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Charlie's Hypocrisy

By Jim Kirwan


& Global Extermination Inc.

On the global stage ‘Charlie’ just sold the world ‘Hypocrisy, Duplicity & Treachery’ on a grand scale: All of that neatly cloaked in the continuation of lies-unending.

Three million dupes just bought the Kool-Aid being sold in the latest attempt by those behind ‘Charlie’ to sell the world on Racism, Extremism and Double-Speak: Masquerading as Free-Speech and Human rights when neither was present anywhere in either the first Issue that supposedly sparked the murders of a dozen people, or the follow-up which garnered the three million in sales. This effort was permanently clouded by the numerous False-Flags that were used to cloak the CIA, UN & NATO involvement that’s behind this latest attempt to sell the globalist-agenda created by Zionist Israel and USI.

Everything depicted in Charlie’s hate-campaign, is and was depicted long before this happened; as what has always been Israel’s permanent foreign policy that’s been in effect since before Israel became “a state”.

All of what is depicted in Israel’s current policies, are directly served by what ‘Charlie’ initially published; which is what supposedly got so many of its cartoonists and others killed. The “global-war-criminals” are the only group which profited directly from this convoluted series of events that was created to mask the realities beneath what France is calling the violation of human-rights for those at the magazine. Of course none of what Israel, France, the UN, NATO, the EU or USI have been doing to the world, since the end of WWII, was even remotely mentioned.

Meanwhile: Palestine, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Lebanon or Iran nor any of the other countries where privatized corporate dominance continues to demand total surrender, to the absolute dominance over all other nations and religions in the world today: So how does that ‘square’ with the one-sided response that came with the printing of the follow-on article in ‘Charlie’ yesterday?

And what about the rights of those people to be able to live free from the everyday-actions of the Global-Police State which ‘Charlie’ never mentions at all?

Where does all this fascination with the rights of people in the 11th Century actually come from today?

There are some instances that bring the historical depth of how we came to be in this situation to the forefront. First, there’s a direct connection between Netanyahu and Nero. Netanyahu & Nero’s Rule ­ 2013

That was followed by Obamanation’s connections to Caligula, whose life was lived less than twenty years after Jesus Christ...

America’s Caligula

America’s Caligula Continued

What is fantastically interesting is how much of what both Nero and Caligula did to their people, in very much the same ways that the dying New World Order is still trying to do to the entire planet today.

Extremist’s Incorporated: from Cross Talk

The Age of Extremists, the terror act waged on the city of Paris again demonstrates how the West’s so called war on terror works or doesn’t work. The extremists on both sides of this divide claim Paris a victory, but for the innocent, it’s still another painful and senseless tragedy.”

CT: “Who benefits from this terrible act in Paris?”

Well certainly not the Muslim Community, certainly not the French People but also all extremists from all sides benefit.

The far right movements have gained capital through this: They’ve had their little “I told you so moment”. The extremists the fanatics are saying ‘well there you go: Look we can reach even into the heart of Western capitals ­ so really the extremists are very much benefitting, on this issue. But of course the innocent civilians regardless of their ethnicity or religious background are actually the victims.

Who benefits? If we take the news coming out of Paris, at face value, again I suspect a victory for Al Qaeda and all those groups that are offshoots of the various terror groups that have burgeoned over the last ten years. They can claim major victories, given the impact that it’s had, and the resonance across the world. But again, I think that it’s very complex, I think that news is sort of seeping through: We’re having various pieces of conflicting information coming out and the picture is yet to clarify at this point. So I think the answer to that is very difficult, at this particular moment in time, because the information just isn’t very clear.” Starts @1min 05sec stops @2min 27 sec.

CT: “… It seems that this is a very bad path of repeating the same mistakes over and over again: And no one wants to listen, no one wants to learn about what has happened to Western foreign policy in the Middle East. Because ~ the connection to foreign wars in the Middle East, it’s just this fanaticism, it’s all about ‘terrorists groups’ and not about where they come from and why they come about…

“… About the war on Libya. The French anti-terrorist judge was asked if it was a problem for French foreign policy, to find itself on the same side as effectively Al Qaeda in Syria? He responded that he was aware of the fact that Jihadists were leaving Europe, leaving France to go fight in Syria against Assad, but that wasn’t really a problem because they were fighting Assad and they were not going to attack France.

This is the problem with terrorism that there’s no discussion, no discourse on foreign policy in this…”

CT: “…The French authorities knew who they were, they’d actually gone through the criminal justice system in France. They know that they got some training… possibly the CIA ~ we know all these things and then they commit an atrocity in Paris: So ~ all those billions and billions and billions of dollars to fight the war on terror has gone to complete waste because these guys had a record that ‘no one noticed’!

Guest: “First of all we need to rename this not the war on terror but the War of Terror, given the extent to which terrorism has spread. Initially from just Al Qaeda to now thousands of these groups that are burgeoning everywhere… so it hasn’t been so much of a war ‘on terror’ as it’s been ‘a war of terror’ that has actually spread this problem across the globe. …I think France’s reaction has been nauseating really because they’ve actually manage to hijack; to gain capital from, an atrocity and shift from this as a distraction really, from their failed policy which they have managed to have funded and supported terror in Syria and now shift this distraction, from this atrocity that their failed policy has managed to be funded and supported terror in Syria and now as a distraction, this atrocity which they’re actually claiming is in defense of freedom of speech:

That France is some sort of a beacon of enlightenment and therefore its fighting barbarity: Where in fact they have encouraged it. It has encouraged it in Syria. It’s funded and supported and aided in it in Libya ­ so I think this whole march that we’re seeing is just a distraction from the utter failures of French policy. And of course as you mentioned rightly, these two gentlemen were on the watch list, the no-fly list, they were being followed so this is again a distraction for the utter incompetence for the French authorities ­ a) To first monitor them correctly and b) to stop them. But of course again as a distraction from their utter failure in stemming terrorism and in fact they’re actually encouraging it abroad…” This takes you to just 7 min and 19 sec: from the 28min 23 sec video.

What has taken the world by storm is the fake labeling of ‘the faked Freedom of Speech’ when what was really at issue was the totally false pretense behind the savagery of pretended sarcasm: When what was always at issue has been the long imbedded Israeli-Saudi criminal-polices that have been in place since those two nations became part of the so-called modern world. The goal with the Attack by Charlie on Muslims was about censoring a whole people, while trying to justify far more than any slander against any one religion or individual being targeted.

LBJ used CENSORSHIP in the U.S. to end the rights of all Americans to FREE SPEECH and to the rights guaranteed to all Americans under their now dead Republic.

In this instance the decrepit Old World Order is trying to use a broken concept that failed to stick to “Freedom of Speech” to slander a quarter of the people of the world today. So far, given how many million have taken the bait and bought-into the continuing saga of Charlie’s Hypocrisy to try once again to rewrite human history, in favor of the very privileged few, yet it appears that this effort will face a lot more flack than it will gain by selling a few million magazines…

If they had not trashed their own plot, so clearly, with false-flags and lies unending, they might have gotten away with this disaster but after the hype dies down; everything will finally get the clarity which the world has not had to this point ­ at least not until Charlie’s current failures become crystal clear around the planet…


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