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Jan 1st - July 31st - Unaccompanied
Alien Children Releases

By Patricia Doyle PhD

Hello, Jeff - This is only the tip of the iceberg.  These are the illegals that we KNOW about.  These stats don't show the ones that sneak in and head to parts unknown.  This gives us some idea where to look for foreign disease spread.

I am certain that Missouri and other States fighting this "rare" outbreak of severe Rhinovirus and also Enterovirus 68 are fighting an illness brought in by illegals.  They walk amongst us now and are in our schools.

I have an article that shows legal immigrants are obligated to have and pay for health screening before entering the US.  They also cannot come into the US if they have TB and other infectious diseases or mental and physical conditions that would harm society.  However, if an immigrant comes to the US illegally he or she can stay, have the illness treated on the taxpayer dole.  It is not fair to us, or to those who are law abiding and come in the right way.

We get hit several ways, 1. we have to pay for ourselves and children medical care when we contract infectious diseases brought in by illegals. 2. we pay for the illegals to get health treatment.  3 we essentially pay for their housing, food clothes etc. lastly 4 our taxes will go up.

No one is mentioning the fact that the hundreds of children in Mo. and Illinois a day going to the ER probably got sick due to going to school with illegals.

They only mention central American illegals coming in.  This is not true.  Chinese, Philippine, Thailand, India and other countries in Asia and SE Asia as well as Middle East children and adults are coming in.  Enterovirus 68 has been active of late in Thailand and the Philippines.  It is likely that the virus originated in foreign illegals from those countries.  

Now these illegals are in our public schools and the result is outbreaks and hundreds of sick American children.  There have been some very scant outbreaks of Enterovirus 68 in the US specifically California over the years but nothing like this.  We are talking about 30 to 100 children a day brought to ERs in Kansas City Mo.  15% were hospitalized in the ICU for breathing difficulties.

I think people have a right to know about this.  I am furious and have the blood heating up.  This infuriates me and I don't hear Obama or one politician talking about this.   Urgurrh.  

Of course politicians don't run this country.  George Carlin said it right, it is run by the zionist  Rothschild bankers.   If I can find that video of George's I will send it.  Foul language and all he stated it correctly.


UAC release data from January 1st to July 31st

State # of UAC
Alabama 515
Alaska 5
Arizona 203
Arkansas 209
California 3909
Colorado 263
Connecticut 394
Delaware 141
District of Columbia 238
Florida 3809
Georgia 1412
Hawaii 8
Idaho 13
Illinois 377
Indiana 309
Iowa 159
Kansas 207
Kentucky 284
Louisiana 1275
Maine 12
Maryland 2804
Massachusetts 989
Michigan 124
Minnesota 202
Mississippi 202
Missouri 146
Montana 1
Nebraska 232
Nevada 163
New Hampshire 24
New Jersey 1877
New Mexico 28
New York 4244
North Carolina 1429
North Dakota 4
Ohio 405
Oklahoma 241
Oregon 73
Pennsylvania 456
Puerto Rico 1
Rhode Island 148
South Carolina 434
South Dakota 27
Tennessee 909
Texas 5280
Utah 85
Vermont 3
Virginia 2856
Virgin Islands 4
Washington 265
West Virginia 12
Wisconsin 60
Wyoming 7

Total 37,477

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