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Landrew-Land Is Becoming Real Life

By Ted Twietmeyer


A perfect parallel to life in today's modern world was perfectly portrayed in an original Star Trek series episode. For young readers, this particular episode was all about social engineering. It was an ancient alien culture secretly ruled by a machine, programmed by a long-dead man named Landrew.

 A LANDREW LAWGIVER - All laws were enforced by robed law-givers wielding pipe-like energy weapons for 6,000 years.

 Landrew's laws were centered on the philosophy of "For the good of the body." The "body" referred to the population as a whole.

 Captain Kirk told the wimped-out, brainwashed locals on the planet living in Landrew-land -

 "You wanted freedom. It's time you learned that freedom is not a has to be earned."

 ANDREW JACKSON AND LANDREW - What are the odds of a such a close similarity, especially on the topic of government? Even hair slightly covers the tops of the ears.


 Was Roddenberry a visionary of life today over 40 years ago? Shown above is Andrew Jackson (left) with Landrew machine projection on a wall on the right. Landrew could be Andrew Jackson's brother. Perhaps that similarity to Jackson was intentional to help people identify with Landrew.

 Compare life in Landrew's society with life under today's new order:

 * INTELLIGENCE COLLECTION - Today powerful computers which use specialized software to analyze human behavior, web surfing habits, emails, phone calls, etc.. In Landrew's society, citizens functioned like listening devices for the machine to watch/track the population and deal with any threats.

 * OBEDIENCE - Today, SWAT teams kick in doors of the homes of innocent people. Under Landrew, law givers march into any building unannounced and dole out either a brainwashing-refresh on the spot, or death depending on the offense.

 * TECHNOLOGY - Landrew's society reserved the highest technology for the law-givers. Citizens were not allowed access to it. Governments today have numerous high-tech weapons and other technology citizens will never be allowed access to.

 * STAGNANT SOCIETY - Life in Landrew-land went unchanged for 6,000 years. Do we really think our world has really advanced that much in the past 100 years? Why are flying cars, true fuel-free electric vehicles, food for everyone, jobs for everyone and technology not available everyone? We only *think* we have advanced in the past 100 years. Crime, loss of freedoms, oil and other problems still plague us - by design.

 * FEAR - Countries and societies always use fear to control people. Roots of fear are planted in pre-school. Thirteeen years of grade school brainwashing and terror drills with military in schools is always effective to permanently instill fear and obedience in the majority of people FOR LIFE. In Landrew's world, fear in the citizens was always present under the surface - just as it is today.

 * ONE INDIVIDUAL IN TOTAL CONTROL - In  Landrew-land, Landrew's machine ruled through his machine proxy. Today we have Obama who just might get a third term if the law is changed. Some past presidents did get a third term.

 Roddenberry was uncannily accurate about our world today. Perhaps this Star Trek episode was engineered to implant the idea of total government control into a young, baby-boomer generation:


 Jackson on US currency

 Ted Twietmeyer



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