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Any Ideas?

By J. Speer-Williams

America is a country so fraught with severe problems that we have become a nation that is sick physically and spiritually.

 We are cursed with leaders who generate and exacerbate our predicaments. We also have a corporate media that refuses to report on the existence or causes of our most serious problems.

 When was the last time CBS News told you that nuclear radiation is off the charts in America? And if they have not told you this startling news, they certainly have not told you why this is the case.

 Is NBC telling us how our drinking water across America has been purposely poisoned for decades?

 Have you heard about how doctors are killing a hundred thousand of us annually with their prescription drugs?

 Has the mainstream media ever told us it is against the law to provide warning labels for foods that have been poisoned with GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)? It seems to me that a free media would pressure the government to require GMO labels on GMO foods. To me that only seems logical. Logic, however, is not part of the New World Order scam.

 And personally, I have never heard CNN report on how government jetliners are drenching us with barium and other toxic heavy metals daily.

 Has your local media ever given you the following announcement? “Alert! Alert! Alert! Today, between noon and 6:30 pm, federal government jetliners will be releasing many thousands of gallons of heavy metals on our fair city. Please stay indoors with all of your windows closed for at least 72 hours until the poisons settle … and oh, yes … cover your trees, plants, and farm animals with heavy tarps.”

 There is, however, one subject the corporate media never tires of reporting on: Gay Rights.

 Have you ever wondered why the Power Structure has so long exaggerated the plight of gay men and women? Or why they have so feverishly supported the propagation of homosexuality? Any ideas?

 Historically, the ruling elite have had at least five main obstacles to implementing their tyrannical New World Order:

 1.          The private entrepreneur and farmer;

 2.          The middle class;

 3.          A society with high moral standards;

 4.          A well-educated public;

 5.          The traditional family unit.

 The traditional family unit once consisted of a breadwinner (father), an educator (mother), and often three healthy, bright children. Two children were needed to replace the parents, with one extra child to provide against the frailties of life.

 Farming families usually had more than three children as that meant more farmhands. Such children grew up learning well the ethics of hard work; they literally formed the strong backbone of the great American middle class miracle.

 Our family units became the basic building blocks of the freest and most exceptional human society in known history.

 From this class sprang some of the greatest entrepreneurs, geniuses, and benefactors the world has ever known. Men like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford come to mind.

 From our middle class came a segment of our society that could have fed the entire world, had it not been purposely destroyed by private financial policies and governmental taxes, regulations, and legislation. This great phenomenon was known as the American Family Farmer. Never before had there been tillers of the soil who could have fed everyone on earth.

 With depopulation foremost in their minds, the Global Elite set about destroying the basis of such a potential by altering the family unit, while simultaneously attacking the American farmer ­ the heart of the American middle class. Today, without massive imports, we cannot feed ourselves, and our national food reserves hardly exist.

 But perhaps worse yet has been the all-out and coordinated assault on education from grade schools to colleges. At one time a college degree meant something. Today, it usually means a $100,000 debt with no prospects for a decent-paying job.

 At one time, America was the educational mecca of the world. Our universities and  colleges led the world in the production of skilled scientists, engineers, mathematicians, theoretical physicists, medical doctors, and researchers. This was another situation the Power Structure, with their New World Order and depopulation agenda, could not allow to continue. So began the dumbing down of public education, with the targeting of school children with homosexual propaganda ­ in government schools paid for by American private-property owners.

 A major aspect of the whole filthy New World Order scheme has been to have us pay for our own demise, until today, we lead the world in the creation of lawyers and sociology majors.

 The dumbing down of the average American has been swift, but it will be hugely difficult to reverse. It is always easier to destroy than to build, a fact the Power Structure is well aware of. An ignorant populace cannot maintain a free, affluent society, or understand the vital importance of America maintaining her traditional family units.

 One-third of our population is now getting some kind of food aid (poisonous GMO foods) from the federal government. Of course, these unfortunate people often have an allegiance to the forces that have caused their wretched condition and are making them sick with free genetically modified foods that are slowly killing them. GMO foods merely taste like food, but they are not food.

 At one time healthy foods were affordable for most Americans. From today’s perspective that hardly seems believable, such has been the engineered destruction of our society.

 Another part of the New World Order agenda is to trick Americans into killing themselves with GMOs, fluoride, aspartame, prescription drugs, and vaccines. The Elite laughingly call this their “slow kill of soulless morons.”

 Until enough Americans become enlightened enough to stop following our many dark self-serving puppet/leaders (little minions of the Banking Cartel), despotism, austerity, illness, and death await us all.

 The Global Banking Elite, with their many social planners, knew that our traditional family unit was the keystone in our grand edifice of farmers, entrepreneurs, educated citizens, and those of the great American middle class.

 Destroying the family unit strikes a critical blow to the middle class, causing New World Order Illuminist Aleister Crowley to say that the human family is “public enemy number one.”

 And until the Lords of Banking eliminate the American middle class, they will not be able to completely institute their version of the eighth century European feudal system, wherein we (the lowly vassals) only serve them (our ever oppressive overlords).

 And that is why our traditional family unit is being forced into extinction with one of their main weapons ­ the gay alternative lifestyle, wherein children are denied the benefits and education inherently attainable from having a male father and female mother.

 Already almost a third of American children live in fatherless homes; let us not make the situation worse with even well-meaning lesbians who try to emulate male fathers.

 Those people who say homosexuality is an abomination are showing their intolerance, if not their ignorance. Certainly, in a free society, everyone has a right to exercise their sexual preferences, as long as they do not injure anyone. And certainly, homosexuals have a right to marry each other. “To each their own” should have an honored place in our United States of America.

 Media outlets, however, go too far when they try to project the notion that homosexual parents are on a par with heterosexual ones. Our nation’s children should not be denied the advantages of having a male father and female mother; there are valuable lessons to be learned from them both.

 Now that same-sex marriages are a “done deal” expect endless media promotion of how cruel it is to deny homosexual couples the right to adopt children, even though it is allowed in many states. It is all part of the agenda of the alien New World Order.

 Factually, the fiends of the Illuminati care not a wit about gays or their rights. What they have in their dark minds and destructive sights is our traditional family unit and thus the American middle class.

 Alternative lifestyles outside the cultural norms should be respected, but not gloried to the point that they become our national cultural prototypes, lest we lose the vital building blocks of a free and prosperous society ­ the traditional family unit. Only a decadent nation would allow that.

 So perhaps there are still questions as to why the Global Elite have brought about such a sick society in America, mainly using their control of the corporate media to do it.

 Could genocide be one answer? Population control?

 We do not need population control, and we certainly do not need or want genocide. We need better managers, far better managers. We need dedicated, hard-working, inspired, and far-sighted leaders, who will help us provide the wherewithal for a growing and vibrant population. We have no need for self-serving grafters who are traitors to mankind and are answerable only to the ruling elite.

 James Madison, our fourth president, wrote: “The class of citizens who provide at once their own food and their own raiment, may be viewed as the most truly independent and happy. They are more: they are the best basis of public liberty, and the strongest bulwark of public safety. It follows that the greater the proportion of this class to the whole society, the more free, the more independent, and the more happy must be the society itself.”

 Do you now have some ideas as to why the lap dog media minions of the Global Elite have so long exaggerated the plight of gays or so feverishly worked for the propagation of homosexuality?

 J. Speer-Williams





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