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Kafkaesque NATO & Rasmussen
By Jim Kirwan

Anders Fogh Rasmussen

The retiring Secretary General of NATO

By the time he leaves office on Oct 1, this will already be over.


This was the former Prime Minister of Denmark, an undistinguished professional politician whose whole world has been nothing but words on paper. Currently Rasmussen represents NATO, as a puppet, in the world of politics which has become the step-child most noted for global criminal-activity around the planet. Rasmussen has been at the helm since August of 2009, which means he was there when Syria was first attacked and when Libya was publicly exterminated: Now he wants NATO to do the same thing to Russia.

Rasmussen along with Obama & Israel ought to be on trial in the Hague for Warcrimes, Genocide and Crimes against Humanity ­but instead he’s racing around trying desperately to create another illegal first strike military capability, on the cheap, to start WWIII.

The alliance plans to tackle “Russia’s aggressive behavior” with a new expeditionary force

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen announced Monday that the organization was planning to assemble a “spearhead” force that would be able to “travel light but strike hard if needed” in the face of Russia’s increasingly aggressive behavior in eastern Ukraine.

The new outfit would be manned by several thousand rotating allied troops who would be ready to respond by air or sea with the aid of special forces, explained Rasmussen.”

It should be pointed out that Rasmussen is not a general, not an expert on weaponry or global military strategy—he was not elected. He’s a puppet who represents NATO that serves the global-bankers as global corporate pirates. As such Rasmussen is just a mouthpiece for a criminal-mob with an agenda that is not equal to the scale of what he’s proposing, as NATO’s solution to a problem, that NATO has no business participating in at all.

In this context Rasmussen easily becomes a Kafkaesque figure!

Rasmussen is the figure at the center of NATO's current obscenity, which is seeking to weaponize the entire Southern Border of Russia: Which, until last November was a peaceful boundary between peoples on both sides of their recognized international borders.

Until this latest bit of terrorist activity, conducted by USI, Israel & NATO, which began with the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected government: There was obviously no need to weaponize the lengthy international border with Russia.

After the first coup in Ukraine: The Oligarch who ran that decided to attack everyone who was opposed to his illegal government. It was decided by USrael to treat all those who resisted the new regime as "terrorists in their own country. He failed miserably at that task because he had opened fire and then failed to follow thru.

A fake-election was held that was "won" by Porky with only 30% of the electorate. His first act was to announce the absolute extermination of the entire eastern region of Ukraine - which was a blatant and formal act of illegal WAR.

After months of slip-shod fighting by NAZI’s and mercenaries supported by USrael, Porky declared that he would wipe out all resistance within the week that just ended last week.

In neither Defeat nor Victory does either side (below) have a leader because neither image has a face, which clearly describes this war!

Porky has now failed again, declaring his serious losses on the battlefield to be a victory.

The resistance forces kicked his mercenaries out of the same areas that the fake government had promised to die to capture. That earned the government in Kiev the needed reality check which was handed to Porky in the major defeat of his forces two days ago.

Porky then agreed to meet with Russia and the resistance to discuss terms and negotiations yesterday.

After the meeting Porky announced to the world that Kiev had won the war and that the resistance fighters would be punished accordingly, instead of being treated as legitimate and victorious representatives of the Eastern Republics which they still are. Meanwhile Porky dissolved his government so that there are no government figures in Kiev to disagree with whatever he decides to do.

It was against this backdrop that Rasmussen the pathetic NATO puppet jumped into the scene and began to describe the way NATO would "deal" with the global-powerhouse of Russia, which Rasmussen is convinced can be dealt with by the cobbled together forces he discusses in the article above.

This entire "story" could never be made into even a bad movie; because no audience would ever believe the script ­ primarily because the script defies all logic.

Playing At Global War

None of the supposed facts in evidence on the ground have been shown to exist. And this entire masquerade has been performed in front of the world for 10 months now; with only failure after failure to show for all the money wasted on this total-farce!

None of the starring roles in this 'production' (if this were to be made into a movie of the week) have involved anyone that could ever be believed - when they continue to spew their obvious lies that the planet is being 'ordered' to believe: Because it's US Incorporated and Israel who have designed this entire charade, not to mention the tens of billions in more money that NATO needs (Of American money) to create even more military bases as if the 900 they already have aren’t enough.

So this is all ‘necessary’ because of the tens of billions more which the global war-machine will get to do this job

That will clearly fail in the end?

Of course, that’s exactly what they did in all the wars to date’?

Meanwhile: NATO has completely ignored the time it would take to build these unnecessary "NATO BASES" in the middle of winter - when there will be no heat; in the countries where the bases will supposedly be built - so the populations in those countries will be suffering cold and hunger from the illegal sanctions, yet they are expected to cheer the building of more unnecessary bases, to attack the one nation that could supply the heating oil and food needed to get them all thru the coming winter?

What NATO, Israel and USI are trying to do in Ukraine is nothing short of desperately trying to create the conditions they want to create, so that they can launch their preemptive first strike against Russia and call it “necessary”!

NATO in this case has made themselves accomplices to mass murder, genocide and crimes against the world already - by assisting with and fomenting a potentially thermonuclear war against the planet.

The totally misdirected resources which NATO is demanding, to be spent, could be far better used to relieve the suffering that will come with the arrival of winter. Not to mention the victims that now have no homes at all inside Ukraine, because the government blew them up.

And what about the people that all this is supposed to be protecting with this military pantomime which will all soon be seen to be starving or freezing to death if this pathetic Kafkaesque play is allowed to continue?

All of this is just adding fuel to the need for SANCTIONS or WAR CRIMES CHARGES - against Israel and USI because once these two heads of the multi-headed Hydra above, begin to feel the wrath of the rest of the planet, then this unnecessary war can be walked back down from global suicide, to the return of international boundaries and international laws that can finally work. What’s required is a way to begin to silence the Mass Scream Media, some of which are shown above!


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