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Justice & The Law

By Jim Kirwan


There’s a huge difference between ‘justice’ and ‘The Law”. These differences were created by lawyers and criminals in league with global-interests that go back in time to long before this country was created. Today this continuing battle represents the war between corporate-interests in the artificial-paper-world vs. the flesh and blood world in which most of us have always tried to live.

The lawyers who ultimately work for the British Maritime Admiralty Law of the Sea are part of this artificial-construct that would have everyone believe that they and they alone are acting for the real law that must be obeyed by everyone on the planet. Nothing could be further from the truth. The lawyers, both government and private, are just pawns of the Crown and the Vatican in the centuries long rape pillage and plunder of the global population. It’s way past-time that these liars are forced to answer for their betrayal of the flesh and blood world of men and women everywhere.

In a nutshell this global-con-game has always worked like this: ‘Laws’ are crafted, using words that the public takes to mean one thing, while in reality the actual terms of the “agreements’ tend to mean the exact opposite of what the people who must obey them think they mean. That gets done by using a private and semi-secret language that only lawyers use to both deceive and defraud the public they supposedly serve.

The key to this continuing crime is Black’s Law Dictionary that carefully defines the “SECRET-LANGUAGE” for the traitorous lawyers in this country. Shakespeare was right when he said “First we kill all the lawyers”!

This method is what was used in this country to hide the fact that the United States is in reality; both in a perpetual-state of Martial Law and its been bankrupt since the Civil War. The only time you will hear anything about this is whenever you try and use the constitution to buttress any argument that Americans have any rights or any freedoms at all.

At the same time the outlaws falsely use the Constitution and “the laws” to justify the crimes they continue to use against the public, by claiming that they are acting “lawfully”. This has to end because these artificial-constructs can never work, in the flesh and blood world, where ordinary people have to live and work in, every day.

Justice deals with writing the wrongs that are commonplace. The Law deals with stealing everything from the rest of us who do not subscribe to the secret-language of lawyers. This has been hidden from the public for centuries. Because our so-called laws have all been written in this fraudulently-constructed “language” ­ the end result benefits the outlaws and screws the public at every turn.

The ultimate irony is that while these lawyers claim that they have the LAW on their side; the truth is that what they represent is a crudely fashioned set of lies that were created to fool the public into believing that we are really nothing but slaves and that everything we thought we owned or had any right to expect has all been just one huge lie, since at least the year 300 A.D. or so. The date varies but this began whenever it was that the Roman church claimed that it, and only it, owns all the land and everyone on the planet. It’s all crap and always has been. We need to end this masquerade and arrest the whole damned bunch of those that have preached this heresy for centuries…

The bottom line is that what is ruling over America is nothing but a lawless and counterfeit government that in reality has no basis for its existence, unless we buy into their colossal lies. We must call them on their continuing crimes. We must dissolve their corporate-charters that were created illegally, by this same method, and take ourselves back to the time before the creation of corporate-people that have no personal responsibilities: To the coming of private-for-profit corporate super-states (TPP) that will end civilization as it has been since we left the caves. All of this must go if there is to be any way to survive what’s coming next.

Deadwood Oracles from History

Deadwood, the lawless town in Dakota Territory in 1876 was the perfect example of what is happening to America right now. Deadwood was inhabited by outlaws, bandits, saloon-owners, prostitutes, gunfighters, and opportunists: Most of which were outlaws trying to live in a place that was totally lawless. They had a shell government, complete with a sheriff, but no one was literally protected from the excesses that made Deadwood the place that it was.

Everyone with “vested interests” in Deadwood knew the score, and they made their lawlessness work for the survivors that lived there. This ‘totally illegal-system’ worked but only because the criminals knew that they could never go “too far” because if they did then the whole town of Deadwood and all their special operations would have been ‘burned to the ground’.

Recently a new “Deadwood” surfaced in California. It’s called Fullerton, California, and its just as lawless today as was the town of Deadwood in the late 1800’s. The difference is that California’s Deadwood has gone too far, by the standards of the 1876 and yet today’s Fullerton does not fear its people. They fear only the criminal elements that are running the city, the county and the state as well as the feral U.S. Government. That much is clear!

Fullerton has lost the courage that was expected of its citizens. Fullerton, California is not in danger of being “burnt to the ground”, as would have been the case in Deadwood. It has instead sided with the criminal-elements throughout their crimes and it has allowed the outlaws to commit cold-blooded criminal-murder against one of their own.

Unlike Deadwood of the 1800’s Fullerton is becoming the poster-child for national-cowardice in the face of the new-old enemy of the United States, which is just how low this nation has fallen between our founding and this sad reflection of a captive-nation that has unconditionally-surrendered to the dark side. The real people of that place must decide to turn the tables on corruption and end this nightmare soon, or the rest of the nation will cave-in to this unspeakable crime against people everywhere. (2)

For the United States to survive those of us who are loyal to flesh and blood and to reality must act definitively in the face of treason; or be condemned as cowards when the truth counts the most. (3)

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Oracles from History ­ Part 1

Oracles from History ­ Part 11

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