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Let The Pieces Come Together


By Jim Kirwan


One of the 'missing pieces' that the public has not understood, has to do with the video-tape taken from the drone—and what makes that little-mystery so massively important to what the public has been able to glean, from what we have 'learned' so far.

Someone took “the clandestine video”, probably on orders, and then maybe made a copy that was clearly leaked to the public. That opened a whole new can-of-worms, that has yet to be answered for. If that had not happened the public could not have become nearly as involved in this bizarre assassination as millions already are.

Discovering this small piece of the puzzle has led to other reasons for the outrageous silences coming from Burns, Oregon all the way to USI in D.C.

Under other circumstances, the direct request for the identity of the shooters and even mug-shots of “the officers” would not seem to have been a huge request—given the high profile charges of MURDER ONE, committed against an honored and even celebrated member of the public: But in this case that request is being treated much like a third-rail, that cannot be touched on, under pain of death.


Because it now appears that the murder was carried out by a high-profile government hit-squad: One of those Black-Ops Special Forces units tasked with keeping the privatized corporations secret and eliminating their enemies? And of course Obamanation and his traitors in the government definitely want this entire episode GONE!

Officially the people who committed this series of roadside crimes don't actually exist: Which is WHY they can't be named and of course they'd never be allowed have any photos, much less circulate them because that would expose the IMF mercenary-assassination squads hiding behind FBI or Oregon State Police uniforms, wouldn't they?

Is this situation becoming just a bit clearer for anyone else out there,


The problem with this ever-deepening quagmire, is that the more they refuse to show us, the deeper-in they get, in their own guilt that's becoming crystal clear for all the world to see.


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