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Interesting Take On Ferguson & New York City

By Frosty Wooldridge


While racial issues boil across America, everyone offers a different take on the killings of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in New York City.



National Football League players raise their hands up while racing onto the field signaling the iconic “Hands up, don’t shoot!”  Ironically, many of them carry criminal records.


National Basketball Association players LeBron James and Kobe Bryant sported “I can’t breathe” warm up shirts.  In 2003, Kobe faced a long prison term for sexually assaulting a woman in a hotel. He paid her off so she wouldn’t testify against him so he  escaped prison.

On the African-American side, the Grand Jury facts verified by six African-American citizens pointed to the fact that Michael Brown did not raise his hands in surrender. He charged Officer Wilson with the intent to commit major violence.   Brown, high on drugs, committed a cardinal sin: never assault a police officer after you robbed a store.  You’re guilty.


In the end, Michael Brown faced a life behind bars or a very short ending to his life for his robberies and lawlessness.  You can’t candy-coat his criminal behavior no matter how “innocent” he looked.  Much like the Main Stream Press’ picture of Trayvon Martin’s 12-year-old angelic face!  In reality, Martin’s Facebook page exposed a growing criminal youth.  His death or incarceration: only a matter of time.

In New York City, Eric Garner, breaking a New York City law, refused to be handcuffed.  Bad decision!

On the law and order side, opinions rage as to his culpability.


One writer said, “There is a very simple solution which will prevent anymore deaths of black Americans at the hands of police (white, black or brown): do as the police say and stop resisting arrest.”


His comment brings into question whether or not our citizens must obey the law or continue their lawlessness.   

Another said, “If Ferguson Brown and Staten Island Garner had jobs instead of engaging in crimes would their lives have been spared? How can anyone contest that his or her lives would have been spared?  Why are the protesters not demanding that jobs be created because “black lives matter”? Because the protesters could care less about the conditions which produce the Browns, Garners and Martins of the Black ghettos, or the victims themselves and their families. They care only about their revolutionary agenda and characterizing these tragedies as “white racism” advances that agenda.” 


What has African-American Barack Obama done for Black America as to education, jobs, job training, technical schools, Black teen pregnancies and housing for the past six years? Answer: virtually nothing.  A mind-numbing 73 percent of African-American teen girls end up pregnant out of wedlock to rear their children on food stamps and welfare.


Another said, “To me, the most defining phrase follows: ‘The reality: As of 2007, black-on-white violent crime was 40 times as common as the reverse.’

The normal use of omission, innuendo, and outright lies by the liberal press, liberal politicians, and so-called ‘black leaders’ is the true problem that brings on racial strife in this nation.  The actual reason for the plight of blacks is failure of these very same entities to honestly address the true and self-inflicted causes of their plight. They are moral and character-based and have created a sub-culture that stems from the number of out of wedlock births, single mothers, and lack of education by choice.”

This comment illustrates the best response as to personal accountability:

Cops do not wake up in the morning and go to work deciding that they are going to kill someone today.  They want a silent and un-eventful day at work. This is all due to criminality, whether you like the laws or not, people break the current laws and are apprehended. The problem comes when the perpetrator decides to fight the arrest and how far that fight goes. Should there be such a situation that cigarette taxes are so extreme that a black market is formed, or laws that say a little pot is enough for arrest?  No, but the laws are there however and the way to fix that is through the ballot, not destroying the life of some poor cop who is just trying to do his/her job.”


As a country, we must figure out how far we allow citizens to break the laws that protect all of us from those who move to The Dark Side.  One look at the “Tragedy of Detroit” shows the end result of lawlessness.  Detroit became so violent, we named it the “Murder Capital of the World” at one point in the 1980s.  Cause: African-Americans killed whites, trashed schools, shoplifted stores to death and turned neighborhoods into drug turf.  No one wants to face carjacking’s at stoplights on Telegraph Road in Detroit.  I know because I worked in Detroit from 1977 to 1991.  You could die at a 7-11 robbery or carjacking at an intersection.  That’s why 1 million European-Americans and fearful Blacks fled Detroit.

If Blacks and Whites fail to come to terms “rationally” with obeying the laws that protect all of us, we shall degrade into another Somalia, Sudan or Syria.  Totally, completely lawless!


It’s way past time for Obama “flee” the golf course and fancy vacations. He needs to address and solve the Black Man’s plight in America.  Sooner rather than later.  BTW, giving amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens does not secure jobs for African-Americans. Doubling legal immigration from 1.2 million to 2 million annually does not help African-Americans.


How about more reasonable solutions Mr. Obama and Congress?  Hint: enforce the laws on the books against employers who hire illegal aliens—such as the CEOs of Marriott Hotels, Holiday Inns, McDonalds, Chipotles, Tyson Foods, Hormel Foods, restaurants, lawn services, painting crews, roofing crews, construction and more companies who break our laws.  Let’s present those jobs to African-Americans. 



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