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Killing The Future

by Jim Kirwan

For everything that lives inside this country!


When the United States saved the wilderness lands for our future generations - all those national parks, those wild places and all the rivers, streams, mountains, forests and deserts: They were not set-aside for privatized-corporations to use as their privately controlled resource banks; nor were they intended to furnish free resources for commercial-gain. They were intended to exist in perpetuity for future Americans to enjoy in their natural settings, just as they were when we added them to what all Americans could enjoy down through every “next generation”, for as long as this country existed.

It looks as though I’ve answered my own question. Because this nation has obviously been murdered. The killers who did this have obviously decided that selling off this natural-national treasure is ‘okay’ since the nation, America, that went to some trouble to preserve this place is now dead. This troublesome fact leaves everything that’s left-over up for grabs—right?

I’ve had a really difficult time trying to understand how the US could consciously destroy so much of the natural beauty, or the abundance of the natural resources that this land once contained. However, since the corporations have always treated the national parks as well as all government lands as their own private resource-supply for pennies on the dollar: It’s no wonder that at the first sign of real national-failure they began to sell off our natural-resources to outlaws the world over.

This of course includes the rare-earth minerals and metals that don’t require the lands around them to remain viable. Hell, they’ll just strip mine all the priceless vistas and natural wonders like the Grand Canyon above, as soon as their new owners can begin that process.

There is no need to ask “WHY” because it’s obvious!

Wherever business can turn a profit then their concerns are the only thing that really matter—which is why the UN is representing the end of this nations lands and resources, for the greater concern of global vulture-ventures which obviously supersede any consideration that the public might have had about this obscenity.

This is not a myth; it’s not a “theory” of any kind. This is a fact that has been in progress since long before the NAU (North American Union) was begun, to cover-up what has been happening to North America since Bush Jr. took over.

Far too few have paid any attention to what this theft means to all Americans (North, Central & South Americans): This has always been the target of this takedown. To end the entire “new world of this hemisphere” so that all the wealth can be added to the coffers of the old-world-order that has been executing this plan since “the New World” was discovered, in the fifteenth century!






The specifics of the capture of the old USA

The second step was to illegally-enact this Constitution-Free-Zone which is a one-hundred mile wide zone around the continental U.S.A. In this zone there are no constitutional protections for anyone and this one-hundred mile wide zone amounts to a free-fire-zone for government mercenaries to kill anyone they choose to torture or kill at will.

While we are cut off from leaving and we’re imprisoned inside this prison-continent; they can finish what they started. They did this, announced it and no one who was responsible for this said anything by way of resistance.

And what was the first step you might ask?

Nothing much really—just the redrawing of all the lines that previously marked the divisions between states to adhere to the same zones used by the illegal Federal Reserve that people seem to be reluctant to end. The Roman Numerals are the beginning of something like some 160 zones into which the entire world has now been divided, by the UN & the Bankers worldwide—to make governing their new world more efficient. But Amerikans were too busy ignoring this to bother finding out the truth about what has already happened to what used to be this country.

Just think about this for a minute then add up how much more lucrative the entire scheme is when you add in all the natural resources from Canada, Mexico, all of Central America and South America to all the stolen-loot they plan to steal from just the USA? Come on people you can still add can’t you?

What Price Will You Pay?

Well for openers the first price is about to be the total loss of access to any of the original lands that were considered to be “wild”. In addition to that you will be removed from your homes and sent to live wherever the UN says that you must live, no exceptions!

Everything in RED are all the places that Americans can no longer use or enjoy: You can’t go there. If you live out there your land will be taken and the roads will all be closed. People used to hike, hunt, fish, or just wander over through the national parks: All of that is now illegal! Everything in red above will very soon belong to the U.N. by order of the U.N. and all of that has been approved of by Congress & our ‘War-Gods’. (1)

There are other problems of course, as well. For one thing the entire planet is being poisoned, the air the water and the land. The food is being poisoned, the water will soon begin to kill you, and the land will no longer be fit to grow anything on it that can sustain the human population: That, plus the weather modification that is now global, might make this place rather difficult to live in.

But hey, don’t even think about doing anything about it, because first of all it’s global. That’s why this might kill any future for anyone—if this fact below is not permanently destroyed, as in “YESTERDAY” - you know!

The planes that bring this to the global-earth come from all over the world. That alone might make it far too difficult for ordinary people to track down their bases and end their ability to fly? Besides we would have to care about stopping Chemtrails and since we have yet to admit that they exist—that too might be ‘just too difficult’ to ever be terminated? By the way they’ve been doing this since 1947 when the infant UN passed a law against using weather-modification as a tool of war: But since that happened so long ago, I guess that doesn’t matter any more.

When we compare the loss of all the minerals and rare-earth metals in this country against what the entire North American continent, plus everything of value, all the way down to the tip of Tierra Del Fuego in South America means: Do you think this “continuing venture” of our owners, might add to the loot they plan to steal from just this nation alone—what do you think?

Ah what the hell, just find a game to watch, have another drink: What could you ever do to interrupt anything that they continue to do to us every minute of the day, week, month and year as we wait for whatever comes next in the ruins that we’ve created by ignoring all of this for the last hundred years!

Congratulations Amerika you have earned your unequaled record for maintaining the greediest, most arrogant dump on this planet!


1) The First War Gods



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