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Israel Continues To Defy The World


By Jim Kirwan


Israel is demanding more major concessions, from Iran: More checks and inspections that will shred any resemblance to what any other country in the world would ever agree to put up with.

The solution to this impending impasse is simple.

Apply the exact same rules, inspections and restraints on

Nuclear energy throughout Israel,

As Israel is demanding for Iran.

Of course that would make both Israel and Iran Nuclear free zones.

Israel would never stand for that and therein is the problem.

Of course Israel is a Rogue but Nuclear armed state: Home to global-outlaws that have repeatedly used mini-nukes, phosphorous and cluster bombs against civilians routinely: In their multiple and unprovoked wars that selectively target the almost unarmed nation-states of the planet. Yet no one has forced Israel to face trial for any of their illegal actions. It’s Israel that is threatening the entire world with nuclear weapons, not Iran.


Israel contributes nothing to the world except hatred and division

In every area of human activity.

But this time round, Israel is planning to sabotage the ‘latest agreement’ in such a way that Iran will end up violating the obscure terms, thereby losing the funding they think they just received, while the next round of more sanctions will be even more primitive and brutal than the sanctions which the P5+1 thought they just tried to end. Israel’s purpose in doing this is that once Iran makes any kind of misstep then Israel plans to carry out McCain’s private anthem…

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran”


Which Israel plans to start and then they will turn over

To USI for the full liquidation­ just like Libya.

In brief if Israel refuses to abide by the same rules for nuclear weapons as does every other state that has them ­ then Iran should be free to do whatever she likes and to hell with Israel wherever that shitty little country dares to raise its ugly face.

As for the US Congress that at this late hour now wants to defeat the agreement that it took so many nations to finally come to an agreement on:

Six World Powers Now Subject to the Will of Israel: The World’s Only Undeclared Nuclear Armed State

Every member of Congress that has been paid off by Israel to vote against this agreement needs to be arrested and charged because it is still ILLEGAL for a Foreign Power to bribe members of the US Government, (Israel and all her agents have still refused to REGISTER as agents of a foreign government) - especially when the topic at issue could involve the United States in a Third World War, started by Israel, to bring down the United States as well as the population of the entire Middle-East, if not the world.

If Israel refuses to abide by the same rules that they now want to force upon Iran, then the planet needs to globally SANCTION Israel until there’s nothing left inside that den-of-iniquity but the dead and dying skeletons that such sanctions could and should enable.

Of course ‘IF’ the Jews in Israel decided to overthrow Netanyahu that might go a long way toward ending this problem. Netanyahu is after all their problem, and if they end him the world might be very

grateful for the change in their own government ­ at least then the Jews could stop worrying about having a criminally insane psychotic at the head of what might remain of their lives in Palestine…

Maybe it might be actions of this type that could begin to take the world back to the kinds of ‘CONSEQUENCES’ that Israel has spent the last 67 years trying to avoid paying?

Think… Then Act

If the planet is to ever again regain some real ILLUMINATION, then we must begin to punish all those traitors that have brought us all to the brink of global-destruction.




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