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Longshanks Still Lives!
By Jim Kirwan

From the 1995 Film “Braveheart”

The story behind “FREEDOM” for the Scottish People

The struggle for ‘freedom’ in Scotland was steeped in blood and goes back in time to the 1200’s. Braveheart depicts the reality behind the life of William Wallace, a commoner, who fought and died to free Scotland from the British Empire in 1305.

The relevance of the life of William Wallace is made clear in the film, but today because yesterday’s vote was stolen, in front of the whole world: That ‘story’ must be seen again for the truth behind the nobles, their corruption and the lies that have always been represented by the English crown—both then and now.

Longshanks (the Hammer of the Scots) provides the quintessential truth behind what just happened again in the rigged vote that shows the world that the Empire of King Edward the First is still alive and well Westminster today!

Yesterday’s “vote” makes clear that “NOTHING HAS CHANGED” in the over 700 years from 1305 to 2014. Official corruption is alive and well in Scotland, the EU and the world today.

For the global audience “Braveheart” - the 1995 film clearly outlines exactly how the corrupt Scottish noblemen were working hand in glove with the English Crown then, to deny freedom to the Scottish people. The Noblemen of the late 1200’s gained evermore power and wealth ­ while increasing taxes on their slaves and expanding their own powers with every sellout of their own people to take back Scottish freedom from Longshanks (Edward the First) and England.

The relevance in the film is that the corrupt noblemen then were identical to today’s Senate in the US: As were the blindsided if well-intentioned sponsors of the “YES” campaign. All of the corruption behind the stolen election just reinforces the ancient corruptions that are over 700 years old ­ apparently the world has learned nothing about the real costs of freedom; at least in Scotland.

William Wallace put his life on hold and fought the English Crown, against all odds, including against the Scottish noblemen. He was captured and murdered by the King, but his effort led to the triumph of Edward the Bruce shortly after Wallace had been dismembered.

What few have dared to illustrate, as Mel Gibson chose to do so clearly, in “Braveheart”: Are the lessons that billions all over the world must now face, which is that Freedom anywhere is never free!

Instead of crying about the theft: Scotland ought to join with Ireland and Wales to hold a three way split from the English Crown? That might be the kind of real freedom worth fighting for? Here are some videos that challenge the blatant theft in yesterday’s vote!

This happened because there was no International Vote Counting oversight of the Referendum in Scotland ­ courtesy of the Crown, no doubt.

Scotland Independence Vote Rigging Exposed? 3min VIDEO


More Scotland Referendum Fraud 30 second VIDEO

Freedom must be fought for and won by each generation anew, something that most American’s have completely forgotten. “Freedom” cannot be inherited or given away—it’s something that is constantly at stake in every one of the totally illegal invasions by USI & Israel all over the world today.

What was at stake in the referendum in Scotland yesterday was not just separation from the English Crown: A “YES” vote would have signaled the end of an Empire that had its beginnings a thousand years ago ­ but apparently that time is not yet here, because too many still missed the lessons of history that Mel Gibson tried so hard to remind us of…

BRAVEHEART” produced & directed by Mel Gibson a 1995 film.

P.S. In 1994 George HW Bush announced the creation of the New World Order. I'm guessing that "Braveheart" was Mel Gibson's answer to the introduction of the New (Old) World Order...


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