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Illuminating The Darkness


By Jim Kirwan


Yesterday I went looking for something that could ‘out’ what the global-government has been doing to the world, to protect themselves from their global exposure from some of the massive lies they continue to try to feed to the public.

I rediscovered something that was produced a very long time ago: To try and plug the dissemination of a global-con, on par with 911, before it could be released. Had the powers behind the global-podiums not done what they have been doing for decades, then the credibility of the United States and the burgeoning New World Order could have been easily and utterly destroyed with a single breaking-story that would have let the entire world in, on the depth of the duplicity to which the evil powers have always been willing to go: To con the planet into believing the impossible—just because they could.

Dark Side of the Moon: Stanley Kubrick and the Fake Moon Landings

52min 12sec Video

What they did, above, was on the surface a totally credible deconstruction of the government’s plan to fake the much awaited U.S. Moon Landing. The52 minute film gives several extremely credible facts such as the temperatures on the moon that would have nullified the use of the camera’s that were supposedly used to film the landing, along with the shadows and the a large number of other issues that conclusively proved that ‘the landing’ could not have taken place on the moon at all.

The activities surrounding the entire event were described by a large number of characters from Henry Kissinger and Donald Rumsfeld, all the way through the Kubrick family in very convincing detail: Everything looked and sounded real. The final witness in the film who had agreed to talk about his role in the event, on film, was killed the night after he told the reporter and the audience that he would speak about everything the following day ­ that murder was documented and was also real.

Shortly after that shocker, the cast switches to sarcasm, blatant comedy and black humor to make fun of their own performances in the credible portion of the film with spontaneous laughter and self-congratulatory comradery ­ that totally shatters any seriousness which the bulk of the film created.

The point of doing that with this potentially shocking release of “new information” about the super-hype behind the Moon-Landing - forever discredited any of the real information that had already been leaked, since the ‘spectacle’ of ‘man landing on the moon’ was broadcast to a breathless global public.

There were additional details that were not generally known about that event. The first is that Israel had all of Washington’s communications bugged, and knew everything that went on behind the scenes in the White House, even then, which is what is described in the seven-eighths of the film that airs before the whole thing turns into mega-farce.

Also it was rumored in some circles that part of the blackmail that Israel has used against the US was predicated, in part, on having taped everything that went on with regard to the fake landing on the moon. This was something this government had to worry about for years, because of what any possibility of faked anything, related to the Moon-landing, would automatically do to the supposed “leadership” of the all-powerful United States among the community of nations around the world.

Consequently this farce was created to kill any legitimacy for any story of a faked moon landing that might ever surface later. It has been along these lines that Oklahoma City, Waco, 911, 7-7 and numerous other false flags have been not so carefully built.

The totally false-flag in Sandy-Hook, where no children died, and the rest of the myriad false flag attacks have all followed similar outlines to this coverup of the Faked Moon Landing set the national-international tone for sabotaging the public’s ability to believe anyone that dares to question any of whatever the government says or does: About anything that happens in the world today.

The same type of modalities have been used with regard to the creation of everything from Al Qaeda to IS to ISIL and the whole garbage-pail of mercenary forces that were supposedly created by anyone other than the USI and or Israel.

When this nightmare is added to the “leak” from General Wesley Clark who just happened to mentioned to the world that we were going to attack seven more nations, after we did Iraq Two, in 2003: That led directly to the current destabilization of the entire Middle East and the tsunami of refugees and displaced peoples that we created from our never-ending global war against the world.

The only solution for this could have been ‘reparations’ paid by those nations that did the bombing, coupled with paying the people in those countries to rebuild their own war-torn nation states. But that would defeat the entire purpose of all the continuing wars ­ which is the slaughter of entire populations, in every country where we illegally went to war. No one among the nations that bombed Libya back to the Stone Age gives a damn about the carnage they created—in fact they want those populations dead, not rebuilt or allowed to survive from the cowardly rape of the populations and the theft of their resources of so many defenseless nations on the earth today.

What the hell is wrong with the planet today ­ everything!


Nestle Pays Only $524 to Extract 27,000,000 Gallons of California Drinking Water


From the California governor’s failure to charge Nestle for their theft of our groundwater, all the way to allowing VIPER patrols to prey upon passengers of Buses and Trains as well as in the streets of California ­ over some bogus bullshit about “suspected terrorists”…

All of this is melting down fast, which is why 90% of all the most recent political-intimidation garbage won’t make it into the ‘action-phase’.

Both the EU and USI have shot themselves in both feet with all those sanctions which are clearly backfiring. The tidal-wave of homeless refugees from all ‘our wars’ is about to bury the countries that created all that homelessness, disease and starvation ­ which was why we did what we did: But the fact that were unsuccessful in murdering all the people in those now misbegotten ruins ­ means that we can’t even wage chaos with any hope of actual military, financial or political success…

So keep it up people as you watch the fake debates over the next five year plan of the Fascist and now global Communist dictatorship as it raises it’s hideous head for one last look around before that Death by a Thousand Cuts comes down to end this global-farce just before everything else explodes…


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