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Kerry Calling For A Ceasefire?

By Jim Kirwan


Now that Kerry has appointed himself


For what’s left of the Nero Dictatorship

As the voice of reason,

He should call for a CEASEFIRE

By the Al Qaeda Forces

To facilitate the transfer of the Chemical Weapons

For Destruction!

Given that USI has already committed massive amounts of brute force in the form of naval ships, submarines and missiles, b-1. b-2 and B-52’s plus squadrons of fighter’s and stealth aircraft, along with hundreds if not thousands of troops, marines, paratroopers, army and special forces to this outrage ­ it would seem only fair to declare a truce for the few days required to locate and begin to move the chemical weapons to the places where they can be safely destroyed.

The world already knows that America does not plan on keeping their word, any more than they have ever kept their word about anything to do with the military whether it’s about our troops or our surrogates. In this case we are using mercenaries from all over the planet that have spent the last two and half years using to attack the government of a country that did not ask to be attacked.

Kerry: You asked for these weapons to be destroyed, and Syria agreed to this ASAP. The ASAP will no doubt be directly affected by whatever orders you and Nero are giving them regarding the location and problems that you want to create, to prevent the Syria’s promised from being met on time. The whole world knows you’re a terrible liar, a confirmed traitor to this country, and a determined slave to Israel ­ so you will no doubt do your utmost to see that Syria cannot meet your timeline.

Be a man Kerry - stop your barbarians wherever they are until Syria has complied with the full disclosure and a way to move them to an internationally-safe-zone for destruction.

If this does not happen and USI opens fire then the whole planet will likely rebel against whatever is left of this government.

In case you’ve stopped keeping track, we only have five to eight members of the Congress and about a dozen members of the Administration and no members of the ridiculous Supreme Court to speak “FOR” this country. Everyone else in this newly appointed “coup-government” is no longer needed in Washington or anywhere else ­ because they have no say at all in whatever the hell you and your traitors have planned for Syria.

The people that are in the high ninety percentile range ­ who disapprove of what you and your fellow traitors are doing have been joined by 75% of the US Troops that you say you will use to launch your unwarranted and totally illegal attack upon Syria.

Show the world that you actually want Syria to be able to comply by ordering your illegal-outlaw-force on the ground inside Syria to stand-down! Fail to do this and you’ll be hastening the end to your own miserably pathetic career ­ because to attack Syria under those conditions that would be a clear act of International WAR.

How could you and yours ever have dreamed that the public would sit still for being totally denied any voice at all from within that monstrously outdated behemoth that calls itself the US feral government? So make it easy on yourself you spineless bastard and call off the junk-yard dogs and make sure that Israel doesn’t use this as an excuse to take their own shot at creating WWIII while the elimination of the chemical weapons, which we manufactured and sold, are destroyed.




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