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Happy Halloween From
The Spooks At The NSA

By Yoichi Shimatsu


On All Souls Eve, may you
 Be transported on ethereal Wings
 Be divider and butcher of people and things
 Be one who twists pain into sheer Pleasure
 Be greedy for Riches beyond all measure
 Be the taster of corporeal Delights
 Be Victor over bishops and knights
 Be supreme over this conquered Orb
 Ah, so many lessons yet to Absorb, as you shall see
 Be powerful, splendid, Shameless and wise
 Be a teller of fiction, nonsense and Lies
 Be Unafraid of archangels heaven holds dear
 Be skeptic of their claim for Why still am I here?
 To pilot the drone, guide the bombardier
 To keep the weak and innocent living in fear
 Be the Eye in the sky, seeing though clouds
 Be up in the air to cover gore with a Shroud
 Be All of the Above
 In service to Me\
 Till the hour of your demise.
 With boundless sincerity, I am
 Beelzebub, Crown Prince and Lord of the Flies



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