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Kirwan's Hunger Games

By Jim Kirwan

Goya’s image of propaganda & authority in the brain-dead public

Circa the time of the Spanish Inquisition


There are many different kinds of “Hungers” and most of them involve ‘games’ of various kinds. “The Hunger Games” was Part One of a series from Suzanne Collins who happens to live in Sandy Hook, Connecticut with her husband. The first book was recently made into a feature length film of the same name.

The political parallels between her trilogy and events in the new millennium seem to many to be prophetic and important for what may soon be coming here. But there is a much older standard regarding these experiments on human beings, as foretold by Francisco Goya who studied the human-condition in Spain for most of his creative life.

What Goya captured in the etching above, in today’s world; seems to encapsulate some ancient-practices being exercised on the human-condition by the manipulative-owners of this society. Above - the ‘ass’ is dispensing the porridge of artificial-sustenance to the deaf dumb and strait-jacketed inmates, within prison walls.

Put another way: The owners have been practicing on us for centuries, through every public conveyance, to “sell” the public their bountiful lies-unending. The ‘games’ run the gambit from political-awareness, religious affiliations, race-wars, sexual deviations and preoccupations, all the way down through the whole-condition of everyday humanity.

Television gave this ‘game’ a huge and unmatched boost in reaching herds of people with indoctrinations of all types—most of it subliminal, but increasingly even the basic versions of film and television all carry messages: This has worked beyond the wildest-dreams of the optimistic, and sadistic, would-be power brokers. The “game” here is for ownership and full-spectrum dominance of the entire planet and everything that lives here...

Television was created, in the fifties, as a global-education and entertainment tool that would revolutionize society. In the end it became instead the lowest common denominator that dumped anything which could illuminate or illustrate anything beyond bathroom humor, gossip, or mindless drivel: Because in reality television was taken over almost completely by commercial-markets, corporations and government infomercials: All of it enslaved us to the lowest common denominators. Television helped to sell us the world of unneeded and useless products by the millions for the world to consume.

Television gave us “consumers” that marked the end of citizenship. Consumers “got stuff” but have no rights. Citizens got responsibilities in exchange for their value of their freedoms, and soon began to disappear as a class of individuals inside Amerika.

By the time NETWORK made its award-winning debut—as a popular film: Television news, as a division of the television giants of broadcasting had already dumped “the news division” and converted its stories into “popular-entertainment.” Journalism began to die. Ironically newspapers can trace their own failures to the FCC decision to eliminate NEWS as a necessary but major part of maintaining the broadcast-license-requirements, for every major broadcast network in the land.

The assumption made by those who drafted the Constitution that a free-press would always find a way to continue to exist here: Totally failed to foresee the possibility of the country becoming so corrupt that no one would dare challenge the rich or powerful, when that matters most. Over the next twenty-years the rest of the magazines, books, periodicals and newspapers followed the broadcast networks, so that full-spectrum dominance in Amerika could quite easily become preeminent—at least in Amerika!

Why exactly was this so bad?

There were and still are obviously—many reasons. Perhaps the first is how television allowed the powerful and the filthy-rich to manage and shape their ordinary view of life in Amerika, as everything was beginning to radically change.

Television provided ‘an insider’s look’ (a total set of lies) into every major profession that reshaped every profession into a set of pretenses that allowed the lies to grow, while the profits rolled in to cover the hollowing-out of nearly every major profession.

Amerikans “learned” how doctors, lawyers, cops, teachers, politicians, specialists of all kinds lived. The public got invaluable insight into writers as well as artists, soldiers, actors, shrinks, criminals and even rebels as to how they lived their everyday lives. The public ate it up! Swallowing mega-lies whole, as if they now knew how everything and everyone in Amerika actually worked—and the herd never questioned any of it—because it was on television. And since everything on the tube was REAL, the public simply accepted everything at face value and got on with their boring lives.

One area that we are currently totally blocked by, involves cops, lawyers, politicians, the media and reporters. It’s all of a piece, and it’s ugly beyond comprehension. The television-series became the ideal way to create mystiques that were never real, yet the public took it and believed it: Now we’re stuck with all that drivel that’s killing us. Neither cops, courts, government, education nor medicine has anything but contempt for the people that make everything possible—and all of this happened because:

We Forgot To




This garbage had no author’s no producers or directors; it was just straight out of the all-powerful non-opinion of the tube, which of course could never be disputed. The innovative and opinionated talking-heads are a fairly recent addition, and they insert every kind of pronouncement possible. Most of them can barely speak beyond an 8th grade education: Yet they call their opinions the news, which produces massive confusion.

Network driven misunderstandings between the facts and the interpretation of events are commonplace, yet seldom are commentators ever disciplined for whatever might tend to fall from their mouths, regardless of whatever is supposedly being covered. Also, since there is no time according to the network-god of time, pure MONEY, to ever revisit any story after it has received its initial outing on the airways—then each and every story just dies: To make room for the newest lies of the next hour or the next day’s news-cycle. Hell it’s no wonder everyone has the memory-capacity of a gnat!

In our current plight: The depth of criminality among the “Warrior-Cops” - we have begun to see that everything we were taught in the 1960’s and beyond is nothing but filth and totally false. Police spent a hundred and fifty years trying to convince the public to trust them. In the last fifteen years they managed to utterly destroy public trust.

Call 911 today if you want to get tortured, beaten or killed by the cops that answer your call. And if you speak to one of them expect to be interrogated, arrested and jailed, for every infraction—because what we have in uniform are the worst of those who ought to be in prison themselves—and with every crime they commit against the public, they become more emboldened. Watch this compilation if you want more specifics. (1)

The thugs that hide behind a non-existent badge scream at the public about the illegality of being on “government property”. God damned fools apparently have forgotten that this means that whatever the government property is BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE, not to the thugs that bring the violence the hate and the weapons, to almost every verbal encounter.

One of the thugs on one of the sequences in the link below, talks about the public disrespecting his badge, his profession and the government, or words to that effect. He has forgotten that he is NOTHING but a representative of the same people he is enraged with, and whom he beats and curses with every breath he takes. He might be surprised to learn, when that day comes, that he too will drop like a rock when he gets a well placed kick in the groin. He’s not superman, in fact he’s much more like those people he assaults each and every day of the farce that is his life—than he can ever imagine.

This is a huge nation. This government has done everything except call a press conference and announce the Martial Laws they continue to threaten everyone with. But since they FAILED to take away our guns, the Second Amendment stands until it is breached and does not go unanswered. That will not happen, because there are just too many of us, and it only takes about 2% of this nation to resist this

takeover and that will end the whole damned thing that’s coming! (2)

These creatures who call themselves ‘cops’ have recently widened their own areas of ownership - demanding answers of ordinary people that have no reason to be asked: Questions that if they weren’t coming from inside a uniform would be answered by finding the ‘officers’ face down on the concrete.

What’s your business here!”

Where’re you going—show me some ID!

What are you doing here!”

The manner behind the form of the address, the hand too near the weapon, the violence in the eyes, all of it just begging for a violent response. And the target of it all, a member of the public reading all that hate and knowing that he or she must not say what comes to mind. Hating that it is this way, but knowing that he or she wants to live another day, without this mindless shit being thrown from a corpse that needed to be dead a very long time ago, but has somehow gotten itself reborn into a uniform; with death on both his hips and now it must be dealt with.

One day that time will come when it is least expected. Then the world will never be the same again—especially after the deaths of so many of these living-dead that speak as if they own the whole damned world—the universe will exact the balance that is due, and with or without us, the planet will survive but we have clearly failed!

I’ve lived in a lot of places and where citizens owned and carried weapons. Those societies tend to be polite, confident and much more civil to each other than those who live in overpopulated-places where guns are prohibited, and authority has an overly fascistic hunger hanging all about them.

The other certain thing

Is that any country that tolerates

This kind of lawless behavior of leadership

And illegal-law-enforcement

Can never survive their own Illegal-Barbarities.

1) Cops Gone Wild - 56min, 54 sec. VIDEO

2) California Dream’n



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