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Israel’s Nuclear Blackmail
By Jim Kirwan

Is Backfiring!

When Israel blackmailed her way into the community of nations and the UN, her choice of weapons was terror, fear, intimidation and blackmail. That worked for as far as it went, but that was just the beginning.

Once ensconced; Israel began to extort what she could not beg, borrow or steal, even on the black-market—namely nuclear weapons.

Israel was able to build Dimona, before Kennedy’s murder. Today it’s nothing but a useless burned out shell, when it comes to creating Israeli nuclear weapons.

Dimona became the failure that it is today because Israel was so obsessed with creating nuclear weapons, that they overworked the plant until they burned it out.

This ‘dilemma’ presented Israel with both a major problem and their solution of choice: Which was to buy decaying nuclear weapons, in bulk, from GHW Bush. Poppy was always a traitor, long before he became part of the upper crust in Amerikan politics: Like father, like son!

Poppy’ used his positions in the government here to sell Israel a huge number of unstable weapons for their depleted uranium. Israel is still using the balance of these hijacked weapons, which they’ve planted in all the major countries of the world.

This is the real reason that so many nations the world over continue to do things that are obviously against their own real interests. Such as the recent votes for sanctions against Moscow: When every one of the 28 nations had to know that the most recent sanctions would backfire and would ultimately destroy those nations that voted for USI and Israeli demands to sanction Russia.

The unspoken reason behind this utter insanity, beneath the sanctions, was and has always been Israel’s not so secret weapon: Which since Poppy was VP, has always been Israel’s nuclear blackmail of the world.

The time has come to make Israel’s “Nuclear Blackmail” public!

Watching the world go through the contortions and convoluted excuses for why these cowardly nations, including the USA, are doing what they’re doing: Has been a disgusting display of global cowardice which must end.

What makes this mandatory now is the extremely volatile nature of the nuclear material that Israel chose to use, in those weapons that compose their global-threat. It’s likely that those hidden devices just might go off by themselves because of their chemical instability. This danger was built-in from the beginning. Because of this Israel now thinks that it can force the world to do whatever it demands!

The fact that none of the world’s supposed leaders will ever mention this global-blackmail gives the rest of us the proof that’s needed to confront this nightmare head-on. That must happen now. Israel is no longer in-charge of whether or not those dirty bombs will be used or not—because the natural degradation of the materials themselves may determine when some of them might go off, even without activation by Israel or any of their slave-states.

We must face the facts; while there is still some small chance that most of us might not have to endure nuclear annihilation, just because Israel demands control over every person on the planet.

The present circumstance is the exact opposite of what took place during the Cold War. That ‘forty-year-war’ was waged to keep the planet safe from nuclear war. It’s now been scraped by this License to Kill which the congress gave to GWH Bush’s evil-son, to expand his threats against the world with Preemptive First Strikes. Of course this “License” also gave us NDAA and the whole range of drone’s that have advanced terror ever deeper into every society on earth.

It’s astounding that the USA gave the US presidency to two members of the same criminal family that financed the Nazi’s via Poppy’s father: Prescott Bush, from the1940’s into reality.

Three Bush’s all working their entire lives to destroy the USA and the world—yet almost none of the literal history of that evil family is known to the millions who need to know the truth about these traitors. This is why all of this must be discussed openly and now, before everything get’s worse!

Boycotts could help, but so far they’re not deep enough or wide enough to make the depth of the impression that all of Israel needs to feel:

Beyond the Puppets Everywhere…

The world is being run by puppets of all kinds. The process of politics as we were raised to comprehend it has been dead for over forty years. There are no political parties. There are no “leaders” any more. There are no laws anymore, only obsessions that must be satisfied for the Élites’ everywhere. Instead of the system we once thought we knew: There are only sanctioned puppets enslaved to various monetary gods that lie and cheat and steal from all sides—in each case according to the barbaric opportunities that are running wild all over the earth today.

We need to learn to spit upon them all - while we learn to re-embrace the “NO” which we once knew how to use so well: But that was back then, when we had some freedom and when it was still up to us to direct our own lives!

People have this one last chance to throw them all overboard and take back the war-torn world before there’s nothing left to save.

In the states there are no “officials” anymore. There are no judges, no courts, no commissions, and no lawyers that are not corrupted: In brief everything that once allowed any system to work here has all been murdered and replaced by outlaws. “Oaths of office” have been nullified, along with ethics, humanity, dignity or self-worth. Corruption is the only measure of how most of us continue to live from minute to minute.

Israel owns the world right now. The mass-media is their voice, not ours. The very least that can be done is to confront these behemoths which are never mentioned in any news conferences, or in any of our so-called public forums.

We have no journalists left that will dare to ask these questions, on the record, openly of every purported politician or spokesperson—in ways that cannot be censored or ignored: That’s the ‘public-secret’ beneath Israel’s Nuclear Blackmail.

The image at the top of this article concerns The World & The Universe. If we recapture our world then the blue planet can begin to be healed. If we fail then the earth itself will be turned into death incarnate from our oceans and rivers thru all our lands, our forests, the deserts and mountains: Everything will die along with the death of the food chain. The air we breathe and the water as well as the soil: All of that will be contaminated. Will we remain silent about all of this or will we chose to fight this to the death!

If we’re going to die, and since we’re all going to die anyway, we should at least confront these Stone-Age creatures who are responsible for forcing this situation, which has taken us all back to the caves. We have to force them to face us—because then we can go to that death or to that victory - knowing that we did all that could be done…


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