gets in the way of the DC agenda.

My grandfather once told me “if a man’s word is not good the man is not good.” Gorbachev trusted Reagan and the two men set into motion actions that have changed the world for the better. The knife in the back has been from President George H W Bush and since (Clinton, GW and Obama) pushing an agenda against Russia that has and will continue to hasten the collapse of Empire America.

Said another way, it has been the USA since September 1991 that has proven that the word of Washington DC is worthless. Russia does not have to fire a shot or engage in a war. These imbeciles in Washington DC are sufficient damage, incompetence and insult to do the job thoroughly.

The Russian American biologist and author Isaac Asimov may have said it best as to what is wrong with the current USA Business Plan.

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”

Isaac Asimov

Or as Sean Connery said in the movie “Rising Sun”; ‘if you have to resort to violence, you have already lost.’

That one sentence by Asimov, that one quote is what I detest about the Neocons and how screwed up their concepts truly are. These Neocons have given a new meaning to Ugly American that America itself may well not survive. The lies and propaganda emanating from DC is because they have a PR problem regarding a failed business plan, and much of the world is turning its back and moving on.

Greatness is earned but the Neocons do not grasp that simple concept. One cannot be a wanton liar and ever be considered great. Greatness has never been earned at gun point or by bombs on innocent people, or through lies and deceit or thumping your own chest and bragging about how great Neocon USA is.

There is plenty of evidence that the Neocons suck; Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia ­ South Ossetia, Libya, Syria, Iraq redux, Ukraine, etc., etc., and etc.

That one memorable Asimov quote sums up exactly why I have no respect whatsoever for the lies and the actions of Neocon Washington, DC. Nor do I respect the Neocon lies and the voice the Neocons were given with their fallacious message and their push to get a coup d’ etat over the foreign policies of my nation. I was inside when this aberration of the Neocons started taking hold.

They have ruined America and even the prestige it had gained by being a great nation worth emulating. Today I am not aware of even one nation that ‘wants to be like America’. Americans are in gross error and delusion if they think foreigners watch what they see out of Washington DC and want that for their nation, too.

The great Irish poet, author and political commentator Oscar Wilde also hit the nail on the head:

America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.”

Oscar Wilde

Too bad he has passed away, “George Carlin for President” would fix much of what is wrong with America.

If I were president of the United States I have a simple solution to cure the USA Neocon problem. I would pick one nation that is more than capable of defending itself (instead of bullying smaller nations like DC does) and put every Neocon on the front line for the war they want.

The regular US Army would get to sit this one out.

I am almost 100% certain no Neocon would ever come home except in the casket they deserve. There are about 10,000 Neocons, same basic size as a division of an army.

Maybe Vladimir Putin would be willing to have a ‘war game’ and fix these stupid Neocons once and for all. Let’s move all of these Neocons to the front line of the wars they lie to create.

That would be a “Mission Accomplished” that would benefit the entire world.


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