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The Insanity Of General Breedhate


By Jim Kirwan


NATO’s utterly incompetent ‘leader’ has no military experience and no guts, yet he’s still filled with a Doctor Strangelove-like desire for global war at any cost as soon as possible: That’s what’s on the line in Europe and virtually everywhere else today. “General Breedhate” has never been to War ­ ever ­yet NATO and its owners are demanding Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) as the only course for global military action everywhere…


In the NOW today: Beginning at 14min, 45sec.Tthe core confrontation in Europe between NATO and Russia all along the Russian borders with Europe is discussed..

This begins with harsh prison sentences for anyone along the return path of the NATO victory parade today through Europe to Germany, signaling that any public resistance to the Amerikan-NATO power parade will be dealt with by from 3 to 10 years behind bars: This is basically the same Police-State tactic that already exists inside the USA.

RT: “America deployed 750 army tanks, helicopters and other military vehicles plus at least 15 fighter jets. Three thousand US troops have joined the exercise, not to mention other NATO country members. Six warships took part in the Black Sea drills: American, Canadian, Turkish, German, Italian and Romanian took part.

Some of the maneuvers took place just 300 meters from the Russian border.

But its Russian military drills that are raising more concern.

They took place within Russia, the keyword of course “within”, more than 50,000 troops involved, 50 warships, 17 submarines, dozens of fighter-jets and other equipment including tanks and missile defense. Russian drills seem to be raising more tension according to the US State Department. So Russian drills not okay, yet these massive shows of military strength seems to be okay with Europeans ­ am I getting this right?”

Pepe Escobar: “Yeah. Let me start with a lighter note. From “American Sniper”, now we have “American Convoy”. And it’s even better because it’s a blockbuster all over Eastern Europe and the Baltics.”

Kirwan: one wonders how soon this will become just another Black Hawk down”


What’s not so funny is the shadow play that is not a shadow-play anymore. Now we have Russia testing NATO’s perimeter and NATO’s defenses and we have NATO trying to provoke Russia into doing something more outrageous. This could get really nasty, not now but it could be a preview of what could go wrong in a few months, if we keep on escalating like this…”

Breed HATE:

But perhaps a much worse scenario is just waiting for the right moment in the wings to recreate a current time version of the German Attack on Poland that was a false-flag wherein the Germans killed some prisoners, dressed as German troops, inside Poland in order to give the Nazi’s a green light for the Blitzkrieg that overran Poland to begin the War in Europe that started WWII.

The whole world knows that the Nazi’s were the tool of choice used by NATO, USI, and Israel to steal the Maidan demonstrations in Kiev which overthrew the existing elected (but criminal) government, that led directly to the hell that’s been unleashed inside Ukraine today.

What if the privatized mercenary Nazi’s that were used in Ukraine were to be used in the above excuse, anywhere along the Russian border, to start the Third World War? That is certainly not out of the question, given how willing USI, NATO and until recently the entire EU have been; to see Russia be attacked for what USI-Israel has done in Ukraine to date?

If you have any doubts then all you need to know is that the same forces that stole Ukraine and declared war upon the Eastern regions of that country are the same troglodytes that just added these other nations to the global flash point that is today’s Russian border.

The Pentagon established six new front line command centers in Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania  all former Soviet republics or Warsaw Pact countries.”

How in hell can the entire world continue to buy into the transparent war-drums coming from the US Congress, the US Government and the already half-broken EU?

This is about who will be “RESPONSIBLE” for all the damage and the carnage that USI has unleashed upon the world from 1945 till now.

This goes way beyond just another series of illegal wars for conquest, this is about the total failure of the West to pay for what they did to the planet since the end of WWII.

Everyone seems to have forgotten that while the Third Reich Nazi war machine was stopped by World War Two: The Fourth Reich is still alive and growing by leaps and bounds via “Operation Paper-Clip” in the US and the world, along with their “management” of GAZA and Palestine that continues to this day.

That has still not even been noticed by the self-consumed ‘Western populations”.

But the Reparations that were the topic after WWII, are still there and screaming to be paid for. The US initially contributed by transferring their entire industrial might to Europe and Asia ­ via fast-tracking the international “Free-Trade Agreements” (Clinton); that stripped the US of its leadership in manufacturing and heavy industries along with the bulk of corporate ownership that moved offshore to reap trillions in tax free profits. That was how we “paid” for what we did to defeat the armies of the Third Reich, Imperial Japan and the Fascists in Italy. In exchange we OCCUPIED all those former enemy-states and USI is still there, sucking up resources and just waiting for the day when offshore American bases can be used to crush any resistance, from any country that challenges the less than one percent who own the world right now.

However there’s a new question that’s rising fast and that “question” is who will pay for all the USI wars of blatant aggression that have taken place from the end of WWII until this moment?

Apparently Amerika has decided that if the congress hasn’t declared whatever we do as a “WAR” then they, The Congress, are not responsible to the world to pay for the slaughter or the destruction that Amerika has routinely done, anywhere around this planet?

But it doesn’t stop there. Congress in an attempt to excuse themselves from our global-war-crimes, actually issued this “License to Kill” to the fake-resident of the Oval Office in 2002, which unless it is revoked, will continue to apply to every resident of that office in the future. And that is why the USI is on the hook for every illegal war that we’ve done against places like Chile, Panama, Haiti, three times: In Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Gaza, Bosnia, Serbia, Yugoslavia, Libya, Jordan, Somalia, Yemen, and on and on and on, as there seems to be no end to these treasons…

Rebuilding the infrastructure alone in the countries we have liquidated would defy the amount of money on the entire planet, not to mention what we’ve done to the native populations of the US and all of Central and South America over the last several hundred years, in all the illegal wars that we engaged in as the “privileged and very special people of the Monroe Doctrine” that did not need to pay any attention to the laws of the rest of the world, when it comes to war and international law.

The next few months should be very interesting both in the entire EU, not to mention the real list of global charges that must be answered for, in whatever remains of the old United States. Contemplate that with your morning coffee and then see how well the heads of the corporations will be sleeping once this message reaches the survivors, of all those needless wars, that we inflicted upon this entire planet!

Here’s a hint: We might want to start by demanding the firing of General Breedhate from NATO and ending the saber-rattling all along the Russian border: If the world is really serious about pulling back from the extremely flammable threat of World War III.


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