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Let's Get Irradiated! - New Poster In Fukushima City

From Yumi Kikuchi and Dick Allqire

Aloha from Hawaii,

I want to get your attention to this poster which has been circulated and posted in Fukushima city for a while.

It says Letís Get Irradiated ("hibaku-shiyo!Ē in Japanese), and claims there is no acute health effect up to 250 mSV.
It also say that you should go outside and play, all the laundry should be hang outside to get the sun.

I agree if it is not radioactive outside.

This poster is made by Fukushima-city it says, but I doubt it.  I will be investigating.
If you are interested in following up, please send me a reply.

Yumi Kikuchi/ Fukushima Kids Hawaii

P.S. Today we are picking up 5 people (4 children one chaperon) from Fukushima at Hilo airport of Hawaii. In 3 days, 7 more (5 babies and two mothers) are coming to Kona and we are picking them up. We host them here for free to give them some respite from radiation exposure.


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