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The Left Hand Of 'God'


By Jim Kirwan


Which I depicted as the Right Hand of mankind

in this early pastel.

After the military one of the first images I did was the one above, because it was Oklahoma, and because I wanted to open the door to some of the serious disconnects, for real conversations in everyday life.

Life for me has been a very lucky experience filled with the wonder of seeking out mysteries and following the questions that life continues to throw our way.

I grew up in Oklahoma City as a semi-outcast semi-independent boy, who was fascinated by the movements and the people that were seeking to shape the lives of millions of other people. Oklahoma was called 'Outlaw Territory before it became a state. As a result it was a dumping ground for many of the outcasts of the nation. Oklahoma was also the End-of-the-Trail for many Native-Americans, from The Trail of Tears along with the outlaws and criminals that had been cast out from more civilized places. By the early 1950's many of the descendants of those original outcasts' were' still in Oklahoma, in the shadows of my youth.

As a child my sister and I giggled a lot at the antics of things like the Holy Rollers. Later on there were various offshoots of the homegrown Elmer Gantry's of the early 1950's that were still common then. By the time I got into highschool the city 'landscape' was alive with the everyday underworld of, crooked judges, lawyers, cops and assorted thugs and con's—that composed much of everyday life in Oklahoma City at the time. Basically the white population was 'represented' by hard-shelled Baptists, and the very few Oligarch's which was an education in itself. That included a stint in “the Black Belt” for about a year of another unexpected education.

My off hours from highschool, consisted of long nights in probing collections of books and circle-in the round plays and the non-stop conversations about the world we found ourselves in. Outside of school my friends were largely outcasts, each in their own way, One was a full blooded Apache, another was half Cherokee and half Irish, a poet and writer as well as a street-fighter, the third was a man that built Stagecoaches for Hollywood and me. We haunted the bars and fought with the GI's from Tinker Air Force Base and tried to find our way in that world,while we stole the time to talk about the changes in the society outside Oklahoma, like the Beatniks in San Francisco that were being replaced by the Flower Children.

Sunday's were for Jazz, coffee houses and offbeat art films.

This, by way of the shape of my world,

versus the kinds of lives most people tended to live then.

After the military I picked up where I left off and came from a slum-hotel in Oakie City, about the time when poisoned drugs and Narc's had already invaded the San Francisco. I hung around for the formal death of the hippies. then went back to Oklahoma with very different ideas from those that were sweeping the country in the late 60's. After I finished the State of the Nation, in ink, I secured an apprenticeship with the then living Van Dyke, in Rio. That opportunity became untenable because of riots there, which made travel impossible; but the combined experience of the first political project, in ink in 1966, and the 14 months that followed, moved me from pen & ink to pastels; then finally to California and oils,which allowed me to pick up where I left off with the commission for 'The Journey' which consumed 13 months, after which, I was finally able to

finished Again & Again.in1974,

Again & Again © 1974 & 1977

These were the four things that were created by the RKM

that has haunted mankind ever since:

Conquest, War, Famine & Death

This is something 'biblical' that ordinary people still can't deal with

which is what continues to confound billions of people to this day.

Click on the link to enlarge

Those early images were each created against this backdrop that we're finally beginning to fight, from current day Islam, for their treachery against humanity that's always been here, since their first assault upon the world. This war on us will determine whether or not there will continue to be a Muslim Brotherhood or 'Islam'. Watch the video below and decide whether or not you can tolerate the rebirth of this global-crime.

The Great Deception New World Order & Muslim Brotherhood

For ten years I was a part time father to the children of my then wife so I became aware of the absolutely criminal beginnings of PC in their schools at that time, but the schools then still lacked the ability to stand up to parents then. Today parents have no say at all in anything that happens to their children, anywhere they may be found.

But that experience with the responsibility for two children, left me stunned when the CORE program moved in to kill the lives of all the children in school now. When I discovered how Islam now uses the children as sex-toys, victims and slaves my blood began to boil. Not just for the children which are now being taught “Jihad” along with 'how to become 'suicide-bombers' - but what this Islamic enslavement by a supposed religion is now demanding, about the treatment of 'women' everywhere. Women have no rights over their own bodies or their sex-organs, never mind any choice at all about how they will be allowed to live their now completely monitored lives.

The children they are raising have no future whatsoever, so what kind of life will any child or any woman have, in a thoroughly-strict Sharia enforced marriage?

Zero-chance” would be a step up from the living hell it all ready is. In Europe the supposed host's that are being forced to take in immigrants, are being forced to change the foods they can eat, the language they can speak, not to mention that some are being evicted from their homes to make-way for the supposed needy that are demanding changes in everything within the societies they are invading by the tens of thousands, soon to be millions of savages that are raping their way through many societies as a side-benefit from their 'hosts' in the nations that these creatures have come to totally destroy. The EU is already toast but has yet to deal with the disease they are inviting into to their countries. And in the U.S. it's only a matter of time given the fact that the Muslim that sits in the Oval Office is flooding the country with illegals ­ going as far as importing them by the thousands on FED-EX planes in the dead of night, to make sure that America can't find or deport enough of them to stop this takeover of America.

And so it goes Amerika... It's one thing to not insult a guest, but for their part “the guests” do not have the right to take-over the host nation as well as demanding that we change the constitution, just because they hate us. By the way, Americans do have rights that “guests” do not have; especially since most of them are here illegally. No other supposedly settled nation has so deliberately destroyed its own borders to insure the end of their own way of life; as has America, under every president since Reagan.

BTW: The 'founder' of Islam: 'was a megalomaniacal lunatic pervert pedophile adulterer, genocidal mass murder, criminal, thief, and all around SATANIC monster...' but that part's not usually mentioned...

And since we have “allowed those who follow that monster in” in their hundreds of thousands that now comes to over 50 million creatures in the US, while we have no jobs, no incomes and damn little else—while these 'guests' are living off the money that was set aside for our Social Security years, into which we have all had to pay through our entire working lives, despite the fact that soon that too will come to an end: Thanks to “the invasion of these unwanted paradisaical guests” who were invited here by a TRAITOR and WARCRIMINAL ­ that does not give a damn about anyone that's still trying to survive here.

Think about it, because if we get this one wrong,

then there will be nowhere left to go for any of us, anymore

Like it or not we are in World War Three,

and we have to begin to respond to that fact now!


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