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Infinity Augmented Reality

By Jim Kirwan

Mystery ~ Illusions

Infinity Augmented Reality Announces Relocation to Israel: Home of World's Top Software Developers

IAR) NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jun 13, 2013) - Infinity Augmented Reality, Inc. ("Infinity Augmented Reality" or "Infinity AR") (OTCQB: ALSO), the first augmented reality software platform to connect universally with digital eyewear, smart phones and tablets, announced a significant milestone for the company. Infinity AR has decided to relocate its operations from Manhattan to Israel. The country has developed as a center for high-tech research and development particularly in information security, semiconductors and pharmaceuticals, in the past decade. Israel's celebrated high-tech creations include cell phone technology, wi-fi internet, instant messaging, and USB thumb drives.

To explain the reason for the relocation, new CEO Enon Landenberg said, "We consider the move to Israel, a global hub for innovation, to be a crucial strategic decision that will ensure our long-term growth."” (1)

k) One of the reasons for moving this focus-industry to Israel, was to localize ‘Infinity Augmented Reality’ to the center of what Israel is planning to implement, when and IF they finalized the creation of the Greater State of Israel. If that happens Israel would become the hub for global-control of everything from global-distribution of oil & gas to computers and technology. This has not happened yet—and it may not happen with an aroused Russia and an awakening world which might finally be able to chain-up and shut-down the rabid-dog of Israel on the global-stage.

IAR) “One of the important resources in Israel for Infinity AR will be access to highly skilled engineers and software developers. "We are confident that the hi-tech resources in Israel will help us continue to be on the forefront of developing proprietary augmented reality software," added Landenberg. "We are proud to work with a team of pioneers and innovators that are dedicated to revolutionize the augmented reality sector. Israel has earned a reputation for developing and commercializing breakthrough technologies. There are an outstanding percentage of Israelis engaged in scientific and technological inquiry, and the amount devoted to research and development (R&D) in relation to gross domestic product (GDP) is the highest in the world, as related in the report, "Invest In Israel Where Breakthroughs Happen," prepared by the State of Israel's Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor. In fact, Israel has 140 scientists, technicians, and engineers per 10,000 employees, according to an article by the National Research University.

As an example of the innovative and cutting edge software technology being developed in Israel, Google Inc. recently announced that it acquired Waze, a five-year-old Israeli navigation software maker, which Bloomberg reports may have a value of around $1.1 billion. It also represents a recent push by the local high-tech industry into the fast-growing consumer market.

Today, the Israeli startup space is much more diverse with companies ranging from social media to Cleantech sectors. In addition, Israel is home to 64 companies that are listed on the NASDAQ, third in the world after the United States and Canada, and is often referred to as Silicon Wadi. Most of the hi-tech activity is located in the densely populated areas of metropolitan Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem.” (1)

k) This pre-positioning is predicated upon the success of an Israel that has yet to happen in the world today. Israel has yet to win any aggressive-wars of this kind since 1948. Today’s Israel is still a total failure at every point which they have specifically targeted. Israel has repeatedly fought innumerable times with different Arab nations in the region, only to be forced back inside their dog-house, until they can venture out again; but only after being re-charged, by USI, and the American taxpayers. (2)

IAR) “Infinity AR is following in the footsteps of high-tech giants such as Apple that just announced the opening of its third R&D center in Israel earlier this year due to the country's incredibly deep pool of software development and engineering talent. Last year, Apple purchased its first Israeli company, Anobit, a global leader of flash storage solutions. Google opened its R&D center in Israel seven years ago. In fact, more than 240 foreign companies such as Intel, IBM and Microsoft have established R&D centers in Israel, according to a report prepared by the State of Israel's Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.

Israel's IT services market is valued at $1.6 billion, according to research firm Sourcing Line. Many analysts predict that this will expand to USD $2 billion by 2014. These centers employ more than 50,000 people.

Infinity AR will continue to maintain an office in New York, but will centralize its operations in Israel.” (1)

k) The recent changes in controls over communications and information via Google and the various phone companies, worldwide, is indicative of what’s to come in our locked-down future. The envisioned Slave-State global-control will come through the privatized-commercial world. This will cloak the changes in supposed breakthroughs that will trap anyone who ventures into this “Augmented Reality” that will entomb the planet in an infinity of lies from which there will be no possibility of escape. These financial incentives are just the cover they need to begin to imbed their artificial reality.

Infinity Augmented Reality” is a high-tech series of lies to disguise the limitations that the New World Order plans to imbed throughout technology and information to prevent the world from any future-access to actual reality—anywhere.

About Augmented Reality
Augmented reality is a medium in which real sensory inputs are enhanced, or augmented, with relevant digital information from the Internet. Using specially equipped eyewear, virtual images, video, and sound are superimposed for the user over what is actually seen and heard, heightening the real-life experience with additional information that is pertinent, informative, practical and entertaining. The individual user may also be fully immersed in a virtual world, temporarily blocking out real surroundings. With augmented reality, sensory inputs are no longer limited to what is within eyeshot or earshot, but may incorporate, in real-time, all that the network has to offer.” (1)

k) ‘Reality’ has always been the blood-enemy of everything to do with Zionist-Total-Dominance-Theory. This movement began with segregating out any and all images or ‘art’ to enable the move into political-control of every aspect of society. That happened once they had destroyed the power of the graphic arts to shape political and private thought. ‘IAR’ is the answer that the barbarians have created to permanently block people from escaping the slavery which the coming-global dominance seeks to embrace, except supposedly, in the tech-altered creations that they want to market as reality.

IAR cites “temporarily” as their passport to justify the artificial ‘virtual-worlds’. But what happens is that what begins as an expansion soon becomes the only ‘recognized’ form of reality. The marketing is superb and the commercial applications virtually unlimited—the problem is that only the very-wealthy will be able to afford to maintain it. None of that matters though, because by creating the commercial access to these lies, they will have blocked the human senses that would have prevented them from taking full-spectrum dominance over the entire planet.

What IAR creates by artificially augmenting reality is impossible to live in or deal with in any real sense, because IAR is created solely to prop-up fictions that can never exist. This is why the real-art globally, that connected people to the world they live in, had to be destroyed—if Infinity Augmented Reality was to have any chance of ever succeeding on any level.

The Network, the Matrix, all of that which is currently passing itself off as the REALITY we cannot see but which is—in their view—the only thing that really counts, but that too is a lie.

Currently humans tend to use only a small percentage of the brainpower we came with. Part of why we are here is to delve into the other five-eighths of the brains we already have. There are eleven dimensions that govern our experiences on this planet, If IAR succeeds the global population will be forever chained inside the few brain cells we are currently using—rather than to be able to use more of our natural gifts to go further toward a much different kind of world: A place that no longer requires permanent global-war, just to stay alive.

The planet was not designed to be just a money-making-machine wherein every single act must first be paid for, with permissions, taxes, fees, and fines for every single thing that anyone chooses to do in their lives. At the rate we’re going we shall soon have to pay for the rain, the sunlight, and the air we breathe, not to mention the costs that will be required to be able to think about what we chose to think about. To that end “THOUGHT” has already been criminalized. IAR is just the latest drug being sold to the population as a high-tech nirvana that can only be achieved by adding all the various layers of lies which they subtlety say will soon be mandatory:

With augmented reality, sensory inputs are no longer limited to what is within eyeshot or earshot, but may incorporate, in real-time, all that the network has to offer.”

IAR) “Augmented reality requires an interface, such as digitally-enhanced eyewear, that can instantaneously overlay virtual images and video on top of what is actually experienced. Companies like Google and Lumus are in the process of developing augmented reality glasses that will change the way users see and interact with the world. Infinity AR will utilize its augmented reality applications through these glasses and through other mobile devices including smart phones. As the individual changes his or her visual perspective the sights that are overlaid change accordingly. The eyewear incorporates audio speakers that add virtual sounds to the experience, as well as microphones that capture and interpret the user's spoken commands through speech recognition technology in order to summon desired information and actions. Further information on the Company is available at its website.” (1)

k) Remember that the prohibition against all imagery “designed or created by human beings" was endemic to the formation of the false-gods which early religions were always terrified of falling victim to. Ironically the blood-rites, augmented by imitation-rituals practiced by the Zionists at places like Bohemian Grove, are the result that has created the new false-gods which the early religions lived in terror of being subjected to.

Zionistas took total control over the arts by the mid 1980’s and that ended any real threat to them for this burgeoning new move to crush the rest of the still resisting planet. By headquartering everything to do with images in Israel, today - what has been planned is nothing less than the total desecration of reality and growth in favor of the creation of this false paradigm that actually prohibits any real growth or prosperity. This will deny the expanded use of imagery and knowledge: In every field that it will now be confined to.


There is no mystery or illusion in this image which is the world of Israel today…

The current application inside Israel has to do with their global control over communications. This is where the bulk of the global-blackmail that Israel has used, since their inception, to control the rest of the planet to this moment in time ­ comes from!

At the center of the NSA scandal is a gang of Israeli high-tech criminals which is connected to the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11. These connections underline the involvement of the same Israeli criminals to both 9-11 and the NSA's secret program to collect and store our personal information and conversations, which came about mainly as a consequence of 9-11. Two Israeli companies, Narus and Verint, are involved in the National Security Agency (NSA) spy scandal in which copies of our phone calls and email data are sent to secret rooms at NSA buildings across the country. These Israeli companies are closely connected to Unit 8200, the electronic espionage unit of the Israeli military. (Narus was acquired by Boeing in 2010.)

The founder and former chairman of Verint is wanted by the FBI for a long list of crimes. He is veteran Israeli intelligence officer.

Jacob "Kobi" Alexander, the former head of Comverse, the parent company of Verint, is a wanted criminal who has fled U.S. justice to Africa and probably subsequently to Israel. It is important to note that Kobi Alexander and Comverse were closely connected to Odigo, the Israeli messaging system that was used to warn Israelis to stay away from the World Trade Center on 9-11.

Furthermore, the NSA has used Israeli encryption software from RSA Security, Inc. since 2006, which means that Israelis hold the encryption keys to the entire NSA computer network. The Israelis obviously have easy access to everything at the NSA.

The following video clip is of James Bamford discussing the two Israeli companies, Narus and Verint, who are involved in the massive collection of our telephone and Internet data. Bamford was on "Democracy Now!" on October 14, 2008, discussing the role of these Israeli companies, who are closely tied to Israeli intelligence.” (3)

1) Infinity Augmented Reality Announces Relocation to Israel: Home of World's Top Software Developers

2) SILENCE: The conceit beneath it all

3) The Israeli Criminals Behind the NSA Spy Scandal





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