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Barbour Does Beale (So To Speak)
 By John Barbour

As Howard Beale said so brilliantly in 'Network,' 'God damn it folks, wake up!'

If Cheyefsky were writing this speech today, he'd probably add something like this about the constant terrorist threats posed to us by TV talking heads and the Government.

'You god damned idiots out there. Wake up. Do you think bombed to cinders countries like Iraq or Libya or Afghanistan have any military capability whatsoever to invade America? If you believe that, you believe George Bush can s peak English. They're lucky to have shoes, let alone rifles, for God's sake. And if they're going to chop somebody's head off, do you think they'd go to the trouble of sticking them in a f'ing, clean orange jump suit. To get blood all over it?  It's all fake. The producers who make this fake shit up put them in these orange jump suits so you idiots will know or think they're prisoners. Except it's obvious you aren't thinking or you wouldn't be watching or believing this crap.'

'Now the government is telling us there'll be a f'ing terror attack on Las Vegas. Horseshit! How do they know?. They knew about 9/11 for God's sake and didn't say a f'ing word. So, why are they spreading this bullshit. So, you idiots will let them take the few scraps of rights they haven't finished stealing. And let them continue to turn our dwindling Treasury over to the f'ing Pentagon!'

'If there were to be a terrorist attack, the terrorists wouldn't be announcing it for Christ's sake. Or Mohammed's sake! They'd sneak over to Hoover dam and a few other reservoirs around the country, with a couple of vials of fucking ebola or some shit, and just drop it in the water. Then they'd sit back and just watch half of us die. And considering how f'ing stupid you've all been believing Presidential bullshit from the LBJ lies about Viet Nam. Bushes lies about Iraq, and Obama's lies about not being Nigerian, half of you gone would not be a f'ing loss to the country or the world.!

'Remember, if the f'ing emperors that sit in the White House are wearing no clothes, and you can see for fifty f'ing years none of them have been since they murdered Kennedy, then they should be arrested for indecent exposure! As Hunter Thompson so eloquently said. 'fuck 'em!'


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