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Israel Did It


Jim Kirwan



And US Incorporated made it all possible.


The beginnings of the Biblical flood of Displaced People, refugees and migrants has always been ‘PART II” of Israel’s invasion of Palestine that formerly began with Israeli-Terrorists that magically became the military and political leadership of Israel after 1948. See the last link in this article.

With that false war of “independence” in Palestine, the flood of displaced people began. That crime against humanity has been going on for over 67 years, with Israel’s genocide against the Palestinians. What has made that war so horrific is that Israel used that illegal war to begin their illegal evictions’ of the people they sought to displace from their own legally created nation: To be replaced by terrorists and savages from the whole wide world.

This is not just another statistic from the dust of history: This is front and center relevant, to the continuing flood of war-refugees that Israel has been

creating now for over half a CENTURY. This war-crime has been producing landless people from the very beginning. The refugees from Palestinian-Israel, have been flooding into Lebanon, Libya, Jordon, Syria, Egypt and elsewhere, from that war-crime for all that time. The camps that were created for the Palestinians have burdened the countries that have tried to accommodate the refugees to a point that is nearly unsustainable. And now with the new and far more numerous flood of refugees from the current series of wars that began with the liquidation of Libya by USI, NATO and the Brits, the French and the Spanish primarily ­ but with this entire ‘coalition of the killing’ that began the current flood of landless people throughout the Middle-East: A whole new chapter (PART TWO) of this war upon humanity began.

The warmongers promised

To ‘spread Peace, Prosperity and Democracy’,

But what they brought instead was enslavement, torture and death to every former nation they even remotely touched.

It was one thing when it was just Palestine, but when the targeted victims spread to include Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and beyond: It soon became clear that the colossal movement of war-refugees would create its own terms that could no longer be contained inside Africa or the Middle-East, because of the U.S. and their lust for ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ of the planet.

Because of this, the world must now deal with the overflow from Israel’s wars: Supported and paid for by USI.

The numbers being kicked around now are incredibly high, 800,000 for Germany alone, but they are only the barest beginning of the real numbers that will soon begin to move from the overburdened camps that have existed for decades, into the tsunami of human beings that is only just beginning. And ‘winter’ is on the way…

The real question that is not being asked is:

When and where did all this begin?

Why has the global-media hidden this truth for all this time? The answer is that it was all hidden because this has always been a key component in the Israeli-USI plan to steal the planet: By dumping the unwanted landless victims back into the rest of the world that cannot afford to deal with them.

Of course that will also just happen to end the EU as they thought it was ­ but then that too was always part of the treachery of USI and Israel.

Think Germans Aren't Fed Up with Their Media (and the US)? Listen to This Man (Video) 2min 37sec.

The footnote to that below is also very basic: While the world refuses to watch, USI-Israel has been blaming Russia for everything that has gone wrong with the world—while the truth is that Russia has patiently done almost everything right when it came to the refugees that fled Ukraine into Russia or indeed any of the other confrontational points which USI has tried to use to stop Russia. And when it comes to forming new coalitions and real policies to end the insanity and stop the flood of refugees by stopping the insanity that’s being fueled by USI and Israel ­ Russia is the major power that has shown calm and balanced leadership, in the face of the West’s continuing hysteria…

There’s been a political vacuum since well before Israel became the now visible global-mass-murderer that she is today. The names of those behind 911 and everything involved in the crimes of the New Millennium are clearly listed and categorized in this article: What the world must do now is to strip this article down to a global ‘WANTED, DEAD or ALIVE’ Poster listing ­ which would end this bottomless sinkhole forever.

Solving 911 Ends the War - Christopher Bollyn 2015

57min 58sec VIDEO

I’m scheduled to be on with Jeff tomorrow night. And I’m planning on talking about the last half dozen or so articles

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Because the connections need to be talked about.

Listen if you can…


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