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Land Of The Free

By Jim Kirwan


Home of the Brave

This is the reality of what it means to be an American today, living as we all are inside the Police-State. This is San Quentin in California, present day. Imagine how this will look with quintuple the population. Once Americans grasp our current condition, even though for most of us this is not yet reality—then everything about our actual conditions will finally become very clear.

This is why no U.S. politician, no U.S. court, nor any U.S. media outlet is interested in anything that either you or I have to say on any subject: Prisoners have no voice at all in anything that’s done to them: No matter the circumstances. We are just cattle.

This is only the beginning point in the current global-war. Internationally there are a series of massive involvements now which were designed to destabilize the planet. Of course, since we’re all actually-imprisoned, just without the bars, our opinions about these constant eruptions in international affairs are meaningless. But there’s another point that too many still cannot see— yet!

Whenever any nation goes to war, or has to suffer through any real attack, whether financial, physical or military: The people involved, behind the scenes, have always counseled us to look to our leaders.” Just as our true conditions have been ‘kept from the public’ so have the actual conditions of those same so-called leaders remained hidden, from the global-public-view.

USI projects itself upon the world as the United States of America. And as ‘The USA’ we have concentrated on our weapons and our sanctions as to ‘who we are’ instead of on our so-called leaders: When it comes to deciding on what we (USI) will politically do, in any given situation.

This is a totally false impression. But it’s also why the young are the ones that fight in every war, police-action or contrived Marital Law situation; while those who profit, well beyond the fabulous sums they make, never-ever get anywhere near any battlefield. They leave that to the slaves on all sides.

There are reasons for this. Most of it has to do with the fact that many of those who are directing these policies are ancient and very near to death themselves. GHW Bush is wheelchair bound and Henry Kissinger is approaching 90. A great many of these senior advisors for USI are almost incapacitated. All of them are stuck in WWII strategic military concepts that have no place in the twenty-first century and all of the new problems they continue to create for us, and for the whole wide world.

When any people attempt to choose a leader, they can only look at the past performances of those offered to them, to gage the character or legitimacy of those who say they want to represent them. This involves “integrity” and the realities inherent in their past performances in whatever they have done in this life. None of our politicians, supposed-leaders, judges, prosecutors, cops, or supposedly prominent professionals. Corporate officers, bankers, global-investors or opportunists can ever pass that test.

Where there is no personal-integrity, there is no hope, anymore than there can be for the millions upon millions that are already illegally behind bars in this country. What the image at the top speaks to, are not the criminals already in captivity: But rather this points to the huge numbers of those from the general population that have already been targeted ­ even though we’re not yet behind bars. Those are the road-kill who are not aware that the conditions above will soon become their only path to existence, until death!

Apparently the world is literally unaware that the ancient and nearly dead are the same ones who are directing this global-destruction from hiding. It’s true of the Rothschilds and the global-bankers as well as those controlling the Jewish owned media, the entertainment industry, the Fed and virtually the entire global society today.

The reason that we get only puppets to vote for, is so that those calling the shots will not be seen: Instead they will be heard from through the ventriloquists dummy’s that sit in their offices. But those figures are nothing except just more brain dead

slot-holders in service to the bankers, the money-changers and the traitors that direct these actions which are designed to kill us all.

Everything we’ve involved this nation in, to date, has been the exact opposite of what we needed to do to return the world to a livable place. All the wars which began with 911 were designed to be part of this continuing attack upon this nation and the world, by USI & Israel. Everything after that black day has been an extension of that first false-flag, to further destabilize the USA and the global situation: To enable the takeover of the planet that’s still moving forward at an astounding pace.

Nothing that was supposedly done in the name of the American people, since we entered the new millennium, has been real. The troops that died did not die for us, but for Israel and for the old world order masquerading as the new world order.

Since 12-12-2000 this nation has been controlled by a totally illegal government in every aspect of that term. When Bush Jr. accepted the nomination given to him by the U.S. Supreme Court, the Republic no longer existed.

Bush ran for and successfully stole two terms in office, both of which were completely illegal. And Obamanation, his successor, was never qualified to run for either of his two terms.

His background included being a known drug dealer, and a past that he has not allowed the public or the government to question, to any real degree.

Together these two ‘residents’ of the Oval Office presided illegally over this nation. Now we’re looking at letting Obama lead the world into a third world war—because we have been too cowardly to stop the current Outlaw from continuing with what Clinton started and Bush continued with his License to Kill.

Every single thing they’ve done since the ‘intervention’ has always been illegal; which technically nullifies the last 13 plus years of this government. Since there will not be charges brought against either of these outlaws, about the only course left to the public is to throw out from three to five thousand traitors and clean the slate that’s been responsible for everything criminal to date.

Millions upon millions of people have been tortured, displaced and murdered around the world for this false-cause, in the name of the banker-engineered global scheme, designed to bankrupt the nations of the world. After all that, the plan was to finish off the remaining populations, in an unending war that was not meant to ever end. This was all supremely clarified in “1984” written in 1948, by George Orwell. This is what we’re still up against!

The Real Opposition.

There are over 90 million private weapons in this country and literally tens of millions of people who own those weapons. Many of those people are hunters. When and if the time comes, when the public no longer has anything left to lose, Americans will go hunting, but not for sport.

There are literally millions of us and there are only about 5,000 seriously corrupted barbarians that have created this global-nightmare. It’s not possible that 5,000 greedy and inhuman outlaws can actually hold the entire planet at gunpoint, for longer than a few seconds.

People say the new Robber-Barons are so far beyond rich that their “wealth’ cannot even be measured. But too few realize that the world which these outlaws claim to own is just a paper world built upon transparent deception and lies. This can all vanish in an instant, because none of it’s real. Their “protectors” are hired thugs. So when their ‘money’ becomes useless those ‘protectors’ (be they the secret-service, Blackwater or the mob), will turn on their former employer’s to take all they can before the herd arrives to drag these former executive-directors to the gallows.

This global-situation amounts to having created a modern day political and military Labyrinth, centered on the Vatican, the City of London and D.C. In ancient times there was a formidable Minotaur, at the ancient-center of everything. Today that center is occupied by a many-headed hydra, protected by a deadly swarm of scorpions which seek nothing less than total-domination of the entire planet. These dying freaks are enslaved to fake-power, pure-greed and ultimate-arrogance. They must be driven from their lairs into the open light of day so that after their executions, the world can begin to get back to living again...

There’s no time left to lose!

We must come to understand the realities that we have so far refused to even consider ­ if we don’t awaken to the truth and throw off our poisoned slumber, then that image above will just be the beginning for anyone else that might survive the coming bloodbath.



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