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The Invisible Public


By Jim Kirwan


For the planet to function as anything like a viable ‘world’ ­ the global public must reclaim its critically important connecting role, as the force which gives meaning to everything that is active in the world. Today the world’s global population has virtually ‘disappeared’ beneath the false-flag agendas of the privatized Fascist forces of the globalized police-state.

We can easily see what will happen, when the shadow figure above finally vanishes completely: Because without the human connection between the universe above and the separate worlds of the war-torn world below ­ then everything disappears, just as the population itself, that has already been destroyed, because the public has no standing in any political body, anywhere in the global-conflicts of today.

None of this is new. It’s all happened before in many places, but never before has the world adopted this totally twisted construct—for a world without “the real people that strive to thrive” and who at the same time demand to keep their integrity and ingenuity along with their creativity, imagination and their intuition’s: All of which amount to anything but the monogamously bland robotization of the global public ­ or the blatant farce that is being demanded by today’s artificial designers of tomorrows’ “people of the twenty-first century.”

This happened to Native American people, in their 400 years of war with the emergence of the alien-Supremacy that was part of the original Khazarian template which Israel has been using to “disappear” the existence of the Palestinian’s from the world stage.

This same template was used in varying degrees in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Yugoslavia, the Ukraine and in Syria today—by denying any “STANDING” to the subject-people in any of the over 100 nations where USI is currently “At War” with billions of people the world over.

The buzz-phrase “Regime-Change” has nothing to do with the wishes of the people in the countries where the global Barbarians’ seek to overthrow legitimate regimes, to hand all their resources over to Outlaws thru a process they call “Regime Change” but which is nothing more than enslavement, torture and murder for the people of each targeted former “state”.

The ‘public’ in every case is paying for everything from international enslavement, as human chattel, to all the weapons used against them, while we are all forced to pay for all the blackmail, by various government entities, and their uniformed Outlaws worldwide; who are paid to enforce the global-police-state ­ while the “public” continues to be forcefully denied a voice; much less any way to continue to survive ­ regardless of what they had known in their former nations, wherein they once thought they actually

lived in’.

Until ‘ordinary people’ actually have a real part in every decision of what has now become one with the enslaved populations of the planet ­ NOTHING WILL CHANGE ­ except to become ever-more deadly with every day that passes as we continue to disappear, as individuals, beneath this global-Juggernaut that has targeted 95% of the global population with disease, torture, starvation and ultimately with premature and irrevocable death.

None of this will change by itself ­

The people must force this change or die in the process.

This situation can no longer be ignored. If we want to be able to live anywhere ­ then we must fight to take back our lives and overturn the Rogue-governments worldwide ­ now!

Since the beginning of the New Millennium, the privatized corporations have taken full control over “who can speak” as well as “who has standing” in any government anywhere—when it comes down to the policies and practices of the puppet-governments all over this planet.

As things stand, “the real global-public-concerns” have no place to exist any longer ­ anywhere in the war-ravaged world that no longer gives a damn about any human concerns, regardless of the death of the global-society worldwide, which has gone completely un-noticed by the media or their ‘puppet-masters’ among what passes for the “Self-Appointed-POWERS” who claim to own the world that once belonged to so many of the people that are still part of the world today.

Too many have forgotten that ‘FREEDOM’ cannot be inherited, it must be fought for and obtained anew by each new generation. So after the global slumber that began with the end of WWII, the global-public seemed to drop any frame of reference for themselves or their offspring when it comes to how the public can take back their freedoms or “their rights”.

But it’s crystal-clear that “FREEDOM” can only be obtained when people are willing to accept the RESPONSIBILITIES that go with every so-called “RIGHT”- which so many so casually still claim to own.

Sophie illustrates these points in her program today which deals with “WHO has STANDING” when it comes to who can be heard and who might survive to tell that tale. She speaks with a German-writer who just spent 10 days with “IS”, and lived to tell the tale…



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