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Hosokawa...An Opportunity For
Nuclear Reform In Japan?

By Yoichi Shimatsu


Morihiro Hosokawa is certainly not the perfect candidate, being hostage to Soka Gakkai religious organization and linked to formation of the religious cult Aum Shinri Kyo in Kumamoto. BUTif he can influence the influential Komeito party to take a strong anti-nuke position and break with Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), it could have a decisive impact in bringing down the maniacal Abe Shinzo (1; 2).  

 Politics is the art of rowing out of the River Styx in a paper canoe - rather than drifting downstream into Hell . . . . so if Morihiro wants to row, starting dipping your oars, mates .   

 Realistic though not enthusiastic position: Support for Hosokawa at least until he sells out to TEPCO, Toshiba, Hitachi, GE, AREVA et al.  

 The question about the more idealistic opponent, Kenji Utsunomiya, is: Can he win - in corrupt Tokyo? With support mainly from the Japan Communist Party (JCP) and Social Democratic Party (SDP)?  

  If he cannot, a losing protest vote plays right into the hands of LDP and Abe's power base.   Hosokawa is a spanner in the works, allowing for a new broad coalition to form.

 Of course, the Left will boycott a coalition, acting as  de facto loyal opposition to LDP.   Hosokawa will eventually sell out, but hopefully a sustainable anti-nuke coalition will regroup in the meantime.

 I personally dislike the Hosokawa clan, but we are now in a tight spot getting much tighter, as in a noose.  


 1. Ditch reactors, donít focus on Olympics: Hosokawa quote  

 2. Hosokawa eyes no nukes by 2020



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