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How To Destroy A People And
Their Culture In 10 Easy Steps


By Jay Weidner

1.     Convince the people and culture that you wish to subjugate to come together and create one big country with one central authority.

2.     Convince the people that because they are now one big country they donít need borders anymore.

3.     Convince the citizens that, because they are now living in peace, they can get rid of their guns.

4.     Initiate a liberal immigration system and convince the citizens to accept people with other languages, races and cultures into their own country.

5.     Create a huge terror incident and convince the citizens that the people in a far off country are the perpetrators.

6.     Use that terror incident to attack and create chaos in those far off countries.

7.     After those far off countries have been disabled then create a wave of refugees into the country and culture that you wish to subjugate.

8.     Make sure that many criminals and other bad people are mixed in with these refugees.

9.     Flood the cities of the country you wish to conquer with these criminals.

10. Unarmed, unprotected and with their own governments against them, the people will now be overwhelmed by the refugees and their country will fall forever.


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