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The Invisible IDF

By Jim Kirwan


The world is NOT suppose to Hear, See or Speak

About these Israeli Outlaws

Yet the IDF continues to invite themselves

To every bloodbath in the region!

Wherever the IDF does not go, then US Forces are sent in

To do their fighting for them,

This must stop!

In the long-ago and the far-far-away, there was a time when the Israeli Defense Forces were supposedly a powerful military force, at least in the Middle-East. That was before the same IDF blew up the US Marine Barracks in Beirut, killing over 241 unarmed U.S. Marines.

Reagan was in charge and he never charged Israel with that slaughter.

That was before Hezbollah kicked out the cowardly IDF troops from Lebanon, while the whole-world watched, during the 2006 Israeli-invasion of Lebanon: Which was totally without any military-foundation whatsoever. But then Israel has attacked Lebanon three times so far, yet commentators seem to fail to remember the IDF record of failure after failure throughout the Middle East over the past 66 years.

“…the actions of those that control the governments of Israel and the United States do not represent the populations of their countries. This outrage is only the latest and most blatant, in a series of crimes that were designed by the criminal elites to crush and control evermore of those lands still in Arab hands. This barbaric response from The US and Israel is collective punishment for resisting the New Crusades that are masquerading as "The New Middle East." (1)

Now Obama has ordered 70,000 U.S. Marines back into Lebanon, supposedly to keep Hezbollah from assisting Syria—this time round.

Someone ought to tell the Marines about what happened to those US Marines, the last time they went into Lebanon: Including how the US traitor in the Oval Office just looked the other way and let Israel blame militant Syrian forces for the bombing that could only have been done by Israel—in the same way that the only nation that could have created the bombs that brought down the towers in New York on 911 was Israel. No other nation could even have come close.

The Marines will be armed this time, but nevertheless the IDF is known to be a back-stabbing mercenary-force that can’t be trusted, as they have no real allies on the planet. That’s becoming clear in the latest release which shows the IDF being active inside Kiev. This fight has nothing whatever to do with Israel, inside the unrest in Ukraine which continues. (2)

Nation after nation and country after country continues to fall victim to Israel’s blatant efforts to steal territory and treasure from every nation that borders that shitty-little-country. Ultimately it is Israel that must be stopped-cold and disarmed, if the Middle-East is to ever know anything like a peace of any kind.

Don’t believe me, look it up!

Between USI & Israel, the bulk of all the unrest around the planet today emanates directly from these two belligerent-‘states’. Israel has taken control over the U.S. nuclear arsenal, which they had since before the onset of the false-flag of the first Arab-Spring. Israel is also dictating US military policies thru Obamanation’s firing of hundreds of key generals that were in charge of the US nuclear-submarine fleet, plus the generals in charge of the silos that house retaliatory missiles that supposedly defend this nation from a nuclear attack. That’s on-top of training US police forces to behave like IDF troops when dealing with US civilians, inside the Fascist Police-State that is nearly complete.

The only thing keeping Israel and USI from triggering Martial Law in this country is the belief that other nations could use EMP’s to kill the technology we depend upon. Without that “technology” DHS would be helpless sitting-ducks against the 90 million armed Americans—and they can’t risk that right now.

The second aspect of an attack upon either the Internet or the nation would become immediately known by the real military that is for the most part still overseas. That’s why DHS was created, so the traitors would have their own creatures to use against the population—and would not have to bother trying to get actual US troops to fire against their own people here at home. But the second that the banks stop functioning, or the internet goes down, then all bets will be off: That’s what this cowardly bunch of traitors worries about, because they know that they could never “control” that level of chaos, regardless of whatever they try to say to justify their current positions.

So “yes” things do look very bad at the moment, but nothing is all that encouraging for the outlaws that are running this place, either: Not when everything else is factored-in. Here’s an in-depth overview of what’s actually happening in the Middle-East that needs to be heard and thought about for anyone who’s serious about knowing what’s really been going on throughout the region since the élites redrew the boundaries of so many nations after WWI: followed by who’s been doing what since the first round of color-revolutions began… (3)

1) Who will stop the countdown ­ 2006

2) Israeli Officers running the opposition in the Ukraine

3) Ken O’Keefe’s Middle East Show with Jonathon Azaziah -1 hr VIDEO



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